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Exit interview management software coordinates the exit interviewing process while simplifying the administrative work necessary for employee exits and terminations. The goal of exit interview management software is to ease the transition of exiting employees from their roles. This solution streamlines the exit interviewing process by eliminating paperwork and consolidating it into one unified interface. Exit interview software provides interview options to be completed at home, in office, or via mobile phones. Additionally, exit interview management software provides analytics tools to process data collected from exit interview and provide real-time graphical or tabular formats. Exit interview management software is often one part of a larger HR management system with offboarding software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Exit Interview Management category, a product must:

  • Provide communication between employer and employee during the exit process
  • Provide an option for customizable or ready-made exit interview templates
  • Collect and analyze actionable insights regarding exiting employees
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    THE EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM POWERING THE WORLD'S BEST BRANDS Qualtrics helps organizations better manage experiences. The company is uniquely positioned in the market to enable enterprises and organizations of any size or complexity to continuously improve their product experiences, customer experiences, employee experiences, and brand experiences - all on a single platform. That's why Qualtrics is trusted by the world’s most forward-thinking organizations from Nike to Netflix, American

    ExitPro is turnkey exit interview software to send exit surveys in 15 seconds or less. Because it was the 1st platform built on Retensa’s science of employee retention, it combines survey responses, exit data & people analytics to support HRBP’s data-driven decisions. ExitPro can predict & prevent employee turnover for companies with greater than 5% turnover rate. Several customizable options provide flexibility in one simple and easy-to-use solution. Automation and Metrics Dashboards e

    WebExit is an interveiw management system that provides a method to identify the issues and irritations that are causing employee turnover in your organization.

    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Checkster is the leading global solution for digital reference checking. Using collective human intelligence, Checkster empowers talent and team leaders to make better hiring decisions, build high performing teams, and improve retention. For key talent decisions, from interview through reference check to onboarding, quality of hire, timely check-ins, and exit interviews, Checkster gives you a consolidated, real-time view into the quality and fit of your people. More than 500 global organizat

    ExitLogics offers web-based exit interview solutions.

    Improving employee retention through comprehensive exit interviews, turnover benchmarks, and analytics.

    ExitVue is an inexpensive and painless way of helping you continuously improve employee retention by providing a near-instant and continuous analysis of the genuine factors that are making people leave

    Capture more accurate data with multiple touchpoints, focused on determining the true drivers of departure. Utilise a custom built structured questionnaire to inform a more unstructured personal interview with selected leavers. Adjust responses and receive support with all aspects of the process. Exit data is dynamically displayed in helpful formats, generating actionable results across the organisation, as well as for specific departments and line managers. With historic tracking and quick over

    PeoplePulse offers online and mobile survey software solutions.

    This Word-Based StaffTRAK Exit Interview Template will suit a smaller company of perhaps 50 or fewer employees, who may not need software. It's easier to use and more affordable than a subscription software-based alternative.

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