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Fraud Protection, or Fraud Management, software helps e-commerce businesses detect high-risk transactions and analyze risk factors in order to prevent and reduce fraudulent customer behavior. Fraud protection software reduces e-commerce businesses’ susceptibility to fraudulent product orders by applying algorithm-based analysis to data sources to assess the potential risk of each transaction. E-commerce businesses are particularly susceptible to fraudulent and suspicious transactions because orders are placed on a website or mobile device. Fraud prevention software analyzes information from many sources before recommending approval or rejection of customer profiles. The software identifies anomalies and prevents potential chargebacks and lost revenue. Fraud protection software integrates with e-commerce platforms and behavioral and predictive analytics software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Fraud Protection category, a product must:

  • Proactively monitor for possible fraudulent or high-risk activity
  • Identify and analyze customer purchasing behavior
  • Comply with regulations and standards of evaluating fraud.
  • Protect sensitive and confidential customer information.
  • Have a process that authenticates, approves, or declines high-risk activity
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    Signifyd uses big data and machine learning to take on liability for fraud so online merchants can provide their customers with friction-free buying experiences, free from false positives and orders delayed by fraud reviews.

    Fraud prevention is just the beginning. Grow your business using Kount’s award-winning combination of advanced machine learning, flexible rules engine, and self-service analytics while protecting against financially malicious activity. Kount’s unique approach and patented technology creates a multitude of benefits for our clients; including reduced chargebacks, reduced or eliminated manually reviewed orders, reduced mobile fraud and increased sales. Kount also partners with the world’s largest

    Riskified improves global eCommerce for the world’s largest brands. Inaccurate eCommerce fraud prevention costs businesses billions in chargebacks, overhead and unnecessarily declined orders. Riskified uses powerful machine-learning algorithms to instantly recognize good customers and weed out bad with a 100% chargeback guarantee. Merchants can safely approve more orders, expand internationally and eliminate the costs of fraud while providing a frictionless customer experience.

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    iovation protects online businesses and their end users against fraud and abuse, and identifies trustworthy customers through a combination of advanced device identification, shared device reputation, device-based authentication and real-time risk evaluation. More than 5,000 fraud managers representing global retail, financial services, insurance, social network, gaming and other companies leverage iovation’s database of billions of Internet devices and the relationships between them to determin

    Stripe Radar enables real-time fraud detection through advanced machine learning technology, and allows businesses to effectively combat fraud while adapting to each customer's unique payments profile.

    Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense gives you the visibility, tools, and services to authorize legitimate email and block fraudulent messages before they reach the inbox.

    Zonos makes cloud-based software that online retailers can use to calculate accurate duties and taxes, present true landed cost, manage restricted items, localize their checkout, receive foreign payments, mitigate fraud, and generate accurate international shipping rates. With Zonos, retailers can increase conversions on international orders by welcoming shoppers to their website and setting expectations on what services are provided. They can also save time and money by simplifying the interna

    The SoftwareKey System is a complete, turnkey solution for software licensing, online license management, automated online software activation and optionally selling software online. This system is comprised of two parts, a licensing client and a licensing server, which may be used independently, but yield the best results when used together. This seamless and powerful client-server combination is suitable for a one-person operation or a sophisticated team of developers.

    Radial, Inc., a bpost group company, is the leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations. Premier brands around the world confidently partner with Radial to deliver their brand promises, anticipate and respond to industry disruption, and compete in a rapidly evolving market. Radial’s innovative solutions connect retailers and customers through advanced omnichannel technologies, intelligent payments and fraud protection, efficient fulfillment, supply chain services, and insightful cus

    Sift, formerly Sift Science, is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering companies of all sizes to unlock revenue without risk. Sift prevents online fraud and abuse with industry-leading technology and expertise, an unrivaled global data network, and a commitment to building long-term partnerships with our customers. Twitter, Airbnb, and Twilio rely on Sift to stay competitive and secure. The Sift Digital Trust and Safety Suite, powered by real-time machine learning, is designed to is the leading fraud prevention platform for digital enterprises in the e-commerce, travel and financial services sectors. Its unified algorithmic architecture combines: ● cognitive computing/deep learning, ● collective intelligence, ● rules-based decision engines, and ● streaming analytics detect fraud in real-time, at scale. is the only cloud-based "glass-box" system, offering a full and transparent presentation of the data, statis

    Find out what hackers already know about you, and learn how to stay a step ahead of them.

    (4)4.5 out of 5
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    FCase is an end-to-end Fraud Orchestrator. Taking fraud management systems from basic, standalone detection to an enterprise-focused approach. This holistic view of fraud data allows standardizing fraud case interaction, fraud management processes, governance models, performance and quality indicators. Our next generation technologies aggregate distinct data platforms, collecting information from multiple fraud detection sources to manage fraudulent activity in real-time at an enterprise level

    Jumio's identity verification solutions enable businesses to increase customer conversions while providing a seamless customer experience and reducing fraud. Leveraging advanced technology such as biometric facial recognition and machine learning, Jumio's products also help customers meet regulatory compliance and tie the digital identity to the physical world.

    Pixalate delivers the only unified suite of real time fraud protection, market intelligence and independent quality ratings across devices and channels.

    SAS Fraud Management uses industry-leading data analytics and machine learning to monitor payments and nonmonetary transactions, as well as events, enabling you to identify and respond to unwanted and suspicious behavior in real time.

    SheerID’s digital verification platform instantly verifies the identity of individuals and businesses, enabling brands to deliver gated offers and experiences to high-value customer segments like the military, students and first responders. Hundreds of the world’s biggest brands – including Amazon, Lowe’s, Spotify, and T-Mobile – rely on SheerID to acquire customers, fuel loyalty, and mitigate fraud.

    Using email addresses for powerful online fraud risk scoring. Grow your business, not your risk. We provide powerful network intelligence and predictive fraud risk scoring to enable the frictionless experience that your customers expect. Our online fraud risk scoring uses email address metadata as a basis for transactional risk assessment and digital identity validation. With a clear picture of who is behind a transaction, you can expedite approvals, prevent chargebacks, automate workflows and

    Ethoca is a secure network for card issuers and merchants to connect and work cooperatively outside the payment network.

    LexisNexis InstantID delivers instant identity verification to drive smarter decisions and keep customer acquisition in focus.

    miniOrange Fraud Prevention product uses device, location, time of access and user behaviour to minimize the risk of improper data access or loss of information. miniOrange Fraud Prevention product dynamically analyzes user requests and apply business security policies to application access which minimizes the risks of unauthorized access. miniOrange Fraud Prevention complements the existing traditional access controls by using contextual elements (e.g. device, location, time of access and user

    At SEON, we strive to help online businesses reduce the costs, time, and challenges faced due to fraud. Whether you are a global financial leader or a small eCommerce, our solution simplifies fraud management so you can focus on what matters: growing and scaling your company by increasing revenues and conversion rates. Our products offers a solution for a wide variety of problems for several industries: Identity theft Synthetic identity Account farming Money laundering Account takeover Phishi

    Based on the Card Associations 3-D Secure technology, cGate SecureVerify provides verification to the merchant that the buyer is the authorized owner of a card account, thereby reducing the number of unauthorized payments, resulting in fewer chargebacks.

    Business InstantID speeds the process, reduces customer friction and minimizes your risk. We’ve combined instant verification with critical intelligence that sheds light into the business and its reps.

    FraudHunt helps companies to monitor their traffic quality, mitigate malicious bot activity, and prevent click fraud, account fraud, and other types of online fraud. Our team has put a lot of effort in developing a product that is able to introduce an alternative way of user labeling, not based on cookies. As a number of ways, which enable manipulating with cookie files, is growing day by day such an alternative is becoming particularly topical for marketing companies worldwide. We use a compl

    FraudPoint is a highly efficient scoring and identity data solution that greatly enhances your ability to prevent fraud, reduce costs and streamline decisions so that your business steers clear of fraud and stays focused on profitable customers.

    LexisNexis TrueID helps organizations instantly authenticate identity documents in face-to-face transactions, fight fraud and improve the customer experience.

    Java floating license server. It is a free redistributable floating license server with support for customizing.

    MarkMonitor is the only brand protection solution that spans all channels so your brands are protected no matter what digital venue the criminals target.

    PAAY is a secure way to make payments with one user ID, online, offline and everywhere in between. PAAY's two-factor authentication process allows consumers to checkout in under 30 seconds while being secure.

    Proofpoint Domain Discover for Email gives you the actionable intelligence to preemptively stop impostor emails before they reach your inbox.

    Quick License Manager protects your application with secure asymmetric license keys. License keys are bound to a specific computer or mobile device. Create time limited trial license keys or a fully automated workflow for subscription based products. Activate licenses online or offline. Automate your sales and license key distribution process with our e-Commerce integration.

    SecurityMetrics provides PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR Compliance programs for large groups of merchants, for individual SMBs, and for enterprise-size organizations. Through a combination of compliance management software, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, audit services, managed security services, and security consulting and training, SecurityMetrics offers a its customers a unique combination of products and services. SecurityMetrics helps customers close data security and compliance gaps

    Shufti Pro is an Identity verification solution that employs AI and HI hybrid technology to adhere to KYC and AML compliances for businesses worldwide. Sporting high-end technology like biometric facial recognition, liveness detection, anti-spoofing techniques, etc., Shufti Pro allows its clients the room to trust and expand their organisations in a secure way.

    Streamline due diligence with comprehensive results in one easy-to-read consolidated report. SmartLinx enables you to leverage the LexisNexis data repository and LexID to answer questions faster with links to relevant information, organized by category.

    Student Affinity Network that connects a verified global student audience with relevant brands and services.

    Verafin is an industry leading, cloud-based fraud detection and anti-money laundering software provider.

    Vitrium Systems is a document security and management system. It protects and controls access to files. Users can setup permissions for assigned users and view analytics on their use.

    Sift is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety. Seize new revenue opportunities without risk, increase customer satisfaction.

    Account takeover, where existing accounts are accessed and exploited by wrongdoers, has become a popular fraud technique. With the multitude of phishing schemes and data breaches, passwords are becoming antiquated as they are no longer providing adequate security. Precognitive’s deep levels of device, behavior, and biometric data aggregation combine to deliver a context-aware, real-time defensive front. Precognitive’s future-forward, emerging technology provides passive multi-factor authenticat

    With Acropolis software license manager, we take care of everything for you. The license server and the hosting come together as an all in one unlimited license user package. We set up and operate the license server infrastructure and ensure its uptime, security, and scalability.

    Adloox offers the deepest Brand Safety, Fraud and Viewability data analysis in the digital market today.

    Anomaly detection solution helps you identify certain user behavior or actions or a set of actions by users which do not conform to an expected pattern(s) in a dataset. Expected patterns can be generated from historical data sets or idealistic datasets that you can configure as well, we'e big on customization at Tatvic

    Argoscope is a payment monitoring solution, designed to detect and prevent fraud in organizations. The system monitors the entire payment process, conducting real time risk assessments before approving fund transfers. Argoscope is comprised of hundreds of unique algorithms that enable the managerial level, continuous supervision and preclusion of any unusual payment, in real time and in a manner of seconds. Argoscope provides regulatory compliance without interfering to the workflow.

    Arkose Labs solve multimillion-dollar fraud problems for the world's most targeted businesses with zero friction to users.

    AuditBOT SAP License Saver saves SAP license cost and optimizes SAP user license distribution.

    AuthMax is an approval optimization solution which analyzes transactions data and applies behavior-driven rules to increase your approvals rate and provide a lift in revenue

    License server software with roles: activation, deactivation, modification, online validation. It includes access control settings and advanced e-mail notification templates and rules.

    Bacsactive-IP Web Enterprise is a platform can handle simple low volume payments right through to the most mission-critical of payment operations requiring complete automation with sophisticated authorisation.

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