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Anti-money laundering software is used by companies to detect suspicious activities by persons or organizations who are trying to generate income through illegal actions. This software is used by compliance professionals to comply with regulations such as the Bank Secrecy Act and with corporate policies regarding financial fraud. Accountants and managers from all departments can also benefit from using this type of software when evaluating new customers and suppliers. Additionally, anti-money laundering software is used by banks and financial institutions to detect suspicious and fraudulent activities that may impact their profitability and damage their reputation.

By using this type of software, companies can avoid doing business with corrupt individuals or organizations that are suspicious of financial fraud, terrorist financing, or securities market manipulation.

Anti-money laundering software uses information from multiple solutions that are used to manage financial transactions, such as ERP systems and accounting software. For large companies with high volumes of financial transactions, integration with corporate performance management software can also be beneficial.

To qualify for inclusion in the Anti-Money Laundering category, a product must:

  • Use intelligent algorithms for fraud detection and risk management
  • Include watch lists of suspicious individuals and organizations
  • Allow users to assign scores based on risk potential and history
  • Deliver standard AML documents and reports for compliance purposes
  • Provide behavior models to detect suspicious individuals or companies
  • Offer dashboards with real-time data to immediately identify potential risks
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    World-Check is focused on providing high quality risk intelligence that serves the KYC and Know Your Business (KYB) value chain of highly regulated industries.

    Rely on LexisNexis AML InsightTM to deliver leading content and technology to speed identity verification, strengthen anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, fortify risk mitigation and support enhanced due diligence for key Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations.

    AML Risk Manager from Fiserv provides for each of the four essential areas of an AML program, KYC, Detection, Case Management and Reporting.

    Efficiently detect, investigate, and report suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activity to comply with future regulations and guidelines.

    319 InSight has thousands of features and functions, all designed to help you run a modern compliance department.

    Actimize AML Essentials, a cloud-based offering that is built upon our proven, industry-leading, end-to-end anti-money laundering platform addresses the challenges of regional and community financial institutions.

    ACE is a configurable workflow tool that streamlines the KYC, CDD, EDD and credit investigation process for financial institutions, allowing you to meet regulatory requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Anti-money laundering and compliance checks for regulated professions

    Recognize risks and protect your company. AMLcheck gives you the power to shield your company from money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Our software is an advanced technological solution that enforces the legal requirements by identifying people or assets in the on-boarding process, scoring the clients profile from the database, based on the available information, and making post-execution analysis of the transactions by defining control scenarios to detect suspicious behavior. AMLcheck is trusted by several companies obligated to enforce regulatory requirements. We help them comply with AML regulation around the world. Regulated industries include credit entities, insurance companies, promoters and real estate agencies, brokering companies and stockbrokers, exchange offices, jewelers and gambling casinos.

    AMLtrac is our award-winning Anti Money Laundering Software and counterterrorist financing solution. It is a complete, multi-branch, multi-layered, language independent solution for banks and other financial institutions.

    The ARGO Fraud and Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) Suite offers analytics-driven fraud solutions to effectively reduce financial losses, operating expenses, and reputational risk by protecting financial institutions and their customers from fraudulent activity.

    Biz4x is an integrated platform that provides business management, compliance, real-time market data, customer acquisition and wholesale trading features for money services businesses. The platform is currently being used in more than 20 different countries globally.

    Abrigo provides market-leading compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions to enable its customers to both manage risk and drive growth.

    Reduce false positive alerts and identify more suspicious cases by applying AI / machine learning to AML business processes

    Clear View KYC is an enterprise solution for watchlist management, sanctions and PEP screening enables your financial applications to comply with AML & CTF regulations, using our single endpoint enterprise level Backend-as-a- Service (BaaS).

    Clovis is a software solution to the field of anti-money laundering compliance.

    ComplyAdvantage helps firms make intelligent choices when complying with regulations relating to sanctions, money laundering and terrorist financing.

    Australia Post Digital iD™ is an award winning smartphone enabled platform that can help Australian businesses who need to meet AML/ KYC compliance obligations to improve their conversion rates and verify customers more easily. Digital iD™ is trusted by over 60 government and private organisations across a variety of industries and sectors. Digital iD™ has access to a wide range of industry and proprietary data sources to help make it faster to onboard new customers, verify existing customers, reduce dropout rates and the cost of verification. Digital iD™ can also help you to identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), associates of a PEP, sanctioned, or other high risk individuals, with watchlist screening. Use Digital iD™ to help avoid data breaches using our advanced encryption technology to manage sensitive personal information, and leverage the trusted brand of Australia Post. Connect via APIs, SDKs, web experience, and Australia Post’s extensive Post Office network. With easy integration, you can start using Digital iD™ within a few days, and benefit from our updates without any significant system upgrades.

    The Dixtior Compliance Solution (DCS) analyses and assesses all a financial institution's transactions and issues alerts whenever suspicious activity is detected. What makes it different is the fact that it can be adapted to each client's AML (anti-money laundering) context.

    Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is a global provider of third party risk management and regulatory compliance solutions. Working with clients across the globe, we have created products and services to help companies evaluate third party risks faster and with more confidence.

    DueDil is an online tool that combines comprehensive sources of company information to uncover business opportunities and understand risks.

    EastNets is a leading global provider of compliance and payments solutions for the Financial Services industry.

    Fenergo AML is a rules-driven, risk-based approach to solving Anti-Money Laundering compliance obligations across multiple jurisdictions

    Siron AML is an advanced analytics solution to detect money laundering. It monitors customers, accounts and transactions with pinpoint accuracy for suspicious activity.

    Firco Trust: a highly sophisticated and configurable automated solution that helps you screen thousands, even millions of customers at the time of onboarding and regularly.

    FRAMLx is a cloud-based, consolidated approach to fraud detection and anti-money laundering. It analyzes the complete picture of a customer and their activity, alerting you quickly to potentially suspicious behavior.

    Jade ThirdEye detects suspicious transactions, fight money laundering, and meet AML/CFT compliance obligations

    KYC Hub simplifies identity and business verification and AML compliance. KYC Hub's integrated set of tools make compliance seamless, automated and cost effective.

    Cost effective Sanctions and PEP screening solution to assist reporting entities in their AML compliance.

    ML Verify is a platform for AML/KYC compliance.

    Mobile Verify, Mitek's ID verification solution, is used by financial services organizations and leading brands across the globe to create trust in the digital channel for safe onboarding, fast money movement, and user authentication. Digital leaders trust identity verification with Mobile Verify because of its proven, customer friendly user experience and because it keeps them in compliance with ever increasing Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

    An established, expert provider of market-proven financial crime and compliance analytics and risk management solutions to address the most complex threats.

    Protecht is focused on establishing best practice risk management frameworks to enable corporations and government entities achieve their strategic objectives.

    The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software makes it possible to organise and document your organisation’s procedures and responsibilities within the area of anti-money laundering. The software produces a gap-analysis which shows areas that lack compliance and needs to be looked at. Also, it enables you to document that you are compliant with the law on anti-money laundering to the board or authorities – all in an efficient, time-saving manner. Use the AML-software to manage, control, and document your anti-money laundering efforts to reach compliance with the law and keep yourself out of trouble.

    Rapidly increasing risk – combined with evolving government regulations – requires an advanced strategy when it comes to monitoring data for illicit activity. SAS helps you take a risk-based approach, making it easier to manage alerts, test scenarios and comply with industry regulations.

    SimpliRisk gives you the right tools for transaction monitoring, risk rating, reporting, watch list, FinCEN filing, and due diligence.

    Trulioo helps businesses comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules, and supports a diverse range of international electronic identity verification requirements. GlobalGateway is used by financial institutions, payments, banks, eCommerce, remittances, gaming, acquirers, and online marketplaces worldwide for all their compliance, risk mitigation and age verification needs. Our online electronic identity verification (eIDV) services were developed for the international market.

    Verafin is an industry leading, cloud-based fraud detection and anti-money laundering software provider.

    WiseBOS AML is a solution against loney laundering.

    LexisNexis WorldCompliance Data delivers the industry's most robust compliance data and unmatched sanctions expertise to help your business increase transaction screening efficiency and mitigate costly risk.

    LexisNexis WorldCompliance Online Search Tool facilitates faster screening and deeper enhanced due diligence by delivering access to one of the industry's most extensive identity databases.

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