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Policy management software manages the creation, review, and implementation of corporate policies across all departments of a company. This type of software helps companies ensure employees and business partners comply with corporate standards regarding issues such as security, privacy, inappropriate behavior, or breach of trust. Policy management is implemented on a company-wide basis and is most often used by compliance officers and executives. It can also be utilized by legal departments to ensure corporate policies are aligned with regulatory compliance.

Policy management can be deployed as a standalone product or as a part of an organization’s broader governance, risk, and compliance initiative. When implemented separately, this type of software needs to integrate with other solutions such as HR management suites, workforce management software, environmental health and safety software, and governance, risk, and compliance software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Policy Management category, a product must:

  • Provide customizable templates for different types of policies
  • Include workflows and processes to review and approve policies
  • Deliver a repository of all corporate policies
  • Assign and share policies internally and externally
  • Identify noncompliance with internal policies
  • Suggest corrective actions to address noncompliance
  • Monitor the performance of policy management processes
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    PowerDMS is cloud-based software that stores and distributes content online. The application provides practical tools to organize and manage crucial documents and industry standards, train and test employees, and uphold proof of compliance, thereby helping organizations reduce risk and liability. PowerDMS simplifies document management through powerful collaboration, process and automation.

    Affordable and easy to use, CANWrite helps you meet the challenge of writing and maintaining accurate, understandable, and complete safety data sheets.

    ClauseMatch is a regulatory technology company with unique SAAS offering, that enables financial institutions to streamline regulatory change management through effective organization of internal policies, standards, procedures, and controls.

    end-to-end solution for fully automating regulatory compliance

    ComplianceBridge provides a simple and easy-to-use automated system for publishing, monitoring, reporting and auditing policy compliance.

    ComplyALIGN is a cloud-based platform for publishing, accessing and managing organization's policies, procedures and other internal documents.

    Streamline the complete policy and procedures management lifecycle with a full-featured App on your existing Office 365, SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2013 platforms. Incorporate industry best practices for document drafting, reviewing & redlining, approvals, publishing, roles-based central document repository access, attestations, renewals, search, reporting, real-time dashboards & much more with the intuitive policy management software. Customers include Fortune 500, large, mid-sized

    The Cunesoft SOP system is a ready to use system for all your SOP needs, covering content creation, collaboration, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant processes and training needs in one platform.

    DynamicPolicy is web software that helps companies manage policies and procedures

    Stay compliant with data assets monitoring, SAR processing, while building your audit log.

    Instant Security Policy is a web-based system that lets businesses create and customize professional information security policies.

    MetaCompliance are Simulated Phishing, eLearning, Policy Management software and staff training software specialists.

    The MetricStream Policy and Document Management Software Solution cuts across enterprise siloes, integrating policies and documents in a common repository. The Solution streamlines policy and document workflows, and standardizes template structures and formats, thereby making user policy and document management program consistent and efficient.

    Minutes Depot offers a safe, compliant and lawful solution for Entrepreneurs who want to quickly create and share an online minute book, without any special skills and for a fraction of the price of a professional

    Modulo provides governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management software for enterprises.

    MyComplianceOffice is a powerful software solution that automates compliance program activities and demonstrates an organization’s culture of compliance.

    myPolicies is an online policy management and administration software that streamlines the creation, approval, distribution, and monitoring of corporate policies, procedures, and forms.

    NOBL product was developed to help agencies fully automated their business operation, both the sales and service and trust premium transactions.

    Oplift is a digital operations platform for non-desk workers that reduces costs and improves employee performance; through knowledge, compliance and culture. Do MORE for less. It helps you oversee and improve the performance of your entire business. This is achieved by giving you insight, helping you uncover weaknesses and actively working to resolve them through knowledge, compliance and culture. Knowledge - Grow a culture of confidence with a team who are in the know all the time. With notif

    otris software AG is a leading manufacturer of software solutions for contract management, investment portfolio management and data protection.

    PM AM HCM is a software allows to increase policy adoption and enforcement with hassle-free automation of standard policies for the organizations.

    PolicyBase is an affordable, comprehensive solution for managing policies, procedures and manuals. With increasing regulatory requirements particularly in the financial sector, it is extremely important to have strong policies and procedures in place to govern your employees.

    PolicyHub is a best-in-class Policy Management software solution relied upon by enterprises to simplify the huge complexities of managing and communicating policies and procedures. So the fact it’s so simple and intuitive to work with? That makes it extraordinary.

    policyIQ is a cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution, enabling the focused management of a wide range of GRC processes, including Risk and Compliance, Internal Audit, Policy Management, Anti-Corruption Compliance and Conflict Minerals Compliance. policyIQ can be quickly implemented for a specific aspect of an overall GRC program, or easily scaled to integrate multiple initiatives, allowing the organization to realize even greater efficiency and impact.

    Policy & Procedure Management Made Simple. PolicyStat provides industry-leading policy management software for small to large hospitals, labs, outpatient clinics and integrated health networks.

    Policy & Procedure Management is a software development company based in Cupertino, CA whose focus is the Governance, Risk Assessment and Compliance market (GRC).

    ProcessUnity's cloud-based solutions help organizations of all sizes automate their risk and compliance programs.

    Standard Practice is a complete, easy-to-use software solution developed specifically for managing and implementing policies, procedures and standards in clinics and SMEs.

    Sword Policy Manager enables companies to control and monitor the entire lifecycle of their Policies and Procedures. Regularly review, communicate, test and manage their written policies and procedures to ensure good governance & compliance.

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