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Best Clinical Communication and Collaboration Software

Clinical communication and collaboration software is used so that staff members can communicate on patient-specific information.

To qualify for inclusion in the Clinical Communication and Collaboration category, a product must:

  • Help a medical practice improve patient safety
  • Offer secure messaging capabilities
  • Coordinate the activities of medical practice employees
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Results: 70
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    As healthcare’s largest provider of clinical communication solutions, TigerConnect, formerly TigerText, helps physicians, nurses, and other staff communicate and collaborate more effectively, accelerating productivity, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes. Trusted by more than 4,000 healthcare organizations, TigerConnect maintains 99.99% uptime and processes over 10 million messages each day. Its category-leading product innovations and advanced integrations with critical hospital systems deliver high value for hospitals and large health systems. The company’s commitment to client success is reflected in its broad support organization that works directly with clients at every stage to streamline communication workflows and achieve the highest possible ROI. To learn more, please visit us at

    TigerText provides secure, mobile, real-time messaging solutions for healthcare providers to communicate with their employees.

    Introducing Lua: More Than Messaging. Lua is a HIPAA compliant communication platform employees love and IT trusts. Secure and encrypted, Lua enables internal and external communications for healthcare teams. Through messaging, Telehealth video calling, file sharing, EHR integration and more, Lua keeps your entire organization connected and informed, for improved workflows and better patient experiences.

    Imprivata Cortext is a communications platform for healthcare that enables organizations to replace pagers and improve care coordination, inside and outside the hospital, and enables clinicians to securely collaborate across care teams and organizations.

    The Klara messaging app is a simple way to communicate in the healthcare industry.

    NurseGrid Manager is designed to simplify team communication, staffing, and schedule management for departments, increasing efficiency, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

    Arezzo is an active clinical decision support and pathway technology desgned to empower personalised care delivery at patient and population level.

    CareCloud Community is a suite of patient engagement and social tools that give you, your practice and your patients a secure way to communicate and collaborate with one another. Engage patients anywhere through a mobile patient portal to provide a better experience for them while reducing administrative hassle for your practice.

    CareConnect is an interoperability engine that allows organizations to connect with referral network/partners including acute and primary care providers, laboratories, public health reporting agencies, health information exchanges (HIEs) and more.

    Doc Halo provides secure texting and messaging for your healthcare organization that is HIPAA-compliant.

    IMD is a EHR designed for doctors focused on physician workflow and patient care.

    Winscribe's Digital Dictation Software is a world-renowned workflow and speech productivity solution that enables users to efficiently manage their dictation and speech-enabled documentation processes.

    PracticeAdmin is a cloud-based practice management and medical billing software solution, providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to billing companies, specialty medical practices and other providers.

    Spok provides a secure texting app for smartphones and tablets for hospitals and healthcare organizations that is HIPAA-compliant, improves the efficiency and quality of communication among your physicians, nurses, and staff, and helps set up your hospital to deliver safer, better care. Spok allows key hospital staff members to access private health information and conduct secure consultations from their personal mobile device.

    Teleon Health serves the needs of providers who deliver care to the senior population across various settings , from physician groups and home health agencies to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

    Electronic medical records (EMR) software that allows physicians to remotely access real-time waveform and patient data.

    Hospital management is an online based open source or cloud server integrated that simplifies managing the functioning of the hospital or any medication. It integrates all the data relating to patients, doctors, staff, hospital body details etc. under one system.

    BloomText allows healthcare professionals to send messages and files securely to anyone instantly. Easily replaces the need for fax machines. BloomText also signs BAAs and can be compliant with your HIPAA policies.

    Care Logistics provides process reengineering with enterprise logistics software to help hospitals reduce length of stay and cost per case and improve quality of care.

    Careteam is a healthcare-grade team collaboration platform which brings together health care professionals, the patient and personal support team with an integrated care plan, instant communications, and population analytics to enable transitions, complex chronic care, and innovation in a fragmented health care environment.

    CCHIT-certified EHR system with web-based interface and shopping cart look for easy ePrescribing and test ordering.

    Offering information technology services to different areas and Institutions of the Health Sector through electronic clinical files that allow them to communicate comprehensively internally and with other hospitals.

    Connexall is an enterprise-grade communication and control platform that delivers hospital-wide interoperability to people, systems, tasks, and devices. Its capabilities act as a backbone for clinical workflow, communicating the right information to the right person, at the right time, on the right device.

    CP-1 can classify, organize, separate, and extract, even taking care of exception handling. This is a complete solution for the modern healthcare office.

    DocbookMD, a Medici company, is a HIPAA-secure communication solution for physicians and their care teams that helps improve care coordination.

    eCareNotes provides back-end speech recognition service designed to help transcriptionists and MTSOs to significantly reduce their transcription cost.

    eMed is a hospital management System that has been designed and developed for Healthcare organizations, to provide the finest automation and messaging systems.

    Everbridges CareConverge for Hospitals allows care teams to coordinate multiple clinicians, technicians, and staff across multiple locations and schedules to respond to the needs of patients efficiently and effectively leading to increase response times, quality and patient satisfaction.

    Electronic medical record (EMR) software that supports clinicians in key activities such as review, documentation and collaboration.

    The ERT EXPERT® platform is the underlying proprietary technology that powers all ERT solutions. A secure CFR Part 11 system ensures all data is captured and stored in a repeatable manner that protects the patient, site and sponsor.

    Client-server based EMR application that has capabilities to share, manage, and protect patient information and medical records.

    forIndex is designed to simplify the care professionals workflow by providing one interface. This allows for the discovery of all clinical information regardless of where that information is stored, internally or externally.

    Getinge ia a Hospital Planning Platform for better managing and planning even large-scale hospital project.

    Ideagen Dart is a clinical workflow and medical records management solution that improves patient care quality and safety, provides secure and timely access to information at the point of care and, delivers tangible productivity gains.

    IM Your Doc is a simple, text messaging app that enables instantaneous and HIPAA compliant communication for physicians and healthcare staff. Phone calls and emails are time consuming and disruptive to workflow. Healthcare providers are inundated with calls and emails while patients feel like they aren't having their concerns answered. IM Your Doc is the answer. It saves time by streamlining workflow communication in a compliant and secure way.

    InfraWare 360 is a specialty documentation platform designed to support an ecosystem of physicians and documentation specialists.

    Engaging, monitoring, coordinating and collaborating along a patient's care continuum is way too difficult and costly for healthcare providers and patients.

    LuxSci providing HIPAA-compliant email, secure email & web services.

    Mac Pulse is a comprehensive, enterprise-class hospital management software streamlines and integrates the operation processes and information flow in the hospital to synergies the resources namely men, material,money and equipment through information.

    Streamlines physician On-Call scheduling and provides hospital management with tools to communicate physician documents and agendas.

    Web based EHR for ambulatory environments. Features include dashboards, e-prescriptions, and patient portals.

    Medicity Connect is a solution makes provider-to-provider communication across care communities as quick and easy as sending an email.

    Medicity Organize eliminates the challenge of disparate clinical data gathered from across the community, to quick access to all the clinical insights providers need.

    Medigram is a secure mobile communications platform that provides a secure group-based text messaging service for doctors and nurses.

    EMR and practice management applications that are designed to enhance your bottom line by increasing your office efficiency.

    System for management of transitions in care; accurate, secure tracking, monitoring and managing patient referral processes end-to-end.

    Navayuga Infotech's the Hospital Information Management System combines electronic copies of all documents created from admission to discharge with electronic reports, usually clinical testing or billing information, into a single electronic folder.

    TigerFlow Enterprise is perfect for leading-edge organizations looking to set a model of performance and innovation for the industry. Enterprise clients enjoy first access to the latest beta technology and can participate in shaping the development of new features before they're generally available.