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Healthcare risk management software provides hospitals with tools and systems to proactively and reactively protect themselves against risk and compliance issues. Hospitals require a health care-specific risk management solution to mitigate administrative, clinical, and financial losses because health care-specific solutions keep patient safety at the critical forefront. Effective healthcare risk management software is always evolving, detecting, monitoring, and preventing concerns (like cybersecurity) and changing reimbursement regulations. Healthcare risk management software shapes the way and speed with which hospitals can respond to incidents and threats. Risk managers are the main end users of healthcare risk management software, leaning on the software to create and deploy risk management plans and programs.

To qualify for inclusion in the Healthcare Risk Management category, a product must:

  • Support the creation and modification of healthcare risk management plans
  • Provide risk surveillance tools
  • Collect patient, provider, and operational data across the hospital
  • Comply with health care regulations like HIPAA and HITECH
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    Healthcare claims management solution that's designed to track financial transactions, capture and analyze detailed insurance coverage.

    Datix is a customizable software solution for risk management analysis for healthcare organizations, including claims handling and safety alerts.

    Quantros Safety & Risk Management Solutions suite enables healthcare providers to improve quality and patient safety by providing the information they need to prevent errors, improve outcomes, reduce risks and costs.

    Your practices compliance is our number one goal. Our web based software combines all areas of risk assessment and compliance in one easy tool that simplifies and automates compliance. Automate compliance tasks like training and policy distribution so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients. From training to support we are here to help you accomplish your compliance and security goals step by step.

    Event reporting. quality management and performance improvement tracking integrated in one easy-to-use online platform.

    Our suite of solutions for compliance and assurance. Continually updated and online governance, risk and compliance solution provides dynamic framework to manage, monitor and report on regulatory requirements, quality standards, and business objectives.

    Clearwater Compliance is a leading provider of healthcare compliance and cyber risk management solutions. Our mission is to empower hospitals and health systems to successfully manage healthcares evolving cybersecurity risks, compliance requirements, and ensure patient safety.

    The Converge Platform is a comprehensive, enterprise software solution that integrates silo'd departments, facilities and systems with a secure digital workspace and workflow for high risk/high-liability data, providing the insights necessary to proactively manage governance, risk and compliance.

    Quickly identify vulnerabilities across employees, processes, technology, and vendors. Know what and how to rapidly correct issues to protect your organization. Keep your entire organization cyber vigilant with visibility and accountability.

    DatixWeb is a web-based patient safety software for healthcare risk management applications, delivering safety, risk and governance elements through a variety of integrated software modules. DatixWeb is the first step towards improving patient safety and creating a culture of learning with a locally hosted product.

    Emerald Cybersecurity offers a HIPAA Compliance and Risk Management solution that is affordable for small practices and enables the practice to complete a thorough HIPAA Risk Assessment in a timely manner. By working with one of Emerald's experienced consultant, the process can be completed in under two hours resulting in a variety of essential detailed reports for your practice.

    SmartlinkEMR is a Patient Diagnostics Information System that enables physician offices to take advantage of the efficiencies presented by electronic reports without a full EMR solution, providing a one stop database repository for timely access to reports. Office staff can find patient reports in seconds instead of minutes. No more lost reports. Reduce patient wait times for smoother patient flow. Reports are stored in a database and can be exported to any EMR via HL7 or PDF.

    GreyMAR allows your community to operate during outages with our disaster recovery suite. Don’t fear system outages any longer and enjoy peace of mind with GreyMAR. Printing out MARs and TARs everyday can be time consuming, wasteful, and inefficient. GreyMAR ensures you always have the latest and up-to-date data at your fingertips. GreyMAR is accessible even when your facility has no internet, or is having an issue reaching your EHR platform. We have purpose-built the system to ensure you can o

    The Healthcare SafetyZone event reporting and risk management system is a game-changer for data collection in healthcare. It has the tools you need to power your patient safety and quality improvement efforts, with the ease-of-use and flexibility to transform virtually any other internal process, from infection surveillance and control to leadership huddles, patient complaints, discharge callbacks, and more.

    idTracks-Docs is an application with an intuitive user interface backed by HealthDox. It offers features for extensive Excel and PDF reporting, version control and document grouping which allows users to easily create, for example, a training manual that includes all the relevant documents needed.

    Imprivata Identity Governance is an identity governance and compliance management solution in healthcare that provides fast, secure role-based access to systems and applications.

    The IPROS Assured Compliance solution provides a comprehensive environment for the validation of Compliance across many areas, assuring a high degree of accountability and visibility of delivery of commitments and correct process for internal and external delivery.

    The MAUS Health & Safety Management System can used by any small to medium-sized business to assist in managing their health and safety requirements. With advanced web-based capabilities, you have full confidence knowing everyone is working on the same page and employee responsibilities can be accountable with unique user log in access and automatic notifications via email.

    A comprehensive risk management program helps health systems and hospitals avoid situations that could result in injuries and liability, financial loss and regulatory noncompliance. MorCares Risk Management system has everything organizations need to identify, assess, monitor and minimize risks proactively.

    Simplify core measures abstraction and submission by providing daily updates to help improve monitoring and compliance. This turnkey, cloud‑based solution helps achieve full annual payment updates and positive, value‑based payment by capturing and delivering reliable data on quality performance, as required by accreditation agencies.

    Pharmapod is the leading cloud-based software for driving efficiencies and standards and reducing Patient Safety Incidents in community pharmacies and hospitals. It enables pharmacies to record, review and analyse Patient Safety Incidents quickly and securely.

    Protenus is a Proactive Patient Privacy Analytics Platform that helps hospitals protect patient privacy in electronic medical records by detecting privacy breaches in real-time.

    Quatros Safety Rx (Streamlined Incident Reporting) is an intuitive, web-based solution for reporting and tracking safety and quality Incidents.

    HAS provides a state-of-the-art risk management information system (RMIS) specifically designed for healthcare by healthcare technology experts. It was developed to be the most flexible, user-friendly system available. This flexibility puts the "power" of the system at your fingertips.

    Intense regulatory expectations require integrated and effective compliance. Reduce risk, maximize resources and stay audit-ready using the only GRC software solution purpose-built for healthcare.

    Detect improper payments before they're made to save hundreds of millions of dollars that can go to improving quality of care. Improve accuracy while decreasing model-creation time from weeks to a few hours.

    MediGate is an HMS solution that includes registration, inpatient/outpatient management, pharmacy, billing modules for medium-large size hospitals.

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