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Business Problems Solved with Vertical Healthcare Software

Both horizontal and vertical industries need to find solutions that align with business needs. However, vertical-specific software exists because vertical industries like healthcare must adhere to a specific patient-facing workflow in addition to following industry and government regulations. In addition, the use cases of healthcare software have to align with the needs and requirements of doctor’s offices, hospitals, and private clinics.

Healthcare organizations must be able to ensure the security of patient data and decide whether they want a software that can either be all-encompassing, integrate well with other hospitals, or be specific to the parameters of, for example, a pharmacy or private home duty care clinic. Add to that the fact that some healthcare organizations are transitioning from paper records to electronics ones, and many business problems will crop up throughout a software’s life cycle.

According to users—aside from software’s ability to move business operations from paper into electronic—healthcare software as a whole helps professionals consolidate data, streamline operations, and provide better patient care.

Consolidate Data to Streamline Operations

With healthcare software like electronic health records (EHR), doctor’s offices and hospitals can consolidate patient information, medication updates, physician notes, and other kinds of communication into a singular database. Users reported that with an EHR tool that is integrated with existing documentation and communication systems, information becomes available at any time to any one. Users also said that healthcare software makes reporting easier and less manually intensive. Even when the implemented software is medical billing and scheduling, users said these systems ease the processes of documentation, organization, and collections. Healthcare professionals are always strapped for time and, according to users, even vertical software that performs only one specific function ultimately results in saved costs.

Many reviews mentioned the upfront cost when implementing a brand-new healthcare software tool or system; the reviews also cautioned new users that transitioning to a new system isn’t an easy feat. However, users pointed out that, in the end, organizations will save money and time. Additionally, users said that the best results come when healthcare organizations take the time to research, review, and compare which software will best suit their needs.

Better Patient Care

According to users, when a healthcare software is both easy and efficient to use, the immediate benefits are increased patient interaction and improved quality of care. The streamlined workflow that users said they achieved with healthcare software also benefited their patients. Users said that, on their end, the biggest benefits of healthcare software are efficient tracking and processing of visits and patient information, real-time access to information and documentation, and decreased manpower hours. Essentially: time (which healthcare professionals are very low on).

For example, a user of FrameworkLTC, a pharmacy software, reported that “Tightly controlled workflow allows us to have solid clinical outcomes and high levels of quality. Combination of features and workflow designs allow us to have high level of confidence in perpetual inventory data….Database structure allows us to design custom management reports and analytics to improve quality and efficiency in terms of both financial and clinical outcomes.”

Some of the other business problems solved with vertical healthcare software include:

  • Ensure compliance with healthcare and Medicare regulations
  • Integrate with internal and/or external healthcare systems
  • Reduce errors in recording and communication that could exist in paper records
  • Reduce the hours previously spent manually preparing notes and claims
  • Update, access, and share patient data more easily
  • Optimize patient satisfaction and expectations
  • Keep organization current with technological trends
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