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Best Ancillary Care Providers

Ancillary care providers support the communication between outpatient and physician services and primary care hospitals or practices. Ancillary care services are classified as diagnostic (lab work), therapeutic (e.g., physical therapy), and custodial (e.g., urgent care, nursing facilities, and hospice). Hospitals can leverage the staff management, operational management, and informational exchange features of ancillary care service providers to offer better, more efficient care. Ancillary care providers either provide the tools that hospitals need to integrate with ancillary care systems or the workforce needed to provide those services to their patients.

To qualify for inclusion in the Ancillary Care category, a services provider must:

  • Promote interoperability between hospital and ancillary care systems
  • Facilitate exchange of information between hospitals and various ancillary care services

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    Certain complex medical conditions require expensive ongoing treatments for which a Provider Network discount simply isn't enough to contain costs. For these conditions, ACS has developed a suite of Specialty Care Programs that includes best-in-class pricing from our provider partners. Each program focuses on guiding patients through the management of the treatment process so that they receive complete, well-rounded care. With our programs, patients and employers can save up to 50 percent on costs for these treatments.

    This new healthcare delivery model is built on lessons learned from the original Comprehensive Primary Care Model. Supporting the move toward value-based care, this initiative is another stepping stone to innovating care delivery and reforming payment structure in the United States.

    Healthesystems has designed a unique and revolutionary approach to manage workers' compensation ancillary medical services. This groundbreaking solution provides clients with a centralized tool for managing the quality, costs and services of their ancillary providers in real time.ABM solution prospectively adjudicates all ancillary services prior to being provided, resulting in greater savings and optimal utilization.

    Ancillary care is a term used to encompass other providers and services a patient can utilize to better their health including diagnostic, therapeutic and custodial.

    The InSites Ambulatory is designed to streamline care delivery by decreasing patient wait times and improving throughput

    Outcomes Plus offers a wide range of consultancy and support services to aged care organisations.

    At Summit Healthcare, integrating with third party ancillary systems is what we do best. Since 1999 we have been developing products and services with the focus of connecting your health information system with third party vendors or all types.

    VBASoftware includes premium billing, commissions, and care management services. No more need for multiple software solutions makes it easier for your company to manage their lines of business.

    We are able to assist our clients needs with all Ancillary Medical Personnel as well as providing professionals in the Nuclear Power Industry. Our recruiter Specializes in Account Managers, CSRs, Producers and all related Insurance and Financial Service positions.