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Healthcare supply chain software streamlines medical supply procurement, inventory management, and overall spend management. The software also promotes and supports transparency between primary, ancillary care, and non-acute care providers in the types of services and procedures that they provide patients. Healthcare supply chain helps stakeholders like providers, distributors, and suppliers ease the ordering and receiving of medical supplies and products. With this software, physicians, nurses, and medical professionals are able to automate manual, time-consuming supply chain-related tasks, leverage workflows and business intelligence to lower costs, and ultimately improve delivery of care. Additionally, healthcare supply chain software helps hospitals and medical practices adhere to and provide value-based care.

To qualify for inclusion in the Healthcare Supply Chain category, a product must:

  • Track and manage the procurement, delivery, and receiving of medical supplies, equipment, and products
  • Track medical inventory
  • Analyze health care finances, operations, and activities
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Connect suppliers and vendors with providers
  • Support collaboration between clinicians
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    Meet Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, a comprehensive set of proven, healthcare-specific applications backed by decades of development, serving more than 100 healthcare organizations and one million subscribers in the United States.

    Hybrent is a supply chain software for health care providers

    The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) mobile application provides you with instant, anytime, anywhere access to the worlds leading supply chain framework. SCOR is recognized as the supply chain management community most widely accepted model for improving supply chain efficiency, linking business processes, performance metrics, practices and people skills into a unified structure. The SCOR app equips you with access to this unique, supply chain specific process model that supports communication among supply chain partners and improves the effectiveness of supply chain management and improvement activities.

    BlueBins strategic supply chain dashboards fuse supply chain performance metrics with the critical information you need to make impactful decisions in the healthcare environment. BlueBin Dashboard reports offer rapid fire data essential to gaining competitive advantage. These robust analytics help make your supply replenishment programs more efficient and reliable, regardless of the delivery method. Cutting edge spend management reports help you protect the valuable resources your hospital needs to support its patients and families.

    Clarityagency has been designed specifically for the health and care markets and works across any organisation structure and across all staff groups, including community settings. The intuitive technology automates the deployment and management of quality, compliant temporary staff through supply chain management and accurate management information. It works seamlessly with Claritystaffbank and Clarityroster, allowing hospitals to engage with their temporary, contingent workforce in an efficient, compliant and cost-effective way. It gives the user complete visibility and control over its spend and operations. In real time, managers are able to know who, where and what the cost of their flexible workforce is at any time. This system is easy to use, ensures adherence to procurement framework regulations and cuts agency spend. Combine this with additional savings through back office efficiency, improved patient care and better management of the agency supply chain – it makes for a powerful solution. It’s available on a master vendor or neutral vendor basis – giving you choice over how you control your supply chain.

    The CloudFace solution can be deployed in several environments depending on your needs whether cloud or device based or both. CloudFace was founded following thirty years of intensive experience and education in supply chain, healthcare and security, all leading to deliverable solutions for cybersecurity and healthcare management services.

    Curvo is a revolutionary clinical spend management platform that automates and modernizes hospitals and healthcare systems supply chains.

    Envi is an easily scalable solution that meets your exact system specifications, based on your requirements and system goals.

    GHX Exchange is a platform that connects healthcare providers and suppliers so they can work together electronically. This helps lower costs and simplifies supply chain management by eliminating error-prone and manual order processes.

    Drive cost and quality based purchasing decisions through your clinically integrated supply chain.

    hoolos is a one of a kind industry solution designed to provide a wide range of industry participants with a comprehensive item information and cross referencing tool. Additionally, hoolos provides a robust data communication platform, transacting EDI documents, and a wide range of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) services.

    Intaleres mission focuses on elevating the operational health of America�s healthcare providers by designing tailored, smart solutions that deliver optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes. Intalere strives to create a high performance work environment and to maintain our position as an employer of choice.

    iOPharma turns the entire supply chain into a seamless and harmonized online communication channel between trading partners. It does this by brilliantly imitating existing workflow practices, and providing buyers and suppliers with a familiar medium for transacting without the need to change existing internal systems.

    LogiPlatform software provides an end-to-end solution for managing all types of inventory. This includes controlling data flow, collecting usage information in real time and generating highly intelligent insights. The software eliminates wastes and inefficiencies by quickly detecting faults and solving issues automatically. LogiPlatform updates supplier/hospital reports as well as the patient record in real time, and sends alerts or messages to automatically replenish inventory.

    Optime Supply Chain offers a number of healthcare supply chain solutions to streamline your business, increase revenue, and improve long-term success.

    Ormed Healthcare Supply Chain Management offers strategic opportunities for process efficiencies that reduce the loaded cost of supplies and equipment, increase the productivity of every dollar and minute spent, enhance patient outcomes, and improve staff morale. Simultaneously.

    PAR Vision is a browser-based software that lets you collect, track, and analyze data from across your PAR Excellence storage infrastructure.

    With PremierConnect, your data becomes integrated and actionable, propelling your organization to faster and smarter success.

    ProdigoBuyer gives users the confidence that each requisition line conforms to the purchasing policies of the organization. With its flexible approval workflow engine, ProdigoBuyer can be configured to follow ideal requisition paths for broad visibility and maximized savings realization.

    Manage the terms and negotiated item prices of all your local and GPO contracts; enforce contract pricing from the front end of the procurement workflow to the invoice eliminating discrepancies between contracts, purchase orders, invoices and rebates. This tool works in concert with our Marketplace product to deliver increased contract utilization and better compliance. The result is greater recognition of negotiated cost savings, admin fees and rebates. Additionally, this module works with our Exchange to ensure each purchase transaction is compliant with the specific contract terms and commitments; helping you realize more of the savings opportunities negotiated into your contracts.

    The ProdigoMarketplace maximizes the amount you achieve in savings by driving users to the right product, at the right price; giving contract transparency at the point of requisition. ProdigoMarketplace simplifies the requisitioning process; give your supply chain practice greater control to direct spend to the preferred source at the best price. ProdigoMarketplace helps you influence each of the thousands of purchasing decisions being made every day across your organization resulting in an overall cost reduction for supplies, purchased services, IT and capital purchases. By effectively driving contract utilization at the point-of-requisition, health systems are assured that the right items are being purchased from the right vendors at the right price. Plus, Marketplace makes it easier for your Requesters to process their requests, so they can quickly return to their primary caregiving responsibilities.

    ProdigoXchange enforces transaction compliance with the contract price while scoring overall Vendor performance across the PO to Invoice lifecycle. Additionally, this tool helps your teams see where the problems are, as they occur, so that they can efficiently take appropriate corrective action; eliminating costly manual processes in your supply chain and finance groups. The bottom line is a lower cost per transaction and greater visibility into supply chain performance.

    Provista has provided both public and private sector companies with quality products and services since 1985

    Quickly browse and requisition needed supplies from all vendors on one screen. Orders are controlled by your customized product guide and priced at your contracted prices. SmartPO then creates purchase orders for each vendor separately, saving staff time and improving efficiency.

    SpendVu's Value Management System (VMS) is designed for healthcare supply chain professionals enabling savings and delivering value from requisition to contract implementation. Well-managed strategic sourcing and contract teams require not only great people, but also a single solution working across existing systems to create an end-to-end process for work intake, value analysis, sourcing, contracting and implementation.

    Virtuo MIS software solutions for healthcare management encompass all areas of finance, decision support, supply chain, human resources and payroll.

    Vizient (the new brand identity for VHA, University HealthSystem Consortium and Novation) is the nation's largest member-driven health care performance improvement company in the country, whose expertise spans across the continuum of care.

    VueturaTrac tracks and records individuals and items and as they enter, move-about, or exit a facility or supply chain, and then utilizes the operational and transaction data to effectively measure and evaluate process performance.

    Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions are designed to helps users reduce the total cost of care by delivering actionable intelligence and supply chain visibility and control.

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