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Best Healthcare Analytics Software

Healthcare analytics software processes and analyzes the massive amounts of data that a health care organization regularly collects into actionable insight that impacts operational benefits and patient outcomes. Healthcare analytics, also referred to as healthcare business intelligence, also improves the collection, management, and sharing of patient and clinical data. Health care providers lean on the data warehouse that makes up a significant portion of healthcare analytics software to maintain the health of their organization, comply with changing industry legislature, and optimize both population health and individual patient management. Healthcare analytics software ranges from comprehensive data reporting to predictive and prescriptive analytics.

To qualify for inclusion in the Healthcare Analytics category, a product must:

  • Provide a health care-specific data warehouse to capture and maintain health care data
  • Analyze and visualize collected and analyzed data
  • Integrate with EHRs
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    CareTracker helps long-term care facilities reduce risk and increase reimbursement as well as manage required resident documentation.

    Allscripts CareInMotion™ is a powerful, comprehensive, community-connected population health management platform that delivers care coordination, patient engagement, connectivity, data aggregation and analytics. It’s the only solution that addresses every element of population health — and enables you to focus on the priorities specific to your organization.

    CareCloud helps medical practices manage patients to payers and everything in-between. CareCloud's cloud-based platform helps high-performing medical practices grow by improving efficiency, increasing margins and optimizing the patient experience. Our comprehensive suite of tools covers patient management, revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic health records (EHR) and patient experience management. For more information, visit

    QlikView puts information at your fingertips and frees you to make quick decisions, giving you intelligence you need to act faster.

    LexisNexis MarketView delivers medical claims-based intelligence to healthcare organizations across the United States.

    iVantage Performance Manager is an integrated performance management platform that drives results by helping organizations assess and benchmark current performance; identify areas of opportunity for improvement; collaborate to set meaningful targets; create, track and manage initiatives; and engage with others to share best practices through a peer-to-peer community.

    UpToDate helps clinicians to provide better patient care. Key product features available to users with registered accounts or individual subscriptions.

    21 CI APEX Enterprise helps healthcare delivery organizations look beyond traditional module-based applications and focus on a platform-based application that unleashes quantum improvements in revenue cycle management and clinical processes productivity and attains time-to-service for care providers.

    The ArborMetrix platform delivers clinically relevant and timely analytics and reports that have been shown to effectively target ways to improve healthcare quality and efficiency. is a population health management technology company supporting healthcare enterprises taking on risk and transitioning to value-based care. Arcadia specializes in integration of data from more than 40 different physical and behavioral health EHR vendors, enriching it with claims and operational data, and using that data to drive improvements in patient care quality, practice efficiency, and financial performance.

    Supports te acquisition and stotage of patients' physiological data streams and clinical information system data for thr purpose of online rel time analytics, retrospective analysis, and data mining

    Predict provides visibility for organizational decision makers into all planned capital, from construction, renovation, and routine replacement, for healthcare facilities and systems.

    BioSymetrics' Augusta is a first of its kind software framework and coding language for Biomedical AI/Machine Learning applications that include drug discovery, precision medicine and value based care. Augusta contains over 300 code blocks and an iterative AI core to normalize any biomedical data type including chemistry(compounds), imagery (fMRI etc.) , genetics, EMR systems and more.

    AvantCare is an integrated client and services information management platform. The platform facilitates client-centric business processes and at the same time, stays agile to support business objectives

    Avicenna Pathlab is a cloud based healthcare management system that provides features to manage every part of a hospital.

    Battelle conducts research and development, designs and manufactures products, and delivers critical services for government and commercial customers.

    Bhishak Hospital Information Management System is integrated Medical Record and Hospital Management solution that provides Healthcare providers a single platform management of activities for wide-range automation and process.Bhishak HIMS provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting.

    CareCloud Central is a medical practice management solution that boosts productivity by automating the day-to-day tasks that can slow an office manager down. Central delivers much more than medical billing software. It has the tools to help generate cleaner claims and reduce denials, and streamline your workflow to deliver seamless handoffs across departments.

    CentraMed provides actionable, insight-driven analytics that directly impact the bottom line. We help empower professionals to make informed decisions with our faster, cost effective, high-value solutions.

    Solutions and services to help payers and providers turn healthcare data into timely, actionable insights to optimize revenue, cost, and quality performance.

    Claritee Payment Audit is designed to enable informed decision making to clinicians, billing or IT professionals, business manager and executives.

    The Clinical Analyzer analyzes patient's record to provide clinicians, nurses, and front line staff with insights to improve patient outcomes.

    SYNERGEN Healths patent-pending DOCTRIX is a cloud-based analytics solution that simplifies complex healthcare revenue cycle financial data with user-friendly dashboards, making information easy to review, evaluate and share in real-time.

    Doctronic Pro allows patients to do all the usual stuff like rating a doctor, booking/rescheduling/cancelling an appointment, tracking their history and helps doctors to get their own scheduler, which means they manage their appointments and schedule on-the-go. It also allows doctors to know everything about the visiting patient before the patient arrives.

    4CAST Analytics Platform is solution help hospitals and providers obtain actionable insights using real-time analytics to improve performance, manage variation and enhance patient outcomes.

    Unlike many other software solutions that are broken up and sold as independent components, EncounterWorks unifies patient management, practice management and Electronic Health Records into the core of the system.

    Real-time reports to evaluate clinical workflows, discharge referral patterns and post-acute network engagement. Ensocare Insight's powerful on-board healthcare analytics software enables you to monitor trends and outcomes, discover opportunities for improvement and identify ways to actively manage your patients and healthcare network.

    ETHER is a Hospital Information System for patient billing, notes, SMS alerts, medical history, and more.

    F1RSTAnalytics is a suite of dashboards, analytics, and reports designed to give users actionable insight to operate their anesthesia practice both as an effective clinical organization and a successful business.

    With interfaces to any data source, Foundations healthcare analytics software correlates and displays information so that a variety of users can easily understand their data and operational processes, in their business language, with context, through an intuitive and personalized experience. It is the source of truth.

    eHelpDesk is a HMS that comes designed with features along with the hospital management features.The feature list includes customer service, help desk, dashboard, IT service, ITSM, remote support and issue tracking features.

    Have control over actionable insights into your data, so you can succeed in value-based programs while improving efficiency and boosting revenue.

    Affinity ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an addition to Affinity Solution Suite, to manage the expenses and improve the bottom line. This integrated healthcare business management solution addresses all areas of the back-office to drive efficiency, improve financial control.

    HalApp is a cloud-based practice management solution that boosts productivity by automating the day-to-day tasks.

    Pinpoint, cutting-edge analytics that help insurers and care givers take action in the moments that matter.

    Powered by a unique, metadata-driven ETL engine, the Health Catalyst Analytics Platform extracts data from a healthcare organization's many source systems and gathers them into Health Catalyst's Late-Binding Data Warehouse, where it binds the right data, at the right time, and at the right place.

    Connect the Entire Healthcare Team and Thrive in a Value-Based World with Data-Driven Insights and Actions Plans

    HIS ONE allows the Reservation of Health Services, Health Acceptance, Reporting, Management of Hospitalization, Management of Diagnostic Imaging, Management of the Laboratory of Analysis, the Clinical Folder, the Management Control of health data for both value both in terms of quantity, the requests of the Departments, the management of the Warehouse of Medicines and the Medical Materials Warehouse.

    HospyCare is aHospital Management Information System (HMIS), that is web based system and allows the stake holders to keep track of transactions in back office and Finance. MIS Solution has complete Outpatient (OPD) and In patient (IPD) Process mapped right from Registration to Discharge along with investigation, Prescription, History (EMR), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and PACS System integrated with it.

    IMAT is a new, disruptive technology for the field of medical data management and decision support, developed to address the need-for-speed when returning results derived from complex searches across large record stores.

    The Inovalon ONE Platform is an integrated, cloud-based platform of more than 80 individual proprietary toolsets that can be rapidly configured to empower the operationalization of very large-scale data-driven healthcare initiatives that are highly differentiated, efficient, modular and flexible.

    An Eigen-based Technology That Identifies Who Is at Risk And What You Can Do about It.

    liines's phone performance management platform is an all-in-one solution for monitoring, optimizing and incentivizing how your new patient calls are handled.

    Lumiata Health AI Cost Prediction has demonstrated better accuracy than conventional methods in predicting healthcare cost for individuals, high cost patients, and groups.

    MatrixCare Analytics software solution provides you with a base set of content that you can expand to meet your own needs. Both offer you actionable information to meet your unique needs and help you succeed.

    MedeAnalytics is a healthcare software for every corner of healthcare: health, quality, or bringing efficiency to the revenue cycle. It gives superior tools to turn the raw data into actionable, evidence-based insights.

    With MedicsAnalytics, which is a built in, no-cost feature within MedicsPremier, users can take that already-impressive data and transform it into super-impressive business intelligence data.

    BCA is a web-based data visualization solution that helps organizations increase efficiency, measure progress, and improve performance. Easy to implement, easy to use, and fully integrated with MEDITECHs EHR, BCA puts your clinical, financial, and operational data to work and points your organization in the right direction.

    Medpricer’s configurable spend-management software, precision benchmark reports, and managed services empower your organization to optimize the value of your supplier relationships. Our solutions can help manage everything from daily tasks, like renewing contracts and building stakeholder consensus, to reaching long-term goals, such as hitting savings targets and mandating on-contract compliance.

    Midas Health Analytics Solutions from Conduent helps health organizations use patient-centric data to manage, measure and monitor everything from quality to patient safety to improve financial and clinical outcomes.