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    Healthcare compliance software ensures health care organizations adhere to set hospital compliance guidelines and revise compliance practices based on changing regulations. Healthcare compliance software helps practices or hospitals of all sizes avoid incurred compliance violation fines, decrease the costs and resources dedicated to maintaining that compliance, and train all employees to ensure compliance is maintained. Healthcare compliance software facilitates the successful deployment and maintenance of a compliance program, the results of which include the reduction of fraud and abuse, the enhancement and optimization of health care operations, the improved delivery and quality of health care services, and the reduction of overall health care costs.

    Healthcare compliance software ranges in type; while there is no all-in-one tool that can cover every aspect of a practice, organizations can benefit from such freedom to pick and choose a compliance platform that will benefit them most. However, regardless of solution, healthcare compliance software keeps organizations up to date with industry regulations, helps them identify significant risk areas, and prepares them for audits regarding existing compliance practices. Users of healthcare compliance software are most commonly compliance officers and managers of health care organizations.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Healthcare Compliance category, a product must:

    Monitor, track, and update any changes to industry and/or governmental regulation and practice
    Facilitate the designation of compliance officers and committees
    Develop compliance-specific policies and procedures, including standards of conduct
    Facilitate open lines of communication
    Support appropriate and relevant compliance training and education
    Set up, track, and respond to detected compliance offenses
    Support or offer internal monitoring, auditing, and measuring efforts

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    Compliance Manager features a customizable workspace, AAPC-certified training, and real-time reporting to simplify the challenges you face with maintaining your compliance program and preventing government fines. So whether you're training employees, conducting risk assessments, or investigating incidents, you can manage your entire program in one user-friendly application.

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    MedTrainer is for healthcare organizations of any size to guarantee compliance insurance and risk mitigation. Doctors, Administrators, and Nurses from large cities to rural areas use the MedTrainer healthcare compliance platform for their team to work cohesively and efficiently within the workplace. Everything is under one roof with MedTrainer's all-in-one system for learning, compliance, credentialing, and accreditation. Comply with all state and federal regulatory requirements by providing re

    The Guard is Compliancy Group’s simple and cost-effective solution that addresses every aspect of compliance. Their proprietary Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain methodology with Compliance Coach support helps to satisfy the entire set of HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus, and PCI regulations.

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    Health center compliance tools and services, including mock site surveys.

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    OnePoint is a web based and comprehensive management solution for hospitals that ensures patient eligibility, chargemaster integrity and claims accuracy.

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    Helping you navigate the rough seas of compliance.

    Strengthen interdisciplinary teams’ ability to correctly identify, assess, and treat wounds

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    Your practices compliance is our number one goal. Our web based software combines all areas of risk assessment and compliance in one easy tool that simplifies and automates compliance. Automate compliance tasks like training and policy distribution so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients. From training to support we are here to help you accomplish your compliance and security goals step by step.

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    Unbreakable endpoint visibility and control for responsible healthcare organizations

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    Accountable is a platform designed to help organizations manage HIPAA compliance.

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    AHM Centris Direct is an end-to-end platform suite to manage compliant interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations.

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    Our suite of solutions for compliance and assurance. Continually updated and online governance, risk and compliance solution provides dynamic framework to manage, monitor and report on regulatory requirements, quality standards, and business objectives.

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    AvantCare is an integrated client and services information management platform. The platform facilitates client-centric business processes and at the same time, stays agile to support business objectives

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    Cerner is taking the steps today to offer you a complete package of regulatory consulting services that is valuable no matter the regulatory measure.

    Medical coding compliance and audit services for hospitals, health systems, and physician practices that want to mitigate risk by achieving and maintaining regulatory coding compliance.

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    CodySoft is a revolutionary suite of web-based software products designed specifically for health plans and their complex environment.

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    ComplyAssistant is an innovative healthcare compliance software platform. Designed for HIPAA and other information security frameworks, our software can also handle any type of compliance regulation.

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    The cloud-based HIPAA ComplyPAK™ Compliance Management System has assisted clients in successfully responding to audits. The proven system reduces the complexity of achieving and maintaining compliance. It is updated routinely with new content and tools that make it easier for an organization to manage ongoing HIPAA and HITECH compliance on an enterprise wide basis.

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    Intuitive Healthcare Contract Management

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    The Converge Platform is a comprehensive, enterprise software solution that integrates silo'd departments, facilities and systems with a secure digital workspace and workflow for high risk/high-liability data, providing the insights necessary to proactively manage governance, risk and compliance.

    Partnered with some of the largest healthcare networks to understand the unique challenges you face, and then applied industry best practices to automate healthcare compliance processes with our three secure products, built on Microsoft SharePoint

    Dash provides one cloud deployment for automating HIPAA administrative and technical safeguards in public cloud platforms such as AWS.

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    Datix Cloud IQ is used for the capturing of Incidents, Feedback, Claims, Mortality Review. if required all events can be investigated, linked with organisational risk and lessons learned with recommendations, implementing policies and assessing compliance to internal and external standards.

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    We designed a customized service model for managed care payers. Our audit processes and communications reflect our management team's deeper understanding of the respective viewpoints and cultures of both providers and health plans. Our clinical and business leadership brings decades of experience in cost containment in every payer-based and managed care setting. We stand out amongst our competitors by building our entire business around our unsurpassed expertise in identifying, correcting, and o

    Emerald Cybersecurity offers a HIPAA Compliance and Risk Management solution that is affordable for small practices and enables the practice to complete a thorough HIPAA Risk Assessment in a timely manner. By working with one of Emerald's experienced consultant, the process can be completed in under two hours resulting in a variety of essential detailed reports for your practice.

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    Protecting Patient Privacy in Electronic Health Records

    First Healthcare Compliance recognizes the compliance program management needs and challenges faced by your business.

    First Practice Management (FPM) is the UK's premier resource for GP practice managers. Helping practice managers to get their practice compliant with regulation and to stay compliant.

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    For medical auditing, Audit Manager streamlines the way you manage audits by merging audit workflow, management, education and reporting into one easy-to-use, web-based solution. Designed by auditors, for auditors, Audit Manager allows you to audit on your terms through immediate reporting, template customization, and total oversight of your entire audit program. With Audit Manager, you will improve your auditing efficiency by up to 40%, minimize denials and identify up to 10% in missed revenue.