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Managed live chat providers allow companies to communicate directly with their customers online. Managed live chat services utilize live chat software and handle inbound inquiries via their live chat tool. Managed live chat providers are an all-in-one customer service solution, meaning they provide the software, customer service agents, and back office team to manage your customers inquiries.

Managed live chat services providers will often engage in proactive chat, where they contact any customer that visits the site preemptively. Businesses use managed live chat providers to take care of all the customer inquiries that come in via the website. Some managed live chat providers will offer reporting and analytics to the client.

Managed live chat services are typically used to cover one portion of customer service. Companies may utilize customer service software products to cover the rest of their customer service needs, which may include help desk, customer self-service, and customer success solutions, among others.

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    Chat Metrics provides 24/7 customer interaction for your website visitors to convert your website traffic into warm qualified leads for you to convert into paying clients. Leads are delivered via our dashboard with email notifications or full CRM integration to ensure no disruption to existing business processes. Easily calculable return on investment with clarity in pricing, ROI starts at 100% Our team pro-actively engage with your website visitors and deliver the best customer service every time! More than 98% of website visitors leave without converting. We increase your conversion rates with our highly skilled lead generation/customer service team on your website, 24/7. Our live chat staff are carefully assessed and professionally trained to ensure we deliver results. We can leverage our entire platform from chat bot to human to ensure you get the most from your marketing spend and we provide the ultimate in user experience.

    24/7 US Based Live Chat Sales & Support Agents for your Website. Helping existing customers as well as securing new ones via chat, SMS and email! Free 14 day trial. Plans start at only $95. We speak all languages!

    Equinox is a leading provider of 24/7 live chat teams for support and sales for B2B software companies. We know your pain. Your website is still not converting enough qualified leads to feed your sales team. Your customer-satisfaction scores should be higher—but you don’t have enough support reps to respond like you should. Simple reactive chat alone isn’t enough to truly engage with website visitors and customers like you should. You’re missing hundreds of positive customer engagements a month that would help you reach your revenue goals. That’s where Equinox comes in. Equinox offers the industry’s only proactive chat solution which is guaranteed to increase qualified leads and customer satisfaction, or you don’t pay a dime.

    24x7 Chat Agents starting at US$ 99/Month. 10 Days Free Trial. With more than 60+ Experts & 10+ years experience, we assure you best services. DeskMoz can be your helping hand in providing all types of Desk services at the dirt cheap prices! At DeskMoz, we believe in providing best services with alternative belief system which says, whatever it takes, let the customer be with you! With a team of 60+ enthusiastic experts, DeskMoz is a complete package for your Desk needs. Whether it is requirement for content, 24x7 chat agents, call answering services, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) Services or anything you think of, we are here! Experts are here!

    Click and Chat offers a professional live chat platform that's easy to use and arms agents with all the information they need to help your customers.

    LeadChat supercharges website conversion rates with their sales staff on your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    ACS provides Managed Chat Solutions for clients across North America.

    ApexChat provides a complete, turnkey chat service. We use our own industry trained live chat agents and software platform to service chats.

    Australian headquartered, global provider of the software, agents and expertise to deliver a fully managed 24/7 Live Chat programme which proactively engages website visitors to systematically deliver more sales.

    Are you a business owner who spends a ton of time and money on advertising? Maybe you're wondering where all of your hard earned website traffic goes? Proactive live chat is proven to increase sales by 300% on average from your existing website traffic. Our proactive chat solution does not only offer you a live chat box, using our clever proactive chat tools you can proactively engage 80% more website visitors vs other live chat solutions. Our proactive live chat system will display your perfect sales messages at the right time to the right people and bring a website visitor into your buying process. If you're like most businesses your adverts e.g. Google Ads, Social Media, newspapers, flyers, tv, radio etc are all telling your audience to visit your website. Yet, most businesses still only provide two main options to either call or email. People are less likely to call now than they would have been just a few years ago and they'll usually leave, never to be seen again and even worse go off to one of your competitors! And who wants to wait 3 days for an email reply that does not even answer your question and by then you've lost interest in buying anyway. Does that right a bell? With Proactive Live Chat, you can engage your audience at the time they are interested in your products and services. How many calls can your most experienced staff member deal with at a time? One right? With our proactive live chat system, an average new staff member who already has all the skills they need...e.g. type (we guess they use a computer) and communicate (after all they answer your calls already) can deal with 4-6 live chats at once. Yes that right, at once! Skilled agents are known to handle 10 or more while still eating their lunch! It doesn't stop there either! So what happens in your peak season when you get more demand than you can manage? Or you step away from the desk? Or perhaps you are your own business and planning a holiday? Don't worry - we've got that covered too. Our expert chat handlers in London, England can answer your proactive live chats when you cannot so you'll never need to miss a lead again. Handlr proactive live chat is an Official Supplier of live chat systems to the British government. That's why our staff and servers are all based here in the UK. So now you're probably wondering why don't we offer a free trial? How many times have you signed up to a free trial and forgot the next day or a few days later? It happens a lot right? Well, our goal is to help businesses to grow their sales and reduce their costs. We tried offering free trials like most other live chat companies and what we found was over 90% of businesses who signed up to a free trial did not grow online! Most didn't even go ahead and use the system at all! Of course, it never worked for those people. Yet nearly 100% of businesses who invested in themselves have gone on to make a lot of money and some have even turned their advertising off completely after realising they had enough organic traffic! So we made the decision to not offer any free trials as it does not help you make the best decision for your business. So if you're a business owner who is ready to grow your business and you're ready to invest in your business and join others like you who've increased online sales by over 300% - then get Handlr Proactive Live Chat today! Visit for more information...

    KPN Contact Center Services provides communication channels accessible to customers and employees. In addition, Workforce Optimization offers specific analyzes of your customers, employees and processes.

    Livprop live chat services enable you to generate 5X ROI from your existing website traffic. Livprop’s chat services instantly improve your sales team productivity by identifying and handing over pre-qualified leads to the sales team.

    LTVplus provides dedicated customer service outsourcing for online retailers. We help you scale your e-commerce business through live chat, email and social media. Our professional team of CSRs can support your online store 24/7, in any timezone and language.

    OctaChat offers World Class Live Chat Software manned with its Professional Live Assistance Team catering your Website visitors round the clock. The expert representatives at OctaChat are aware of how to address and respond on your website visitors queries.

    The Chat Shop is the world's leading provider of sales focused live chat and chatbot solutions. We work with ambitious CEO’s, marketing and sales leaders to deliver revenue growth through conversations. Brands look to The Chat Shop when they're seeking a competitive advantage by providing a personalised purchasing experience from acquisition through customer delight. We generate an average of 50% more leads from your website visitors and achieve award-winning customer satisfaction scores of 99%.

    Turn more website browsers into paying customers. Exceptional people and technology to manage your website chats.