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Third-party logistics services provide businesses with shipping, warehousing, manufacturing, and other general logistical services.

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    Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) helps you grow your online business with access to Amazons world-class fulfillment resources and expertise, acclaimed customer service, and fast, free shipping options.

    ModusLink Global Solutions is designed to integrate e-commerce and forward/reverse logistics globally for companies, overcoming the logistics challenges that inhibit growth and customer responsiveness, helping the customer brand experience.

    Offers wide range of additional services to support our client's requirements

    Combine the skills and experience of our operations managers and supply chain designers, to design, implement and operate logistics solutions allowing us to deliver value to your business

    Experts in Fulfillment, Packaging & Kitting, Warehousing & Logistics, and Returns Management.

    Kuehne + Nagel is a world leading contract logistics service provider, with more than 75 million square feet of warehouse and logistics space across more than 65 countries, including 14 million square feet in the United States.

    DHL provides a variety of ready-to-go solutions, technologies and assets that might otherwise cost you and your business a lot of time and money to put in place, so your capital is freed up to develop your business in other ways. Additionally, outsourcing your logistics gives you the flexibility to upsize and downsize rapidly in response to new opportunities or challenges, with minimum risk.

    Gives advice based on the specific delivery needs of your company.

    Whether parcel service, truck, ship, airplane or combined transport, whether single freight or container load: in the field of distribution logistics, we always find the most cost-efficient solution for you. Both your individual requirements of the goods and freight distribution and our drive for efficiency help us to select the right means of transport and the speed of distribution.

    EWorld Fulfillment understands the ever-changing landscape of shipping orders in todays economy. From small subscription box start-ups to large wholesale brands, we have the capabilities to create a custom fulfillment solution for your needs.

    First Choice Shipping was founded on the belief that the complex world of shipping can and should be made easier and affordable. To do that we set out to create a single digital hub from which all shipping functions could be easily driven and managed from carrier selection and tracking, to shipping labels. A digital engine that would connect small business owners and eCommerce giants alike to the entire world, on their terms along with incredible rates.

    First Flight Solutions finds logistics cost savings opportunities that its competitors cannot and then delivers results. Tell companies how much they can save, then show them how to go get it. Its that simple.

    Freightlink is a fourth-generation freight service company.

    Fulfillment America (FAI) is a performance driven marketing service company with corporate offices and production facilities located in Billerica Massachusetts and Dallas, Texas.FAI provides a broad range of fulfillment services to over 75 National and International companies. These services include the ecommerce B2C and B2B fulfillment, literature, POP and other collateral materials, print-on-demand, inbound 800 services, , kit assembly, pick and pack, warehousing and logistics. (FDC) helps online retailers reduce their shipping costs, automate their fulfillment, and expand into new markets.

    Handle a wide range of products at our terminals, and offer various value added services.

    The business unit Bertschi Global is your specialist for the worldwide transportation of liquid chemical products. Bertschi Global has developed considerably in a short time and has become a respected market player in the global tank container business. With a world-spanning network of own subsidiaries and local agents or partners, a close customer support is ensured.

    GlobalPost is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses increase sales around the globe by simplifying the international shipping process so they can focus growing the business.

    Imperial is recognized as the leader in both distribution and merchandising of supermarket non-foods with over 750 associates who help you provide superior customer service and grow sales.

    Inbound logistic services include unloading and palletising, checking the goods for defects and damage, registration of serial numbers and putting away your products to the assigned racking or bin locations.

    Solutions for retailers who want great rates, multiple carrier options & instant results. Fast, affordable & reliable solutions into and out of China. Reduced complexity with time & cost-sensitive solutions to 180 countries. Flexible & customizable shipping solutions for enterprise shippers. Accelerated, expert customs management for shipments into the US & China. Faster & lower cost solutions to Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico.

    The company is managed by an enthusiastic group of workers that have mastered the art of serving others. Started in 1914 and back then, they used a single horse and a wagon for every transportation assignment they had. Since then, they have created, with hard work and high-quality service, to solid warehousing & transportation reputation.

    LJM will assist you in lowering your annual freight spend by helping you secure optimal carrier contracts for your unique business. LJM also helps recoup lost profits with data-driven weekly audits of your parcel invoices as well as helping you prevent employee shipping fraud.

    MEYER Fulfillment provides full service fulfillment solutions for a range of fulfillment challenges.

    A complete fulfillment service providing a full range of solutions for multichannel distribution, order management, customer care and value-added services.

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