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Connected worker platforms help industrial companies plan, schedule, and monitor complex manufacturing and supply chain operations across multiple locations and teams. This type of software enables companies to correctly plan and assign work orders and fosters collaboration and information sharing between employees. Connected worker platforms are used by production supervisors and inventory managers to schedule and assign work orders and by employees to execute the work assigned to them.

Connected worker platforms are delivered as standalone platforms and require integration with software for manufacturing and supply chain, such as ERP systems, manufacturing execution systems, supply chain suites, and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software. To ensure the safety of the employees, this type of software also integrates with environmental health and safety (EHS) software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Connected Worker Platforms category, a product must:

Provide customizable templates for production and supply chain procedures
Help supervisors create and manage work procedures and schedules
Include workflows to assign work orders based on standard or custom criteria
Allow employees to access work procedures and collaborate on any device
Monitor work order execution and employee productivity across multiple locations

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MaintainX is a mobile-first work order and procedure platform that allows teams to know what they need to do and how to do it. Here's what we digitize and take away from the clipboard: -Maintenance Work Orders -Safety Procedures -Environmental Checklists -Tooling & Gauge Reporting -Preventative Maintenance Procedures -Auditing/Inspection Workflows -Training Checklists We help operational leaders become more efficient by delivering real-time business insights from the field.

(6)4.9 out of 5

WorkClout helps frontline workers streamline their safety & quality inspections, data reporting, work instructions, ISO compliance, corrective actions, & knowledge building. We're best suited for companies in the manufacturing, construction, healthcare, retail, facilities/property management, and transportation industries. We have the most customizable inspection template builder in the market and world-class reporting. WorkClout is available on iOS, Android, and Desktop.

(14)4.8 out of 5

Dozuki is standard work instruction software that empowers manufacturers to implement standardized procedures in support of continuous improvement and training efforts. Approved standards are instantly distributed across teams, shifts, and locations. Track the competency of employees trained to current standards and automate retraining when procedures are updated. View data to resolve issues, reduce rework, and identify improvements—all in real-time. Gather feedback from within procedures to ca

Oracle IoT Connected Worker Cloud improves the safety and health of your workers, complies with safety regulations, gains real-time visibility into your workers health, location, and work environment.

(3)4.7 out of 5

The Parsable Connected Worker Platform empowers frontline operators to work safer, smarter and more productively with paperless, digital work instructions on a mobile device. Companies like Shell, P&G, Heineken and many more rely on Parsable's solutions to drive continuous improvements in productivity, quality and safety. Parsable seamlessly combines enterprise-class cloud and mobile applications in a fully integrated solution. The mobile app lets deskless workers collaborate, raise issues

(21)4.6 out of 5

Poka is a connected worker application built for manufacturers. With Poka, factory workers are empowered to learn continuously, solve problems and share knowledge in real-time directly on the production floor – fostering an engaged and autonomous workforce that drives improvements in safety, quality and productivity. Poka combines digital content, communication, forms and skills management capabilities into a single integrated platform, leading to a better user experience and stronger adoption a

(3)5.0 out of 5

Zaptic makes continuous improvement digital, social and mobile, turning every worker into a multi tasking problem solver capable of preventing, identifying and eliminating losses.

0 ratings

3M Connected PPE and software products help organizations advance the digital transformation of worker safety through innovative combinations of data science and PPE technologies.

0 ratings

AcceleratorKMS is a purpose-built and industry-leading Knowledge Management System for critical operational content. The digital system includes “Procedure Life-cycle Management (PLCM),” a "Connected Worker Platform (CWP)," a "Learner Experience Platform (LXP)," a “Component Content Management System (CCMS),” and a “Quality Management System (QMS).” The combined capability facilitates solutions to many critical problems experienced in workplaces across America and around the World.  The system

0 ratings

NovaTech AMP™ software combines digital procedures, mobile applications, analytics, and automation into an IIoT-enabled, connected worker platform that helps manufacturers mitigate the risks and consequences of incidents caused by human error.

(1)0.0 out of 5

Augmentir is the world’s only AI-Powered Connected Worker platform. Augmentir helps manufacturing and service companies improve the safety, quality, and productivity of their frontline workforce. With Augmentir’s suite of AI-powered tools, industrial companies can guide workers with digital, augmented work instructions, support virtual communication and remote work scenarios with Augmentir Remote Assist, and drive continuous improvement with operational insights driven from Augmentir’s AI.

0 ratings

Connected Worker provides a platform to easily try new innovative ideas and continuously improve on optimizing the efficiency of industrial processes.

0 ratings

​Workplace safety, quality and productivity happen in real time. Millions of workers go to their jobs every day armed with PPE, training, monthly meetings and manual hazard and engagement solutions all coming from the top of the organization. Only Corvex brings all of these elements together in an efficient, simple and powerful platform.

0 ratings

Drishti’s computer vision technology creates massive datasets from a heretofore unmeasurable source: people at work.

0 ratings

Ensure better standardization of your business and processes, more collaboration between your teams, and simplified communication with your customers.

0 ratings

Improve the effectiveness of your workforce by linking your workers with access to information so they can make faster, better decisions.

Improve worker and plant productivity. Minimize downtime and squeeze better performance from your operation. Ensure the complete regulatory compliance – and safety – of your entire workforce.

Widen profit margins, attract & retain front-line workers! Innovapptive's Connected Worker platform is a suite of prepackaged & reconfigurable applications for SAP and IBM Maximo to help the front-line worker get their jobs done faster, better, cheaper & safer. • Over 150+ guided work instructions & data capture forms integrated with operational data from SAP and IBM Maximo • Digitize all your SOP's, work instructions, checklists - "Code-Free" • Run operations on mobile, smart

0 ratings

Intel® architecture-based connected worker solutions bring essential capabilities, including: Continuous environmental monitoring and alerts, both locally on the gateway, and in the remote command center Immediate, one-to-one “over the shoulder” coaching by remote experts Timely access to contextually relevant, critical information while on the job Contextual augmented-reality-based training on site

0 ratings

IoTConnect is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that facilitates device communication and management, data storage, and app creation, while adhering to robust security protocols.

0 ratings

Ensure worker health and safety, achieve better regulatory compliance, and gain real-time visibility into worker health, location, and work environment.

0 ratings

LexX is an intelligent assistant for maintenance technicians. This platform leverages a unique combination of the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to deliver technical knowledge and advanced troubleshooting capabilities together to the fingertips of the technician.

0 ratings

Maximl offers the first full-stack collaboration platform for deskless workers in process industries. Our low code platform hosts a powerful suite of mobile-first solutions that are customization-friendly and scalable. We solve the problem of last-mile workflows across the use cases of maintenance, inspection, safety and operations. Our solutions can easily integrate with existing business systems to create a single source of truth and bridge the gap that often exists between the field and offic

0 ratings

Notiphy is a budget-friendly SaaS-based platform that improves worker efficiency and increases productivity, quality and safety, while providing managers with greater communication tools, alerts and visibility into their people and operations. Manufacturers can get the data they need, in ways paper can’t, to make intelligent data-driven decisions, contain and reduce costs and improve margins and profitability.

0 ratings

OnPlan work instruction software is for mine maintenance departments who are dissatisfied with the time is takes to build and manage work instructions. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows technical writers and engineers quickly build documents from repeatable elements. The system is estimated to be 3x faster than building documents in Microsoft Word. It includes features specifically designed for owners of large industrial assets across the mining value chain.

(24)4.6 out of 5

Rever is a Frontline Operations platform that empowers companies in the manufacturing and services sectors to activate their frontline in operational excellence programs such as continuous improvement and lean. Rever's smartphone app lets anyone, anywhere capture a situation and go through a guided workflow to fix an issue, implement an improvement, or drive a root-cause analysis. Manager use Rever to align teams around company priorities, track participation, recognize contributors, and track s

0 ratings

Refine workflow, lower costs and reduce liabilities through centralized metrics reporting. rufus Dashboard tracks items like pick rate, tasks completed, activity levels and more.

0 ratings

SAP Connected Worker Safety solution offers a platform that allows project managers as well as health and safety personnel across industries to access the data collected by various IoT devices in real time.

0 ratings

Tervene enables operational excellence through management practice digitalization combined with professional coaching. Combining 6 management tools in one solution, Tervene supports knowledge management, process validation, operation control, communication & problem-solving on the factory floor. We serve factories across North America and Europe, including manufacturing leaders such as Bombardier, Safran, Siemens, General Dynamics & ArcelorMittal. Using Tervene, those manufacturers dig

0 ratings

Tulip's flexible and intuitive manufacturing app platform helps manufacturers create applications that guide operators and collect data from the people, machines, and processes involved in production. With Tulip, companies can digitally transform their shop floors and gain real-time visibility of their production in days. Tulip's flexible deployment, drag and drop app builder, real-time analytics, simple integrations, and pre-built app templates make Tulip's platform as lean and agile as your te

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What are Connected Worker Platforms?

Smart technology, or physical assets connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), has helped to usher in what many consider the fourth Industrial Revolution—along with robotic systems, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Warehouses, factory floors, and field operations are transforming in real time, integrating these advanced systems wherever possible. In addition to the equipment being used across industrial operations, field workers themselves are becoming connected assets, thanks to wearables and other mobile devices around the work environment. Connected worker platforms harness the power of this technology to bring unprecedented insights, communication, safety, and process optimization to these field operations and shop floors. Used properly and with the right hardware, these solutions can turn any industrial team into a fully connected workforce, helping them reap the benefits of Industry 4.0.

As smart cameras and tracking technology grow more prevalent across these and other industries, there are an increasing number of ethical questions related to worker surveillance and monitoring. It’s important to keep this in mind when researching the platforms in this emerging category. Though the benefits of connected worker platforms are many and varied, you should consult with your HR and/or legal team about the privacy implications of these solutions before investing in or implementing them across your operation. You should also clearly communicate the extent of this workforce monitoring to your employees and anyone being hired in the future. This may entail creating documentation and agreements related to how employees are being tracked and how this information will be used. In the end, these solutions can greatly improve safety, efficiency, and outcomes for everyone on your team, but this should not be at the expense of employee privacy and trust.

Key Benefits of Connected Worker Platforms

  • Allow for real-time tracking of frontline workers and their assets across a distributed operation
  • Enable virtual support and guided process execution to achieve operational excellence
  • Generate analytics about workforce efficiency and safety without the need for in-person monitoring
  • Improve regulatory compliance across worker processes, equipment, and environments

Why Use Connected Worker Platforms?

As smart devices and wearable technology become more readily accessible for industrial companies, it can make sense to connect a workforce for a variety of reasons. Firstly, connecting workers to the cloud can provide supervisors and executives with a more accurate view of worker location and activity at any given moment. This can eliminate guesswork as to if factory staff and field employees are where they are supposed to be and performing the work that is needed of them. Along with this, though, connected worker platforms can set up the workers themselves for success in ways not previously possible, improving productivity, safety, and employee satisfaction across the operation.

A number of the solutions in this category share features of or integrate with work instructions software and standard operating procedures software, giving workers convenient access to explanations of processes and/or checklists for completing routine duties and complex job tasks. Thanks to wearables such as smart glasses, users of connected worker platforms may be able to access and engage with this timely information without needing to use their hands, ensuring optimal productivity and worker safety.

With some connected worker systems, supervisors and team leads can offer remote assistance during certain jobs or tasks, in addition to general on-the-job training, even if the workers are in isolated or high-risk environments. Finally, these solutions can help make critical observations about worker and team performance through a variety of data metrics. Using this data, management teams can ensure the continuous improvement of operations by shaping strategic decisions (e.g. worker placements, task structuring) based on the findings. These intelligent capabilities can free up workers and supervisors to focus more on their most important responsibilities, while helping them optimize their approaches and stay protected every step of the way.

Who Uses Connected Worker Platforms?

The solutions in this category are custom-tailored for industrial and labor-based scenarios, where frontline workers are immersed in high-stress environments such as factories and field operations. Some common roles that can benefit from the user experience and real-time data of connected worker apps are floor supervisors, factory workers, and field operators. The solutions in this category each offer a unique set of tools for utilizing smart devices in these settings and transforming an industrial workforce with various tech-based enhancements. These tools can also help supervisors and their respective field teams feel more united than ever, even when miles apart. If you are considering a modern solution for your industrial team, consider what your team’s particular needs are and which roles are likely to benefit from the investment before researching the diverse offerings on the market.

Connected Worker Platform Features

As smart technology evolves, and also becomes more affordable for independent companies, solution vendors are finding new and different applications in connected worker scenarios. With that being said, the solutions featured in this category are each unique in their capabilities, offering some combination of features for use across a connected team. In some cases, vendors offer proprietary hardware such as smart glasses or sensors as part of their solution offering, while others allow for integration with an existing IoT infrastructure. Vendors may offer customized solutions to fit your company’s specific needs, so it may be helpful to speak with a representative and discuss these possibilities before selecting a tool. The following are some general capabilities you may come across when researching the diverse solutions in this category.

Guided Tasks — A significant benefit of connected worker technology is the ability to assist factory and field workers on the job in ways not previously possible. This may be accomplished through live support directly from supervisors or automated support through smart devices. An example might include intelligent recommendations during order picking or assembly using augmented reality on smart glasses. In some cases, it may be as simple as seeing job checklists on the screens of smart glasses, allowing workers to keep their hands free and focused on the task at hand. Factory or field employees may handle dozens of high-stress tasks in their daily routines, with little room for error. Guided support through connected worker platforms can help ensure a complete success with each task, without workers having to interrupt their progress to ask for help or reference their physical manuals.

Worker Health and Safety — By nature, manufacturing environments and field operations can involve a variety of hazards, and many of the high-stress activities these workers handle can pose serious risks in the event of accidents, equipment failures, or a sudden change in conditions. Management teams should do anything in their power to oversee worker activities and conditions to prevent mishaps from occurring. Connected worker platforms will often include features that assist with worker safety, from intelligent audits of regulatory compliance to automated alerts during irregular activity. If workers are wearing smart devices, integrated connected worker platforms may enable them to monitor vitals and identify an immediate health risk so it can be instantly reported to supervisory teams. In other cases, these platforms may continuously monitor environmental conditions and trigger alerts when certain conditions (e.g. toxic gas levels, temperature) approach their respective thresholds. Platforms may generate regular data about work environments and worker health, so managers can proactively address any possible issues before they pose a threat to frontline workers.