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Manufacturing intelligence software helps manufacturers gather, manage, and analyze production data from multiple sources to improve operations. Consolidated from software systems and production equipment alike, manufacturing data can be analyzed in real time within manufacturing intelligence tools to detect quality issues and identify opportunities to both reduce manufacturing costs and increase productivity. This type of software is used mainly by production managers and supervisors to monitor operations across multiple locations, but can also be used by employees to find the information they need to perform manufacturing tasks.

Manufacturing intelligence software can be delivered as a standalone system or combined with manufacturing execution systems. This type of software needs to integrate with ERP systems to exchange production information and with quality management software (QMS) to help companies address quality issues. For optimal capture of shop floor data, manufacturing intelligence solutions should integrate with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Manufacturing Intelligence category, a product must:

  • Gather manufacturing data from all systems and locations involved in production
  • Provide features to clean and structure manufacturing data to make easier to use
  • Deliver relevant information to the employees and managers involved in production
  • Analyze production data in real time and alert users based on predefined rules
  • Monitor KPIs and metrics for quality management, productivity, and cost control

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    Apriso Global EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) solution provides a truly global, consistent approach to gather and report up-to-the-minute information wherever and whenever it's needed to simplify the process of analyzing manufacturing execution across plants. This solution helps you to make the necessary changes, and then to roll them out as often as needed.

    BISTel is a leading provider of real-time, engineering and automation solutions for the global semiconductor, and electronics industries. Its Equipment Engineering Systems (EES) and adaptive intelligence (AI) solutions for smart manufacturing are shaping the factories of the future, by connecting data driven manufacturing organizations to better detect, analyze, and predict real-time to changing manufacturing conditions.

    World standard of AI for Industry. Braincube is a one-of-a-kind solution that maximizes your productivity.

    EnactTM is a native-cloud Quality Intelligence platform powered by real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC). Whatever your industry, Enact can help you improve product quality in an affordable way and transform the way you view your quality data. Enact's Unified Data Repository brings together and standardizes all your quality and process data, helping decrease costs and enabling better, faster operations decisions.

    Epicor Informance EMI, manufacturing intelligence software, helps you focus operating strategies at the executive level and convert them into execution tactics at the plant level

    The eVue suite encompasses material handling control, plant production management, and labor tracking capabilities so you can optimize processes, anticipate problems, and make informed decisions.

    FactoryMRI is a web-based manufacturing intelligence software provides real-time visibility and event-messaging for proactive management.

    FactoryTalk® Analytics platform is a bundled offering that includes FactoryTalk Analytics DataView, FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML, and FactoryTalk Analytics Edge. This platform enables scalable analytics from edge to enterprise and can ingest data from a variety of data types.

    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is the largest software developer in the metrology industry and offers a wide range of in-house developed, individually-customisable software packages that deliver intelligent and effective data acquisition, analysis and evaluation as well as powerful data management and reporting tools.

    MachineMetrics is a real-time manufacturing analytic platform designed to make monitoring CNC machines simple.

    MIM.365 is a SaaS Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solution built to monitor shop floor data.

    MITS Manufacturer Analytics is powerful business intelligence and reporting software that sits on top of your ERP system, and gives your team instant insight into customer, supplier, and product performance, three critical linkages in manufacturing supply chains.

    Maximize profit margins and optimize productivity with a bottom-up approach to collecting and analyzing real-time performance data.

    QIS is a solution enables operators to make critical and immediate on-line decisions and provides management with the data and real-time analytical tools required to support continuous improvement objectives.

    Gain insight into your manufacturing operations across your supply chain within the the plant or across the entire enterprise with Informance EMI. Monitor your production facilities in real-time through customizable dashboards holding KPIs unique to your business. Informance EMI software can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud to suit your enterprises need.

    Savigent Historian is a context-aware process data historian, a high-performance database for historical manufacturing information, and a highly scalable and distributable data collection infrastructure based on the Savigent Platform.

    Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence extends the Siemens Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution by providing the capability to apply analytics and reporting techniques to operations and business data at the site, regional and global levels.

    Sightline EDM offers a level of precision unseen in the marketplace. EDM is specifically designed to provide you with the real-time data you need to make smarter, more cost effective decisions. EDM is the only software that has the ability to do sub-second data analytics in real time. Sightline provides an award winning platform for managing the continuous stream of time series data that is being produced.

    WorkClout helps modern manufacturers track their manufacturing production process from start to finish, Track scheduling, inventory, shop floor data, execution, planning, work-in-progress and labor hours all in one place. Get implemented in 30 days or less.

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