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Job shop management software helps small manufacturers and single owner operators manage production activities without investing in expensive ERP systems. This type of software covers activities such as sales and purchasing, inventory management, light manufacturing, and sometimes equipment and accounting. All employees can use job shop management software, but it is particularly beneficial to production and inventory management teams.

Job shop management can be delivered as a "light" version of ERP systems or as a standalone product. Since this type of software doesn’t always include features for customer management and finance, integration with CRM software and accounting software is essential.

To qualify for inclusion in the Job Shop Management category, a product must:

  • Provide manufacturing and assembly features such as BOM (bills of materials)
  • Include workflows to assign employees or teams to various activities
  • Create and manage work orders based on customer demand
  • Manage the inventory of components required for production
  • Track production costs per operation, work order, team, or customer
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    MIE Trak Pro is an ERP offering that is ideal for most manufacturing businesses with modules designed to accommodate most production cycles and optimize the capabilities of repetitive, custom, quick-turn and mixed mode operations. MIE Trak Pro streamlines the following features for maximum speed, efficiency, accuracy and control all in real time: Accounting, Business Analytics, CRM, EDI, COM's Bar coding, HR, Inventory Control, Invoicing, Quality Control and Inspection, Repair and Maintenance, RFQ/Quoting, Sales and purchase Order Processing, Time Clock, and Work Order Scheduling and Reporting. The system also offers Kiosk Data Collection and Whiteboard Scheduling modules with drag and drop scheduling and contains customer and vendor centers and an executive management overview to ensure each use and access to real time data updates. MIE Trak Pro is best suited for custom manufactures and fabricators that handle up to $500M in fabrication and processing. The Solution supports several manufacturing modes including discrete, MTO and ETO. To read the full product brochure: Go to

    Manufacturing management reinvented around a modern technology stack. No more inflexible systems, endless implementations, and ridiculous fees for bad software. Experience highly customizable, simple to use, and quick to deploy manufacturing management solutions that increase predictability, productivity, and profit.

    As an ECi Software Solutions company, JobBOSS shares common values that drive employee culture and performance, and customer satisfaction. Community engagement is incredibly important to both ECi and JobBOSS, and the Everyday Hero Award and Community Heartbeat Program are just a couple of examples that illustrate how these values extend to our customers and local communities.

    ProShop is a comprehensive shop management suite for manufacturing companies.

    Visual EstiTrack is an integrated ERP shop management system that helps with estimating, sales orders, shop orders, time collection, job costing, visual scheduling, inventory management, purchasing, receiving, shipping and invoicing.

    The E2 Shop System is for everyone in your shop, from your machine operator to your accounting manager; from your shipping manager to your CEO. ERP brings horizontal integration, which simply means that all your departments talk to each other.

    Manage processes with end-to-end operational coverage. Streamline with a single-entry system. Link to third-parties and devices to save paper. Keep an eye on your finances with integrated accounting.

    Job Shop Software is the complete Management and Accounting system which suites any size business, including the single owner operator. Job Shop Software is perfect for companies who require the ability to monitor Work in Progress (WIP) and produce job cards quickly and efficiently, with a strong emphasis on job tracking. The program comes complete with a fully integrated GL accounting which covers both, Cash and Accrual GST reporting.

    Manufacturing ERP Software for Engineer to Order (ETO) and Make to Order (MTO) Businesses

    It enables you to track and compare estimated costs to actual costs throughout the entire lifecycle of a job which makes your business operate more accurately, quickly and efficiently. Reduce errors, complete customer orders on budget and on time and become more profitable with Business Central.

    Job Shop Scheduling is a special case of production scheduling. Job Shop Scheduling Software handles the complexity inherent in job shops and engineer to order environments.

    just plan it enables manufacturers to schedule like planners think. The Gantt chart based visual scheduling approach empowers the planner to easily manage the production schedule.

    Katana MRP is apProduction & inventory management software tailored for makers and small manufacturers selling online (e.g Shopify). It makes production management & inventory control easier than ever for online merchants.

    A management software solution aimed at industrial companies in the sheet metal sector. Manage sales, manufacturing, purchasing and inventory.

    ManuDyn Cloud 9 is a system available through any web browser, developed by Manufacturing Software USA and designed for a Job Shop or Made to Order manufacturing environment. The system provides an engineering facility to define a Manufactured Part and together with Sales Order Management generate Labour and Material requirements reporting.

    Paperless Parts is a revenue engine for American job shop manufacturers. Its tools enable small and mid-sized, custom part manufacturers, to compete with the digital platforms created by larger, more advanced manufacturers in the custom parts industry.

    PBS Manufacturing software is an ERP software solution designed for the small to medium-sized manufacturing company.

    Protected Flow Manufacturing is a software simplifies shop floor scheduling, reduces quoted and internal lead-times and delivers jobs on-time.

    Systems like Quick Jobshop can be called different names. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, MES or Manufacturing Execution System, MRP or Material Requirements Planning, and others.

    Rightboard, recently released scheduling and machine loading tool, is a powerful visual electronic whiteboard. Realtrac Rightboard solves the age-old problem of idle or overloaded machines and employees, both of which incur direct costs.

    Propulsion Softwares manufacturing operations management software isnt just another disparate tool its the solution to your business problems. Shop Ops compensates for the lack of planning and scheduling capabilities in spreadsheets and other make-do tools.

    SMARTer Managers Standard Edition includes everything you need to run your manufacturing and production, including tracking job cost.

    Starn Job Shop Manager Plus provides you with the tools to make better decisions about your business. From comprehensive overviews to individual details, Starn Job Shop Manager Plus provides both the birds eye view and the microscopic details that you need to keep moving in the direction you want to go.

    The System100 Job Shop Management Software is taking the small job shop manufacturers by storm! It is not only a job management software, but a solution that also helps you organize your business. In fact, it features tools that NO other software contains; therefore, making System100 the next level in business management software.

    Tudodesk is easy to use Cloud Software that helps bespoke manufactures, repair and service teams deliver exceptional customer experiences.

    WorkClout helps modern manufacturers track their manufacturing production process from start to finish, Track scheduling, inventory, shop floor data, execution, planning, work-in-progress and labor hours all in one place. Get implemented in 30 days or less.

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