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Check out our list of free Budgeting and Forecasting Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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Your business is evolving. Your systems should evolve too. Achieve your goals more successfully with Prophix’s innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. Improve profitability and minimize risk when you automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters. Budget, plan, consolidate and report automatically. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, Prophix supports your future with a platform that flexes to suit your strategic realities, today and tomorrow.

The software is intuitive and user friendly. I can inquire about a particular feature and support will walk me through the process. When I need to... Read review
Software is very easy to administer, flexible to use and very intuitive for both administration & end users alike. Prophix lets you create great... Read review
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Financial planners recommend organizing and planning your money on a monthly calendar budget. CalendarBudget is a personal finance app designed to be easy to use and to allow you to both TRACK and PLAN your money management in the past and future. It’s easy to use, user-friendly money planner with no complicated system that takes weeks to get used to - just walk up and use our budget saver app. - Never miss a bill again with calendared reminders - Know when your income, expenses, and regular sp

David S.
Excellent UI design and flow. Customization options to fit a power user needs but simple enough at the base level for a casual user. Some of the... Read review
I have been doing personal budgeting for years in my own excel spreadsheet. But it was a constant challenge trying to time automatic payments... Read review
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Float is an award-winning cash flow forecasting add-on for businesses using Xero, Quickbooks Online, or FreeAgent. Float creates cash flow forecasts that are more accurate, always up to date and take a fraction of the time to prepare when compared to spreadsheets. Using the direct method of cash flow forecasting (reading all information on bills, invoices and other transactions) we are able to create robust cashflow forecasts that are visual, easy to understand and give a 'real' picture of where

Adam D.
The best part about this app is that it uses my existing Quick Books account (and I think other accounting software) so you don't have to update... Read review
The best part about this application is that it utilizes my current Quick Books record (and I think other bookkeeping programming) so you don't... Read review
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Budgyt is an affordable multi-department & multi-user cloud-based budgeting platform simplifying budgeting for businesses. We believe in providing a product that customers will genuinely value and that means starting with affordable and transparent pricing, and it ends with being able to dig deep down into the transactional data level across all of our features. Budgyt fully replaces multi-worksheet Excel spreadsheets while providing a collaborative, intuitive and expedient budgeting tool

Gregory D.
Easy to input data, create multiple budgets, track changes and view not only individual cost centers, but also entire entities with a few easy... Read review
I like the videos, they are very helpful and show step by step. Read review
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Jirav is the next generation of business planning software. Our all-in-one Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting, and Dashboarding solution offers faster implementation and a more intuitive interface at total cost that better meets the needs of businesses between 5 to 500 employees. Jirav offers the fastest time to value through native integrations that help to automatically connect in minutes to systems including NetSuite, Intacct, QuickBooks, and Xero so you can start planning right away.

Ease of use and visuals for showing my clients Read review
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Accounting Seed is a robust accounting platform that transforms the way you do business. Our product is a comprehensive accounting application that is both 100% native to the platform and fully integrated into Salesforce CRM. Our accounting solution tracks data through the entire business lifecycle; from marketing, project implementation, product sales, back office accounting, to producing financial statements designed by you. It is the complete finance solution for small to enterpri

The out of the box functionality get your org 75% of the way there at a reasonable price. Read review
Fairly cost effective. Accesses customer data directly from SalesForce. Read review
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Futrli’s award-winning product are built with one mission in mind: to help businesses succeed. Futrli aims to change how businesses operate, incorporating data and technology into the everyday running of businesses. With daily, data-driven insights, problems will be highlighted faster, better decisions will be made and businesses will be more successful. Futrli’s products have a vast range of features, supporting every part of a business, including cash flow management, reporting forecasting, sc

Huy Khanh T.
- Daily sync of actual figures from Xero, - Scenarios and What-if forecasting capabilities, - Beautiful report functionality and export -... Read review
It is very concise and but detailed about cashflow analysis. Read review
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Manage volatile cash flow, revenue and growth scenarios. Automation with unmatched flexibility. Connect to Sage Intacct, QBO, Xero & Pipedrive and get rid of those time-consuming Spreadsheets. Make the right moves with Dryrun, software to forecast your cash flow and sales so that you can look into the future and make better decisions. Knowing your numbers ahead of time will lower your risk and make you more money. No more nasty surprises.

Corey L.
The app simplifies the numbers for me. It provides easy to understand readouts of our current financial situation and allows me to examine various... Read review
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Unlock your data and unleash your performance. Catalyst is powerful, cloud-based business performance software that is designed to accelerate your profitability. Reporting, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting have never been this simple. Catalyst allows you to easily slice, dice, drill down and pivot enormous amounts of granular data instantaneously to get a complete picture of your business, find anomalies, draw fully-baked insights and make fact-based decisions that positively impact your bus

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Entry Level Price:95 EUR per month

COMMITLY is a cloud-based cash flow management web app taking out the pain of financial management for small companies. It's easy and intuitive and no online accounting tool is required. Just connect your company's bank account and it works! Currently, over 4000 banks in Germany and Austria are supported. COMMITLY focuses on the most important aspect for business owners - the cash flow of your company. Because without cash, companies fail.

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Optimize your hedging strategies by linking your exposures with hedges and create an optimal strategy for mitigating risk.

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Simple cash forecasting software for small business. FuelGauge is an agile, easy-to-use, cloud-based cash forecasting software created BY a small business owner, FOR owners of small, project-based businesses. It’s an affordable business planning tool with nimble drag-and-drop functionality and straight-up awesome customer support that helps small business owners get a handle on their businesses’ finances, project management and cash flow planning. With FuelGauge, small business owners can:

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PivotXL is an innovative provider of complete Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions. PivotXL combines a centralized database, sophisticated workflow, powerful reporting and best of all full built on-top of Excel to create a cloud-based financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solution. Unlike traditional software that replaces Excel with rigid with non-user friendly applications, PivotXL allows you to stay in excel and helps finance professionals to get trusted numbers.

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Entry Level Price:$29 per month

Easily monitor the heartbeat of your small business—your cash. Pulse gives you the tools you need to manage your business’s cash flow. • Manage your cash flow. • Visualize your income and expenses. • Share your projections. See why Pulse is the best way to monitor your cash flow. Sign up for any plan and try Pulse absolutely free for 30 days.

Natalie E.
Pulse is pretty good for small and even medium sized businesses. It is easy to use. Read review
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Entry Level Price:29.90€ per month

Save time for daily tasks replacing your boring sales keynotes with turbocharged responsive online proposals. Track everything in just one place, from the first version to the last one and create your invoice by connecting with your invoicing software.

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Replicon provides end-to-end Time Management software and services to enterprises of all sizes. Capture, analyze, and optimize time, your organizations most critical asset, to improve profitability, productivity and employee satisfaction. Salaried & hourly workers alike love using Replicon because it is simple and easy to enter their time, attendance, vacation, and expense information--via web browser or mobile app. Hiring managers use Replicon to optimize the types of workers to hire, wha

Replicon has the features that companies want in a cloud based time keeping system and at a great price. Service is outstanding if you have any... Read review
Daniel F.
Compliant with the Cost-based accounting practices; robust; customizable per our requirements. Read review
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ValQ is a server less, lightweight, multi-purpose application running on Power BI supporting use cases such as planning, forecasting, budgeting, time series forecasting, and value driver planning. It helps enterprises run simulations, plans & analyses in a very visual and intuitive manner. It supports use cases across various departments and functions and is designed keeping in mind the analysis & decision-making needs of business users & executives without any dependencies on IT.

Top 10 Free Budgeting and Forecasting Software in 2021

  • Prophix Software
  • CalendarBudget
  • Float
  • Budgyt
  • Jirav