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    Wrike for Gmail is designed to allow users create Wrike tasks from emails, view and edit tasks, and send and receive Wrike comments in Gmail.

    (48)4.6 out of 5
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    Optimized for quick response

    Hive is powerful, intuitive project management for modern business. Our centralized platform enables companies to plan, execute, and track projects in real time. With group messaging, file sharing, and over 1,000 app integrations, Hive connects all aspects of your work. No need to switch between five different tools to get work done. Empower your business to get better results faster. Work together in Hive.

    Podio lets you get work done with your co-workers and clients on a social work platform that you make your own.

    Smartsheet for Gmail Add-On allows users to add emails and attachments to new or existing rows in Smartsheet without leaving Gmail.

    Asana is designed to be an easy way for teams to track their work and get results. for G Suite is a task and milestone managment solution.

    Asana for Gmail is designed to help users turn emails into tasks with assigned responsibilities and due dates, right from within their inbox.

    Smartsheet for G Suite allows users to add emails and attachments to new or existing rows in Smartsheet without leaving Gmail.

    The Trello Add-On for Gmail is designed to allow users to keep their boards and inbox connected for maximum productivity.

    MeisterTask is a beautifully designed and highly intuitive task management software whose visual project boards perfectly adapt to your team's workflow. Using smart task automations and integrations with popular tools such as Slack, Zapier and GitHub, the collaborative online tool ensures that you work more consistently and get more done together.

    Text to Todoist for G Suite adds a sidebar to Docs designed to let users create tasks in a Todoist project.

    Dooster is an online task and project manager that syncs with Google apps to help save time and effort.

    GQueues is a full-featured task manager for G Suite.

    Kerika is a work management software for distributed, lean and agile teams, with support for Kanban, Scrum and Whiteboard projects and integration with Google Drive.

    Avaza is a software suite for small business, with modules for project management, collaboration, time tracking, expense management and invoicing.

    CheckItOut for G Suite will create one question for items that are IN and another that are OUT and items will be moved between the questions on submit.

    Form Approvals for G Suite is designed to allow users to turn Google Form submissions into interactive workflows.

    Form Scheduler for G Suite is designed to help users limit responses and schedule the form based on the google calendar events.

    Gluru for G Suite is designed to help users organize and find their files in important moments when they need them.

    KiSSFLOW is a workflow product built for Google Apps.

    middlespot for G Suite allows users to visually organize desktops for features in google drive and across the web.

    Organiseme is a task and to-do list application that is integrated with G Suite and has a Google-like layout.

    Project Manager for G Suite is an online project management tool that enables users and their team to plan, track, monitor and report on their projects in real-time.

    Translator Journeys, Trips for G Suite translates and copies content from certain cells into English, Spanish, French and German.

    Workep delivers the fastest project management experience for cross-enterprise collaboration, in a platform that’s flexible, easy to use, and fully integrated with G Suite. Learn more: Choose the work methodology that best suits you and your team members: - To-do list: Organize your tasks in lists and never lose track of an important task. - Kanban: Visualize your work, identify any issues, and test out changes to improve your flow. - Gantt chart: Visualize your tasks scheduled over time, identify bottlenecks and critical tasks that could affect the rest of the project. - Agile: Break your project into iterations, release project segments, evaluate their success, and adapt to avoid major failures. Made for Google With a single click you can turn the entire G Suite into a collaboration platform: - Gmail integration & add-on: Send the content of an email over to Workep, with an assignee and due date, without leaving your Gmail inbox. - Google Drive: Create Google Docs directly from your tasks in Workep, or add Drive documents to your tasks. - Google Calendar: Sync your tasks’ due dates with the calendar you’re already using. Every project has its own Google Calendar. - Hangouts and Google Chat: Start a Hangouts meeting or a Chat window with your teammates directly from Workep. - Google Contacts: Click on a Google contact to expand and visualize their information in Workep. - Google Cloud: We take the protection of your data seriously, that’s why we host your data in the safest and best tool for storage and backups: G Cloud.

    Acunote - Scrum Project Management is a online project management and scrum add-on for G Suite.

    BasicOps for G Suite is a simple, centralized platform designed to help teams communicate, share, and work together.

    Copy Folder for G Suite is an add-on designed to create a duplicate copy of a folder, its contents and structure.

    Drutas for G Suiteis designed to make it easy to capture, collaborate, plan and build ideas.

    Flowlu Tasks for G Suite is a task management app for teams.

    Form Values for G Suite allows users to store and use selections for multiple choice, list and checkbox questions.

    Fusionmint for G Suite is designed help users create custom applications, collaborate with their team and automate their business.

    Glasscubes for G Suiteis designed to help manage projects, information, people and files securely.

    Handle for G Suite offers to-do list, inbox, and calendar management features.

    HyperSwiss for G Suite is a team task management tool.

    Indo for G Suite is simple group collaboration for G Suite, giving users threaded conversations, easy sharing and a feed to see what's relevant.

    KissIQ for G Suite tracks tasks, expenses, and time for multiple projects.

    Labelizer is designed for sharing labels, contact groups and permalinks for mails in Gmail.

    OneDesk for G Suite is a suite of integrated applications for product management, project management, requirements management, product roadmaps, helpdesk and customer feedback management.

    Output Time for G Suite is a project management and time tracking tool with billing.

    Paymo for G Suite is designed to help project-based businesses manage their projects from start to finish.

    PlanTasker for G Suite is an online project management tool.

    Projecturf for G Suite is an online project management and collaboration tool.

    Redbooth is a platform designed to empower teams and companies to collaborate, communicate in real time, and achieve breakthrough productivity.

    ResultMaps for G Suite allows users to convert document text into schedules, projects, goals, and assignments.

    Sandglaz for G Suite is a lean project management for small high performance team.

    Sheet Navigator creates a sidebar with a table of contents like listing of all the sheets in a spreadsheet.

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