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Auction software provides users with a digital platform to organize, manage, and conduct live auctions. Companies use the software to conduct live auctions either as a centralized medium for business practices or for a fundraising event. Many auction tools offer features for remote, online auctions as well. These platforms provide tools to keep track of inventory and pricing prior to an auction. They include tools for time, inventory, and sale management during live auctions. They also produce reports to display profits, remaining inventory, sales figures, and other metrics, depending on the product. Some fundraising software contains tools to conduct auctions, but products in the Auction category operate solely for the purpose of auctioneering. Some also integrate with POS or donor management software to file payments and track purchasers.

To qualify for inclusion in the Auction category, a product must:

  • Provide a platform to manage live bidding
  • Provide tools to manage inventory and pricing
  • Produce reports on purchases, profits, and remaining inventory
  • Manage payments through internal features or integrated software
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    Handbid mobile bidding auction software allows users to bid from anywhere using their smartphone, tablets, or the web. Auction managers can sell tickets, invite, register, & allow people to connect to their auction without requiring them to register at the door. Users can bid, checkout, & pay from their phone. The entire system is real-time, meaning instant outbid notifications and real-time updates of products and pricing. Handbid is a delight to use for bidders and a breeze for auction managers.

    Accelevents is a mobile fundraising and event ticketing platform. From selling ticketing your event to raising more money by using our engaging mobile fundraising tools, Accelevents is your one-stop shop for all things fundraising and event management. Our end-to-end event ticketing tool allows you to create and sell custom tickets online in minutes. From a fundraising perspective, our mobile silent auctions and raffles are enabled for both text message and online donation / bidding capabilities, people can bid from anywhere at anytime.

    Bidopia is an integrated web service and an internet bidding solution portal that is designed to be used by bidders that provides exposure to your auctions that includes email lists, webcast live bidding, internet only bidding and internet absentee bidding.

    Auction software for all industries. Complete auction software package that includes 1. Penny Auction Software 2. Reverse Auction Software 3. Dutch Auction Software 4. Lowest Unique Bid Software 5. Highest Unique Bid Software 6. Price Reveal Auction Software 7. Ebay Clone 8. Multi buyer Multi Seller software Our Auction Software is useful for all types of business from Electronic, cars, business, services, tenders and all.

    Live Auction Software is a personalized auction service that allows you to bring your live auctionsonline, with features like online catalogue listings, absentee & live bidding online, live real-time audio/video streaming, and more.

    Websites, marketing and SEO management for auctioneers.

    Auction Streaming as a subsidiary of WEBXLOO LLC, the First and Only AMS provider with a fully functional and independent online Cloud Auction Management System, has entered a definitive agreement to acquire Vero Group LLC, a leading edge systems provider of Auction Management Software. Two companies have combined their software to deliver one solution that will cover all auction scenarios. The Cloud Auction Management System called CAMS II™ is a complete and comprehensive suite of essential products and services critical to Independent Auction Groups. With this solution independents are able to compete with franchised auctions similar to CarMax, and position themselves as the leaders in the auto auction industry. Demand More & Expect More from your AMS providers and let us show you the new possibilities.

    Forward auction management software, control bidding, bidder information, and item inventory.

    Gavel Buddy is used as an auction website, clerking software, online bidding platform, or auction management solution.

    Global Auction Platform (GAP) a web based auction management software solution.

    Highest Unique Bid Auction is one of the types of unique bids. The winner is usually the individual/bidder with the highest unique bid when the bid closes. The maximum bid value is generally kept at a lower value than the actual value of the item.

    ILance is an auction management solution that enables users to set up online auction platforms that can support bulk uploads and downloads, shipping management, private messaging and more.

    ILance Pro is an auction software that optimizes search engines, has a themes store to upload your designs/search design layouts, has a spectrum of built in tools to keep users coming back, and has the ability to add plug-ins or add-ons.

    Online Bidding, Inventory, SSL Secure Registration, PCI Compliant Payment Processing, Bulk Emails, Archives, and Website Integration.

    Maxanet is a White Label auction software service with no Maxanet Ads or links of any kind. Your website, auction listings, and bidder data are yours - Maxanet does not collect or sell any information to 3rd parties. Maxanet is built to be a full featured auction software but is amazingly fast and super reliable. You can load thousands of inventory items with photos and the bidding pages will load incredibly quick even with 1,000's of bidders particpating.

    Auction management software for live, simulcast and online-only auctions.

    Easy-to-use, customizable software for hosting online auctions on a webpage that looks exactly like your own corporate website

    Credit Card Payment System for Auctions and Events

    Perfect Channel Auction is an enterprise auction technology and support, making auctions work for business with capabilites to fit your needs such as multiple auction options, CRM services, and more.

    PHP Pro Bid is the first product on the market to include comprehensive support for both online auctions and E-Commerce. Whether you require a solution for online auctions a-la eBay or general E-Commerce - PHP Pro Bid is your all in one solution.

    PHP Pro Bid is the first product on the market to include comprehensive support for both online auctions and E-Commerce. is an ultimate platform to build ad tech products. - White Label Bidder - White Label DSP/SSP - White Label Ad Network If you want to build an ad network will provide one of the most advanced and fast RTB programmatic bidders. can always boost existing DSPs performance by replacing bulky or slow programmatic solution.

    Scriptsoft is an online auction software with features to help you run your auction such as user registration, messaging, bidding, selling, and more.

    Unieauction is an auction software that builds an online bidding site which comes with features to run the auction on the site with various features in one platform such as multi-bidding, conversion, payment gateway and more.

    A comprehensive auction management solution.

    aeManager is a web based auction management software solution that is accessible from any device and location with features and tools that will help you manage your business.

    AJ Penny Auction allows you to create a profitable online penny auction website, manage your online auction operation with features such as, user registration and account verification, newsletter signup, login and update profile abilities, and more.

    Auction Broadcaster allows you to include internet users as part of your live auction with audio and video streaming supported from an admin panel, with features such as admin auction management, customer management, reports, and more.

    Auctioner is an auction software that is online and has user-friendly management, reporting, and online bidding tools for auctions.

    Auction-Experts is an auction software to present your auctions both online and offline. It allows you to combine auctions in your auction house with live online bidding, use smartphones, tablets etc.

    Auction Flex is the market-leader in auction software for live auctions. Auction Flex's capabilities include cataloging, clerking, cashiering, accounting, mailing list management, inventory management, multi-parcel, and much, much, more. Auction Flex also provides a seamless solution to upload your auction catalogs to your website and accept internet absentee bids, conduct internet-only auctions, or offer webcast live internet bidding.

    The world’s largest blockchain auction house for cryptocollectibles - Auctionity is a Dapp based on Ethereum blockchain to auction NFT in ether. Auctionity allows participants to create auctions, bid on and buy goods in real-time on a global, decentralized network, while maintaining payment and delivery guarantee. Our goal is to revolutionize the auction world thanks to its unique application of blockchain technology. The platform is the first-ever, 100% blockchain-based application enabling people to sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) at auction. The community is at the heart of the project: auctions become viral thanks to the users, allowing everyone to earn money by promoting auctions on the platform. Auctionity is interactive and easy to use. For example, live auctions can be run by members called “Auctioneers” who can earn money while having fun animating auction sales!

    AUCTION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Bringing It All Together For a Better Client Experience Designed with a clean back office user interface and fully responsive easy to use mobile web content management solution, our all in one inclusive package reduces your operational overhead and improves client service and brand experience…

    AuctionMethod software that provide services and business support for companies that want to streamline their operations and boost sales with internet auctions.

    Auction Script is a pre-Optimized Auction Script for web with a complete CMS and referral program.

    Auction Software allows you to buy and sell tools which can be customized to Auction, Reverse Auction, Penny Auction and Silent Auction.

    The Tracker-Series! | Auction-Tracker v7.00 From the pioneering developer of event fundraising software! Auction-Tracker provides the “balanced” approach to event management in one application. We make it possible for you to easily manage live and silent auctions as well as other highly successful zero-dollar cost, time tested gala fundraising opportunities. Licenses for Auction-Tracker are distributed as either single computer or multi-user/network. Auction-Tracker is designed to install and run on either on premise or cloud-based, computer technologies. Our applications are more than event management… they are event fundraising development! Tracker-Series applications are powerful data management tools that facilitate strategic analysis and planning, bringing all your fundraising efforts together for consistent, long-term growth. While Auction-Tracker is well known for providing the most complete long-term management of your event in one comprehensive application, get ready to expand its functionality with powerful add-in components. Our add-in components are designed to engage your audience, expand your events reach and offer that personal touch to make your patrons feel special and welcomed! ~ The Tracker-Series! | eBid-O-Gram v1.00 eBid-O-Gram is integrated electronic bidding for Auction-Tracker. Simple by design, key features include: • Traditional software licensing means the end to excessive “per event” license fees as well as revenue percentage take charges typical of this market segment. eBid-O-Gram is purchased one time under traditional software licensing, providing significant savings over multiple events. More revenue to support your mission! • Eliminates multiple data sources; eBid-O-Gram’s real-time integration allows the bidding App to read information directly from and post bids, purchases and gifts to a single event management application source, Auction-Tracker. • Preservation of financial data in real event fundraising software eliminates spreadsheets, manual entry and loss of data long-term. Provides continued ability to easily analyze your year to year financial event trends. • Our Bid, Buy, Give design minimizes the guest’s learning curve allowing more time to bid, purchase and give with confidence. • Simple design is usable by guests of all ages, increasing participation and acceptance. • eBid-O-Gram incorporates automated notifications including, outbid, guaranteed bid, items closed, purchase inventory status and more to keep your guests fully informed of bid and purchase status. • Fully scalable, can be used without vendor on-site if desired. On-Site service options are available. Contact our office for more information! Add-ins include: • Auction-Tracker Stage (Patron Recognition Software) • Auction-Tracker Live! (Online Benefit Auctions) • iExpressPay Advantage Card Processing (Event Card Processing) • MyEvent Registration (Online Event Registration) • Financial Ledger (Mange All Event Expenses)

    AuctionWorx Enterprise is a auction website solution that includes auctions, fixed price, and classified listing that can be configured through the admin control panel.

    This is an e-auction website that helps supply chain people or companies to get a competitive price from their suppliers.Users can create e-auction in four steps and prior to bid event, users can upload documents which helps suppliers to understand the bid scope.

    Online Auction Software easily installed on your own website.

    bidlogix provides real time solution software for online auctions, webcast auctions and asset sales that includes features such as timed aucitons, reports for sellers, custom branding, invoicing, and more.

    Bidpath is designed to streamline the commercial transaction process by giving you full control and transparency over reverse logistics and sourcing processes.

    Business Auctions are single-seller systems designed to allow clients the ability to list merchandise and/or services for sale as the exclusive seller.

    Tradeslot is a global leader in providing Multi Round bid platforms for corporate and government customers.

    Noventia eSourcing tools allows you to gain savings in time and money. It is easy to do the sourcing activities manage and evaluate the suppliers, run efficient eRFxs and eAuctions, archive and manage the contracts with Noventias effective and flexible tools.

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