Silent Auction Pro Pricing

Bidsheet Basic$99Per Event**
Foundation component of Silent Auction Pro's software suite. Great for small organizations running a paper-based auction gala. Required for all other components.
  • Simultaneous, unlimited multi-user system
  • Easily enter, update and track contacts
  • Assign custom affiliation and label tags
  • Create email reminders and notes
  • Easily enter and track donations
Bidsheet Plus$348.00 + 2%*Per Event**
All of the features of Bidsheet Basic. Adds cashiering, streamlined check-in / check-out, rapid data entry of bid results, basic ticket sales, reporting and more.
  • Simple, streamlined check-in / check-out process
  • Printed attendees bidder numbers
  • Printed attendee info sheets
  • Rapid entry of bid results
  • Email and Text winner notifications
Bidsheet Pro$497.00 + 2%*Per Event**
Includes the features listed in Bidsheet Plus. Adds many "icing on the cake" features including seating management, customized correspondence (donor thank you letters, email, text blasts, etc.), display sheets, leader boards, additional branding and more.
  • Create and print customized ''mail merged'' letters, emails and texts such as: donor thank you letters, donation solicitation letters, email blasts, forms, reports and more
  • Instantly create a publicly viewable Online Program Guide and Online Donations pages
Mobile Plus$647.00 + 2%*Per Event**
Adds electronic bidding (mobile and full browser online bidding), instant out-bid notifications and more...
  • Simple online bidding sign-up
  • Personalized online bidding center for each online bidder
  • Automatic notifications via text and email are sent when high bidder is out-bid
  • Multiple bidding options; Placed Bid, Max Bid with Proxy Bidding, Buy-It-Now or Watch
  • Zoom-in on auction item photos on the detail page
Mobile Pro$796.00 + 2%*Per Event**
All of the features in Mobile Plus. Adds many "icing on the cake" features including seating management, customized correspondence (donor thank you letters, email, text blasts, etc.), display sheets, leader boards, additional branding and more.
  • Simultaneous, unlimited multi-user system
  • Easily enter, update and track contacts

Silent Auction Pro pricing & plans

Free Trial is available
Pricing information for Silent Auction Pro is supplied by the software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase Silent Auction Pro must be conducted with the seller.

* The 2.0% fee is applied to the gross proceeds from your event and is capped at $2,000 for any single event. (For example, if you raised $10,000 from auctioned items, the 2.0% added fee would be $200, if you raised $100,000 the fee would be $2000. Anything over $100,000 raised, the 2.0% caps at $2,000). Gross proceeds include proceeds from all auctioned items and donations recorded through online ticket sales or through the Auction Day page. Online ticket sales are exclulded from the 2% variable fee.
**All pricing quoted is per event. If you use Silent Auction Pro for multiple events in the same calendar year, we offer a 20% discount on your 2nd event and 30% discount on the 3rd and subsequent events in the same calendar year.
***If you purchase any package beyond the Bidsheet Basic package and bidding results are not entered into Silent Auction Pro we will assume that the proceeds from the auctioned items is equal to 60% of the value of the donated items and use that as the basis for the 2.0% fee. (1) Includes importing contact data plus marking all imported contacts as bidders for the current event.
(2) Reader rental only for customers using Vantiv Integrated Payments as their credit card processor. Includes standard one-way priority mail shipping if ordered more than 8 days before your event. IMPORTANT: Readers ordered closer than 8 days to an event incur significant additional shipping and handling fees. PayPal customers may buy their own readers for less than it would cost to rent them. Please see our credit card readers help page.
(3) We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with Silent Auction Pro. After 30 days, if your event is canceled or you choose not to use Silent Auction Pro you will be charged $99.00 as a cancellation fee regardless of which options you chose for your event. That cancellation fee may be applied as payment for your next event if you come back and use Silent Auction Pro within one year of canceling your event.

Pricing information was last updated on February 22, 2018

Silent Auction Pro Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Nonprofit Auction Software

Simple Plan
$6951 Auction
Just getting started?
  • 25 Items
  • Unlimited Bidders
  • $200 Ticketing Add-On
  • Chat and Email Support
  • Coaching Packages Available
Accelevents Silent Auction
Simple pricing for your fundraiser
$1Per Participant
*$99 minimum
  • Set up and manage your event in minutes
  • Integrated credit card payment system allows bidding from anywhere
  • Display proceeds in real-time throughout your event
  • Unlimited support
  • Integrates with our event ticketing
Freeup to 250 contacts
up to $100k in annual fundraising revenue
  • no email marketing

Various alternatives pricing & plans

Free Trial is available
Pricing information for the above various Silent Auction Pro alternatives is supplied by the respective software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase any of these products must be conducted with the seller.

Silent Auction Pro Pricing-Related Review

Executive Director
Hospital & Health Care
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
Validated Reviewer
Verified Current User
Review source: Organic
What do you like best?

This is terrific software, especially for a smaller nonprofit. What sold the software to us is that when I inquired about it online on a Saturday, I got an immediate phone call from the owner of the company and software developer. This was very typical of all interaction with this company throughout our use of the software - we got immediate responses from support when we had questions, they understand that auctions happen on weekends and support needs to be available then, and when we found a few quirks in the software they were repaired immediately, often by the developer personally. We previously used Greater Giving and BidPal; all three have features that I like and don't like, but overall SilentAuctionPro is by far the best value for the price. The a la carte pricing is a huge benefit for nonprofits like ours that cannot use all features (i.e. online bidding). Overall, from last year to this year (BidPal to SilentAuctionPro), we went from about 100 to 195 attendees, from $25K gross to $45K gross, and from our worst checkout ever to our best. The instruction files, help menus, videos, etc were by the far the best of any nonprofit software we have used. We were invoiced after the auction for the software, which could be of great benefit for a nonprofit just starting out with their first auction. Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

I would love to be able to have a website where people can enter their own donations and have them populate as donation items in the system. There were a few quirks like the system not liking quote marks and ampersands. I would like for there to be a bit more explanation on the page about the security of registering your card as many of my guests weren't comfortable doing so at the time of ticket purchase. It would also be great to have more customization options for the ticket sales page. Because of the way we run our auction, I would very much prefer to be able to assign bidder #s to a household rather than to an individual, but this would have been fine if we had noticed it earlier and planned accordingly. I would also like to be able to customize a bit more on the receipts, include ticket descriptions, etc. I would have set up our fixed price items differently than we were advised to as I don't think it was the best option for our auction and was a bit of a hiccup, but in fairness it was something we didn't get to in advance and did on the fly, so it would have been avoidable with a little planning. Although the reports are generally pretty great, I did have to piece together a few to get to what I needed which could be a pain for someone with less Excel experience. Really minor, but because we can't use online bidding, I print our bidsheets on carbonless paper. Would very much prefer that the half sheet option printed as a 2up because I ended up reformatting them in Adobe to save printing cost. Review collected by and hosted on

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Definitely do your homework on auction software before going with one, especially if you have quirky needs. They all have different little quirks and strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, request a trial usage of the software and make sure it does everything you need. Enter sales, print receipts, etc. Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We run a gala event at a horse farm, with a silent and live auction, ticket sales, item sales, and donations. We have limited internet and power capabilities and need a software product that makes administration simple and quick. Review collected by and hosted on

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