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WordPress site management software enables users with multiple WordPress sites to manage all of them from one dashboard. WordPress site managers allow users to access, monitor, update, and edit multiple sites without the hassle of remembering separate logins and credentials or making changes one site at a time.

WordPress site management products can be used by any person or business managing multiple WordPress sites, but are most often used by freelancers or businesses that maintain client websites. These products are implemented as a one-stop solution to monitor and perform maintenance on multiple sites.

To qualify for inclusion in the WordPress Site Management category, a product must:

  • Connect multiple WordPress sites to one dashboard
  • Roll out updates and changes to multiple WordPress sites simultaneously
  • Monitor website security and performance
  • Automate website maintenance
  • Back up website information
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    ManageWP helps you manage multiple WordPress websites. It saves you a ton of time and nerves by automating things like backups, updates, performance & security checks, and more. It is fast, secure and free for an unlimited number of websites.

    Provides digital teams with the fastest way to build, update, and centralize hundreds of Drupal websites at a global scale.

    InfiniteWP is an admin panel for Wordpress sites.

    MainWP is a WordPress management suite developed to be the most effective, self-hosted WordPress central dashboard.

    BloGTK is a client for weblog systems like Blogger, WordPress, and Movable Type.

    CMS Commander helps you take care of your blogs in less time by completing updates and other tasks on all your sites in bulk, allowing you to completely focus on growing your business.

    Free-up time that lets you focus on important work of building your business.

    Essential software to save you time, guarantee your security and give you back control of your income!

    WP Remote is a web app to help you track all your WordPress sites. Core, Plugin and Theme updates with a single click, manual/automatic backups and much more.

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