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Process mining solutions monitor event logs to recognize how business and IT processes are performed by a company’s employees. Process mining software provides visibility into current processes and the vulnerabilities or gaps within those processes. From there, it enables users to create data-driven improvements based on how these processes are actually conducted. These tools deliver conformance checking to ensure processes are carried out properly and alert users as to where in the process steps are being missed or skipped, down to the exact employee. With the assistance of machine learning, some process mining software may provide proactive, actionable insights to assist in data-driven decision-making and process improvement.

Process mining solutions can help operations professionals recognize how business processes are carried out in practice, not just how they are carried out in theory. By having a better understanding of how employees or IT systems are performing, IT project managers and operations teams can develop and automate necessary workflows. If a company is using business process management software, process mining can provide insight into the performance of prebuilt workflows. In additions, users can discover areas where they may be able to automate such processes with the help of robotic process automation software.

Many process mining tools can integrate with a variety of software and are built to fit into a company’s existing IT architecture. Such solutions include ERP systems, CRM software, and supply chain suites, among many others.

To qualify for inclusion in the Process Mining category, a product must:

  • Track event logs to discover actual business processes
  • Perform conformance checks to identify inconsistencies or abnormalities in business processes
  • Provide organizational insights into which employees are deviating from the norm
  • Integrate with existing business software and IT infrastructure
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    Celonis is an intelligent process mining software that analyzes and visualizes business processes based on IT data. It reveals weaknesses and makes processes more transparent, faster, and more cost-effective. As the market leader in process mining according to Gartner, Celonis helps organizations to rapidly understand and improve operational process flows for business transformation. Companies around the world including Siemens, GM, 3M, Bayer, Airbus and Vodafone rely on Celonis technology to gu

    Minit platform provides visual insights into business processes and reveals how to boost revenues, savings, and efficiency. It turns company data into value by creating interactive process maps of how people, machines, and software interact.

    Process Mining powered by ARIS allows you to understand your business like never before. Improve your processes constantly and embrace innovation continuously to keep up and stay relevant.

    Based on the latest patented technology and advanced algorithms, QPR ProcessAnalyzer extracts and reads the time stamps used to record specific events along your procurement and/or supply chains, ranging from but not limited to taking an order, sourcing goods, transporting them to the customer, and receiving payment. The process mining software then visually models these time stamps in such a way that allows you to instantly identify deviations from an ideal process flow – to find the root caus

    With Signavio Process Intelligence, you can make better decisions faster. Analyzing your system processes allows you to see the gaps and variants between the intended business process and what you actually have. Of course, the faster you discover what you have, the faster you can apply the changes that will make a difference in your business. Signavio Process Intelligence enables you to automatically mine process models from the different IT systems operating within your business Continuous mon

    OpsOne is a cross domain IT process automation soltuion.

    Apromore is an open-source #BPM analytics platform offering state-of-the-art #processmining capabilities combined with a powerful repository

    Fills the gap between Data Mining and Business Process Management

    Disco offers process mining and process analysis solutions.

    Constitutes the operational core of production planning and control in a heterogeneous IT landscape. Part of the Entire Systems Management suite for IT process automation. Read more

    Process Analytics Software provides the next generation of process intelligence to improve business performance and achieve dramatic business results.

    EverFlow is designed to automatically discover the process flows currently being executed by the business based on log entries created by systems of record.

    Kofax Insight combines process monitoring and analysis with visualizations, analytics and data integration to deliver complete end-to-end process visibility.

    Detects potential risks and weaknesses in your business processes at the click of a button. Avoid expensive manual process analyses. LANA helps you make the most out of digitization.

    Logpickr Process Intelligence is the first Cross systems Platform able to deal with high volume of data and processes with highly parallel tasks. Combining new Process Mining & Artificial Intelligence, Logpickr Process Intelligence helps process excellence managers to : - explore: explore all information about your current processes & operations, check the conformance and do root cause analysis. Do Process Clustering (using process behaviour similarity) to ease your analysis. - predict:

    myInvenio Process Mining is the solution to instantly boost complex organization’s core business processes by automatically discovering processes and constantly monitoring compliance and performance from enterprise data. An automatic visualization of the end-to-end process is generated in seconds, and as a Gartner Representative Vendor for Process Mining, myInvenio drives continuous process improvements by the use of AI, advanced analytics, simulation and what-if analyses. Fortune 500 compani

    Process mining is a process management technology that allows the analysis of business processes based on event logs.

    ProcessGold is a professional process mining software.

    ProM is an extensible framework that supports a wide variety of process mining techniques in the form of plug-ins.

    Bringing Process Mining to Analytic Workflows

    Rialto Process is an embedded analytics platform providing a new generation of business process analytics starting from any event data and enabling industrial analytics solutions delivery.

    StereoLOGIC Process Analytics automatically monitors hundreds of employees performing business operations for days / months, compares discovered operations with the established baselines, and notifies operational managers about unexpected deviations, performance issues and deadlocks.

    TimelinePI provides the most comprehensive process intelligence platform designed to empower users to understand, optimize and monitor any business process. TimelinePI’s patent-pending Timeline Analysis approach is designed to allow healthcare providers, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, etc. take control of their data and Raise their Process IQ™. To learn more, we invite you to visit or email us at

    Worksoft Analyze is a cloud-based solution for automated business process discovery (ABPD) that enables both analysts and technical staff to capture actual business process execution, visualize the processes, and analyze variations and impact on the organization.

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