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Financial wellness software provides organizations with the tools necessary to implement, manage, and administer financial wellness programs. These solutions help companies provide their employees with financial management education, including planning, budgeting, and alleviating financial stress. Financial wellness software include features such as budgeting tools, gamification, financial goal planning, debt management, and money management coaching. These solutions may also include tools to help with spending tracking, budget creation, assets tracking, goal setting, and financial management progress tracking. Financial wellness software also provides companies with reporting and analytics that help improve employee engagement, retention, and productivity. All company sizes, industries, and departments can benefit from these solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Financial Wellness category, a product must:

  • Provide tools that design, administer, and manage financial wellness programs
  • Help organizations promote company-wide financial wellness for their employees
  • Offer reporting tools that measure activity and program effectiveness

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    Payroll is changing. Businesses across the country are looking for a way to give employees control over the timing of their pay without creating any additional work for the payroll team. According to a 2019 survey conducted by the ADP Research Institute, employees want more choices, more flexibility, and the ability to access pay as needed. Employees are not only concerned about how much they are paid for work, but also how they receive their pay and how often. DailyPay partners with busines

    HelloWallet guides you through building a solid financial foundation and helps you to take small steps on your financial wellness journey.

    PayActiv invented real-time access to earned wages to create the most comprehensive, award-winning financial wellness platform the best way to improve employee financial health. Including bill pay, savings, budgeting, discounts, and financial counseling.

    With BenefitEd, you can recoup program costs and even generate a positive ROI by keeping your employees happy.

    Best Money Moves is a mobile-first service designed to help people measure financial stress and then dial it down in order to get control of their financial lives. The service is sold to employers who then offer it to their employees as a free employee benefit. We don’t sell anything. There are no ads. And, there are no hidden tricks. Our only goal is to help people make smarter moves with their money by providing award-winning information, easy-to-use tools, a point-based reward system, and a

    BrightDime offers everything your company needs to succeed with financial wellness today.

    Simpler, smarter student loans for a brighter future.

    Edukate is a workplace financial wellness benefit designed to help employees make more confident personal financial decisions. offers holistic workplace financial wellness programs to employers, organizations, financial institutions, credit unions, and Financial Advisers.

    Attract and retain the best talent, by helping your people turn their paycheck into progress. With the Even financial wellness platform.

    Financial Fitness Group (FFG) is an enterprise software company that developed a financial e-learning platform and actionable ecosystem designed to teach individuals the language of money. FFG is the leading provider of interactive financial education for the financial services industry and fortune 500 companies across the nation.

    FinFit is one the nation’s largest financial wellness benefits servicing over 125,000 clients. FinFit provides a self-directed online experience that lets employees measure their financial well-being and provides fun, education resources and tools to increase their financial knowledge and drive results. FinFit helps to eliminate stress in the workplace by providing real-time solutions that offer real-world help when it is needed most. FinFit is a powerful way for employers to attract and retain

    Four Seasons Financial Education is a 100% independent provider of comprehensive workplace financial wellness programs. By leveraging online tools with one-on-one TelePlanning with a financial planner, Four Seasons Financial Education relies on a multi-channel approach to reaching the maximum number of employees.

    IonTuition is the most experienced, employee-centric partner in student loan repayment benefit solutions with a comprehensive approach to financial wellness.

    Keepify is a small, growing effort to change the face of online financial tools for consumers.

    Money Starts Here provides financial education programs that change lives and reduce the impact financial stress has on individuals, families, schools, businesses and communities.

    Questis is a configurable technology platform that allows retirement advisors and financial service providers to easily deliver personalized financial wellness programs to their plan sponsors and participants. Founded by experienced financial advisory professionals, Questis pairs the power of software with the customization and communication required to fuel behavior change. With seamless integration tools, processes, and human professionals, Questis makes financial wellness simple, available to

    Helps improve employee retention and productivity. By helping employees manage debt, build a savings habit and access earned pay, we offer an impactful benefit employees truly value.

    A financial wellness benefit for employees that (actually) works.

    SmartPath Financial Care Plans help employees through stressful financial situations, one step at a time, in four different channels.

    Make SoFi work for your company. SoFi’s unique employee benefits - student loan contributions, refinancing, and education - offer an easy and comprehensive way to build financial wellness at your company. Together with a suite of resources and tools like our Student Debt Navigator, these offerings help empower your employees to manage their student debt, regardless of their credit or income. Add SoFi to your benefit program in no time; no integration necessary. SoFi's size, market share, and fi

    Sum180 equips your employees with tools they actually need to strengthen and build their financial picture

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