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Check out our list of free Financial Wellness Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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Holberg Financial is a financial health and wellness benefit that helps employees reduce financial stress, increase financial education, and reach their financial goals and dreams. HF is a recruitment, productivity, and retention win for top employers who are invested in supporting their employees wellbeing.

So many people struggle with financial stress. In schools, where compensation is already constrained and the talent market is declining, this... Read review
In a tight budgetary environment, it was difficult for us to raise salaries as much as our teachers deserved - our teachers deserve to make... Read review
(12)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$123/month

Asset-Map combines design thinking and personal finance to produce graphically-rich Asset-Maps that display a client’s complete financial picture with clarity. Using Asset-Map with a client is proven to strengthen the advisor/client relationship, drive compliance, increase engagement, uncover opportunities and ultimately improve planning for the future.

I use Asset Map every single day because it allows me to quickly capture and update data on my clients. Read review
Zev G.
The graphical representation of assets and income provides a easy way to visualize complex information and relationships. Read review
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Entry Level Price:$0.00 Any size system

Best Money Moves is a mobile-first service designed to help people measure financial stress and then dial it down in order to get control of their financial lives. The service is sold to employers who then offer it to their employees as a free employee benefit. We don’t sell anything. There are no ads. And, there are no hidden tricks. Our only goal is to help people make smarter moves with their money by providing award-winning information, easy-to-use tools, a point-based reward system, and a

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Savology is a digital financial wellness platform helping households improve their financial outcomes through accessible financial planning combined with effective financial wellness tools. By partnering with Savology, employers are able to affordably provide employees with a comprehensive financial plan, financial wellness scores and report card, personalized recommendations that provide actionable next steps, access to financial professionals through live chat and 1-on-1 calls, financial educa

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Make SoFi work for your company. SoFi’s unique employee benefits - student loan contributions, refinancing, and education - offer an easy and comprehensive way to build financial wellness at your company. Together with a suite of resources and tools like our Student Debt Navigator, these offerings help empower your employees to manage their student debt, regardless of their credit or income. Add SoFi to your benefit program in no time; no integration necessary. SoFi's size, market share, and fi

Top 5 Free Financial Wellness Software in 2021

  • Holberg Financial
  • Asset-Map
  • Best Money Moves
  • Savology
  • SoFi at Work

Learn More About Financial Wellness Software

What You Should Know About Financial Wellness Software

Financial wellness software helps employers optimize financial wellness programs. These solutions provide employees with financial education and assistance to improve their financial wellness, resulting in improved employee engagement and productivity.

Key Benefits of Financial Wellness Software

  • Provides employees with financial education
  • Measures financial literacy program effectiveness/li>
  • Reduces employee financial stress
  • Increases employee productivity

Why Use Financial Wellness Software?

From student loan debt to the cost of caring for aging parents, all employees experience high levels of stress related to financial burdens. As such, employees need financial planning benefits beyond the 401(k) or other retirement fund. In fact, many employees are so debt-logged now, they cannot focus on saving for the future. More and more employees are dipping into their retirement savings to help pay down student loan debt on top of the high costs of raising a family, buying a home, and so on.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 71% of employees claim that uncertainty about their financial situation contributes the most to stress, and 10% of employees have skipped work in the past year to address financial stress. Meanwhile, 66% of HR professionals claim that corporate wellness programs are the most important benefit they can provide to their employees to increase engagement and boost productivity.

Employers are increasingly implementing or enhancing their financial wellness initiatives, and as a result are experiencing higher employee satisfaction with benefits packages. Financial wellness programs help companies enhance employee engagement, improve productivity, and increase benefits participation.

Who Uses Financial Wellness Software?

Every employee at companies of every size in every industry can benefit from using financial wellness software. Financial wellness initiatives educate employees to increase their financial wellness. This occurs via a financial wellness platform that provides education, money management, financial counseling, and more.

Financial Wellness Software Features

Financial wellness solutions are an essential part of corporate wellness. These solutions help employees assess and address any financial issues they may be dealing with, including credit card debt, student loans, retirement savings, and so on. Beyond providing employees with insights into their financial situation, these solutions often offer education, access to financial coaches, budgeting solutions, and even access to loans if necessary.

Personalized dashboard — Employees can gain a real-time comprehensive view of their financial health from spending habits to debt payment. These dashboards can provide a view into all accounts, including 401(k), savings and checking account balances, HSA/FSA, and so on. This holistic view can help employees set goals and track their progress.

Personalized financial assessment — Private self-assessments help employees determine their financial wellness needs and identify areas that need improvement.

Financial education — Financial educational courses will help employees understand important financial concepts most relevant to their needs.

Budgeting platform — Budgeting tools help employees effectively manage their financial situation.These tools might include budget alerts or payment scheduling tools.

Financial analytics — Analytics can provide HR personnel and management with insights into how stressed their employees are and can also provide insight into program usage.

Additional Corporate Wellness Features

Financial coaching — On-demand financial coaching can guide employees through stressful financial situations.

Loans — Some solutions might provide employees with guidance on and access to loans for immediate financial relief.

Potential Issues with Financial Wellness Software

Financial arrangements with financial wellness companies — Some wellness providers are owned or affiliated with companies, like insurance, that sell financial products, such as annuities, mutual funds, and so on. These products or services might come in the form of financial coaching sessions or personal financial wellness assessments. Employers need to verify that any financial wellness solutions provided to their employees are in their best interest and are not additional products being pushed onto their employees in the name of financial wellness.

Financial wellness companies’ main focus — If financial wellness vendors focus on a variety of solutions beyond financial wellness, such as corporate wellness or benefits administration, the quality of their financial wellness solutions might not be as holistic as employees are hoping for. Some companies include financial wellness solutions as an add-on to larger corporate wellness or benefits admin solutions and might not provide the personalized and in-depth solutions that can really help employees make the most meaningful financial changes and improvements.

Lack of certification — Some financial coaches are actually salespeople pushing financial products. When looking for a financial wellness vendor, businesses and HR personnel should look for vendors that employ certified financial planners or licensed coaches.