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Top Alternatives to vFiler

  • Laserfiche
  • IntSig OCR Solutions
  • FineReader PDF 15
  • Rossum
  • Ephesoft

Top 20 Alternatives & Competitors to vFiler

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  1. Laserfiche

    (319)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  2. Laserfiche is a leading global provider of enterprise content management software empowering organizations to take control of information and business processes.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Corey R.
    Laserfiche has features for every need within my organization. Forms, Approval Processes, Document Management, and so much more. It fits into every department.
  3. IntSig OCR Solutions

    (210)4.6 out of 5
  4. With IntSig OCR Solutions, any documents you see in real world can be digitized and saved right away with your mobile phone. Just take a photo, and CamScanner take care of the rest.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    I like CamScanner as it makes scanning of documents easy and sharing as well as storage of documents is also convenient.
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  5. FineReader PDF 15

    (100)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  6. FineReader is an all-in-one OCR and PDF software application designed to increase business productivity. It provides easy-to-use tools to access and modify information locked in paper-based documents and PDFs.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    I like how it can rake any page and covert it to useable text. It makes turning print pages into Braille managable.
  7. Rossum

    (43)4.4 out of 5
  8. Rossum's artificial intelligence understands complex structured documents, enabling companies to capture data from financial documents efficiently and with human-level accuracy. Unlike existing text mining solutions, Rossum's unique deep neural networks reflect the way humans read documents. This eliminates the need for costly manual implementation, a game-changer in the data capture business.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    User can customize UI and capturing filed flexibly without complicated programming. Only subscription fee is required, no need big investment for initial stage.
  9. Ephesoft

    (34)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  10. Ephesoft document capture solutions help businesses run more efficiently and respond to changes in a cost effective manner by automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from documents in paper, fax and electronic formats.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Extremely Powerful and customizable OCR engine. Many options allow for almost unlimited customization and very detail oriented scanning requirements. A lot of plugins/modules to allow for several...Read more
  11. Docparser

    (31)4.5 out of 5
  12. Docparser transforms PDF documents into structured data.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    dhiraj d.
    1. Completely cloud based. 2. Zero software hosting cost and no installation required. 3. Easy to learn with to the point documentation and learning material available. 4. Processes and extracts...Read more
  13. Workfusion Intelligent Automation Cloud

    (27)4.3 out of 5
  14. Workfusion Intelligent Automation Cloud is a free software product that lets automate web, desktop, and terminal applications.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Shweta S.
    Coding in control tower is easy , easy to use tool, If uou have licensed tool you will have all yhe materials to learn groovy, selenium required for automation Have helped organization automating...Read more
  15. PaperPort Professional

    (24)3.8 out of 5
  16. PaperPort Professional is a desktop document management solution that allows you to manage and organize your documents in one solution.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Nothing, I prefer scannering and send file to my pc directly, without using an application.
  17. Kofax Capture

    (22)4.2 out of 5
  18. Image Content and Capture

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Yasmin C.
    Kofax Capture provides great tools in a very easy to use interface to batch documents and archive them. It offers a great batch capture speed, OCR, scanner recognition, VRS functionality, and a...Read more
  19. IBM Datacap

    (21)3.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  20. IBM Datacap supports the next generation of data capture — the cognitive era. The solution enables you to identify, classify and extract content from unstructured or highly variable documents without manual intervention. It uses natural language processing, text analytics and machine-learning technologies.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Jameson N.
    I like the versatility of the product, the ability to configure complex applications in data capture.
  21. Amazon Textract

    (20)4.4 out of 5
  22. Amazon Textract is a service that automatically extracts text and data from scanned documents. Amazon Textract goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to also identify the contents of fields in forms and information stored in tables.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Rohan S.
    - Concept is very good - Provide Optical Character Recognition + Artificial Intelligence - No need to apply Regex or Custom rule set to extract meaningful information - Pay per Use billing model
  23. FineScanner AI

    (17)4.1 out of 5
  24. FineScanner AI is a mobile scanner that allows to scan any type of documents, save them into PDF & JPG and OCR printed text on them.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Puedes utilizar tu telefono y escanear el texto en menos de 1minuto, de esta manera editarlo y volverlo pdf, realmente es de mis aplicaciones favoritas de escaneo.
  25. Nanonets

    (17)4.7 out of 5
  26. Nanonets is a platform designed to help build Machine Learning models.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Amazing team. Responded to all of our questions/training needs. Assisted us with our zapier integration and have continued to help us troubleshoot if there ever (rarely) are issues. 10/10.
  27. Mobile Capture

    (16)4.1 out of 5
  28. Mobile Capture OCR Engine enables developers to integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) into mobile and small-footprint applications. Enables images and photographs to be transformed into searchable and editable document formats.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Abdul H.
    The abbyy flexicapture software is one of the best software in the market in OCR and OMR Fields, it can be used in wide range of applications but the most prominent use of this software is for...Read more
  29. Hypatos

    (10)4.6 out of 5
  30. Manual document processing is a major cost driver in organizations. Our deep learning technology automates complex document processing tasks to make back-offices more efficient

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Pretty fast extraction and documents processing. The result is better than expected, in terms of accuracy.
  31. ChronoScan

    (10)4.1 out of 5
  32. ChronoScan is a suite for Document Scanning & PDF/OCR data capture.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Chronoscan is useful anytime I am scanning documents, they all come out nice, crisp, and clean.
  33. Hyperscience

    (9)4.8 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
  34. Hyperscience processes structured and semi-structured documents, helping organizations streamline complex processes.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Easy to use product that helps improve data quality for a company. The interface and front end usability is great and easy for anyone to learn quickly.
  35. Grooper

    (8)4.8 out of 5
  36. Grooper is a document capture and data transformation software platform that incorporates modern technology to help companies manage their documents and data.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    OCR is very helpful. It is easy to use.
  37. MetaViewer

    (7)4.9 out of 5
  38. MetaViewer will enhance your Microsoft Dynamics and other leading ERP solutions by adding integrated eInvoicing, workflow, document imaging and dashboard views of all your financial processes.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    Ease of use. Automation of processes and the elimination of paper
  39. Nuance AutoStore

    (3)3.8 out of 5
  40. AutoStore is an award-winning enterprise data capture solution that orchestrates the secure delivery of paper, electronic documents and data into business applications from a wide range of capture points.

    Categories in common with vFiler:
    I like the ability to capture information from my cell phone.