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Convercent Ethics CloudPlease callCall for pricing: 866-403-2713
Convercent is the leading provider of ethics and compliance cloud software that provides global enterprises the opportunity to maximize performance by bringing ethics to the center of their business. The Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform operationalizes ethics. We turn old-school, reactive compliance management into proactive ethics and compliance innovation.
  • Preloaded with six learning titles
  • 24/7 phone hotline
Convercent Helpline with Whistleblower Hotline & Case ManagementPlease callCall for pricing: 866-403-2713
Increase employee engagement and issues reported with the industry’s easiest-to-use helpline and case manager. Convercent Helpline offers global 24x7 phone, web, proxy, mobile texting and comprehensive case management for investigators to ensure your employee voices are heard and acted on and employees can report issues to the organization using the communication service they prefer.
  • 24/7 phone hotline
  • Web hotline
Convercent Disclosures- Conflicts of Interest & Onboarding QuestionnairesPlease callCall for pricing: 866-403-2713
Disclosures are now more important than ever due to the Analysis and Remediation of Underlying Misconduct per the DOJ’s recently (Feb 2017) released Evaluation Guidance. However, today most ethics and compliance programs artificially constrain disclosures by only asking for disclosures from senior management and only once per year. This can be the difference between 1% of your workforce reporting disclosures vs. 20%. Unfortunately, this artificial constraint causes informational blindness and increased organizational risk. Automate the distribution of disclosure questionnaires to targeted employee groups by using attributes from your Human Resources business system. Customize each automated workflow with specific messages and reminders, and then track completion rates. Step in only when your input is required to review, update or archive disclosures.
  • SEC 17a-4 compliant
  • Content repository
Convercent Campaigns - Policy Management & Online TrainingPlease callCall for pricing: 866-403-2713
Simplify the administration of policy management, learning and training while increasing employee engagement. Convercent helps ensure employees both understand and sign the policies that support your company success. The Employee Scorecard - instantly see the compliance status for any employee globally. For each employee, Convercent Campaigns tracks the policy version attested to and the date attested, plus maintains a full record of training results, all of which you can web search and retrieve instantly. Use summary dashboards, detailed employee scorecards, canned web reports, and customizable data exports to verify, measure, analyze and defend attestation and training results. Convercent Campaigns uses automatic workflows to distribute policies and online training to targeted employee groups. Convercent integrates with your HR system, such as Workday, to further enhance your policy and online training initiatives. Spend less time managing, and instead focus on analyzing results to proactively align delivery of policies and training to areas of opportunity or heightened risk.
  • Audience segmenting
  • SCORM compliant

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