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Supply chain visibility software tracks raw materials, parts, components, and finished goods from suppliers to manufacturers, retailers, or distributors, and to the customer. This type of software is used to improve transparency in complex supply chain networks, which increases the quality of the products and services delivered. Companies use supply chain visibility solutions to optimize inventory levels and transportation activities, which translates into increased profitability. Supply chain visibility software is used by distribution companies and departments, as well as by procurement and supply planning managers from suppliers and manufacturers.

Supply chain visibility software is frequently implemented as part of supply chain suites. When delivered separately, this type of software integrates with demand planning software, transportation management software, sales & ops planning software, and supply chain planning software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Supply Chain Visibility category, a product must:

  • Track products at various stages such as shipping, in transit, or delivery
  • Automate operations across the entire supply chain
  • Improve product fulfillment and reduce lead times
  • Optimize the use of products through reallocation
  • Monitor supplier and carrier performance
  • Find the optimal transportation model at the best price
  • Identify and address transportation disruptions
  • Manage the documents required for transportation
  • Analyze the efficiency of supply chain activities
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    FourKites is the real-time supply chain visibility and predictive analytics platform that Fortune 500 companies and 3PLs trust to track shipment location and temperature and proactively manage exceptions. Using a proprietary predictive algorithm to calculate shipment arrival times, FourKites enables customers to lower their operating costs, improve on-time performance, and strengthen their end-customer relationships. With a network of more than four million GPS/ELD-connected devices, FourKites

    project44 is the world’s leading advanced visibility platform for shippers and third-party logistics firms. project44 connects, automates and provides visibility into key transportation processes to accelerate insights and shorten the time it takes to turn those insights into actions. Leveraging the power of the project44 platform, organizations are able to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve shipping performance, and deliver an exceptional Amazon-like experience to their cu

    BluJay Solutions Transportation Management offers cloud-based procurement, supply chain planning, execution and settlement transportation.

    Prospect, the Stock-Aware CRM, is perfect for Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers who sell physical products from stock B2B. Sell more products to more customers, with less rekeying. Stock-Aware CRM combines the best of traditional CRM – Marketing, Sales Pipelines and Customer Service Management – with the reality of selling B2B products – quoting, ordering, inventory management, special pricing, back orders, product information and even contracts, serial numbers and asset tracking...t

    Automated Track & Trace for Shippers & Freight Brokers.

    Respond to new market expectations with real-time supply chain planning capabilities and fulfill future demand profitably supply chain management. Powered by in-memory computing technology within SAP HANA, this cloud-based solution combines capabilities for sales and operations; demand, response, and supply planning; and inventory optimization. - Cloud deployment - Real-time scenarios and simulation - Social collaboration - Powerful predictive Analytics KEY BENEFITS: Achieve a rapid deploym

    The Suplari Intelligence Platforms leverage the latest AI-derived algorithms to drive action and proactively uncover the highest-value opportunities.

    Ultriva Lean Suite is a single source for supply-chain communication, providing a basis for multi-enterprise, multi-tier, end-to-end supply chain collaboration.

    10-4 Systems is a technology company with deep roots in the transportation and logistics industry. It delivers a multimodal information platform for intelligent supply chain visibility that harnesses the power of Big Data.

    Adjuno Supply Chain Management Solution provides cloud-based supply chain management software designed to transform business through automation and improved collaboration with suppliers and partners.

    Amber Road GTM is a product lifecycle management software that provides the ability to: take all international sourcing factors into consideration for procurement and sourcing organizations, streamline supplier onboarding and management processes, optimize supplier selection decisions, including taking advantage of preferential trade agreements, share the BOM and product specs online for real-time communication.

    Enables our customers to manage and control transportation and supply chain activities.

    ClearMetal gives you door to door visibility across multiple modes, delivering your team the tools needed to reduce transportation costs, improve productivity, and make proactive decisions. ClearMetal provides the visibility needed for proactive exception management, inventory optimization, and digital transformation.

    ConnectPointz scales with the size of your business

    Connects disparate data and processes, giving shippers better visibility to make smart decisions, and the tools to take action. Convey helps the world's largest retailers, manufacturers and logistics service providers reduce costs, improve visibility and transform transportation into their next competitive advantage.

    Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. is a technology consulting organization specializing in outsourced product engineering services. As a leader in the technology and product engineering space, Cybage works with some of the world's best Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

    Descartes B2B EZE Collaboration can enable seamless coordination between diverse trading partners, databases, and systems; agnostic to software or hardware.

    The Digital Business Platform helps leading global companies optimize their manufacturing processes, from internal processes to supply chains that span the globe. Take a deeper dive into specific use cases to see how complete visibility, real-time analytics, predictive modeling, and risk management can boost both efficiency and resilience for your business.

    ProProcure helps companies simplify the way they buy and sell.

    You have millions of dollars in equipment and freight constantly on the move. When they stop moving, you and your customers need to know about it. The IntelliTrans Global Visibility Platform includes multi-modal command and control features that give you unprecedented visibility into your fleet and non-fleet equipment to proactively manage your shipments from origin to destination, with a focus on exceptions and enhancing your customer experience. - Integration - Completion - Asset / Shipment T

    Infor has acquired GT Nexus, the world's largest cloud-based global commerce platform. GT Nexus and Infor's offerings are highly complementary and the acquisition will enable Infor to create the first global commerce cloud providing end-to-end visibility and control across physical and financial supply chains

    Infoborders provides a truly collaborative effort between various enterprises within the supply chain network. Thecustom-designed software provides a collaborative platform that will assist supply chain management by evaluating scorecard performance and identifying electronic transaction errors. Not only will Infoborders improve supply chain relationships by discovering and repairing transaction errors, but it will also allow both vendors and retailers to gain greater visibility regarding partne

    Jabil's engineering, manufacturing and intelligent supply chain solutions help you capitalize on accelerated change and achieve digital business advantage.

    Offering the industry’s only concurrent planning solution, Kinaxis is helping organizations around the world revolutionize their supply chain planning. Kinaxis RapidResponse, our cloud-based supply chain management software, connects your data, processes and people into a single harmonious environment. With a consolidated view of the entire supply chain, you can plan expected performance, monitor progress and respond to disconnects when reality hits. RapidResponse lets you know sooner and act fa

    Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions are designed to adapt. Available across a variety of deployment options public cloud, private cloud, managed/hosted, multi-tenant, or on-premises these solutions serve a broad range of needs, capabilities, and budgets. With options to receive annual upgrades, you can implement the next version of an application each year to take advantage of new features and functions.

    MPO is disruptive SaaS for active Supply Chain Orchestration, going far beyond passive Supply Chain Visibility. The innovative power of MPO lies in the online convergence of real-time planning and execution across all parties in the supply chain.

    Navegate is a revolutionary, networked business platform that transforms your supply chain into a competitive advantage.

    NetSymms service oriented architecture provides answers to customer pain points.

    We are an enterprise focused on supply chain management solutions that use Blockchain to help consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and retailers drive business growth at scale.

    The OpsVeda platform leverages machine-learning and other advanced analytics techniques to analyze operational data in real-time, identify potential opportunities, and recommend preventive or corrective actions. OpsVeda is delivered in the user-friendly format of real-time storyboards, exceptions and alerts. This powers business teams to achieve most optimized decisions, in real-time.

    Optimiza Software Optimization, Demand and Supply and Inventory Planning

    ORTEC provides cloud-based fleet management and transportation management features that allow you to manage your dispatch system with a click or touch of a button providing direct access, integrated back-office, and more.

    Radley Corporation develops and implements Manufacturing (MES), Warehouse (WMS) and EDI software solutions aimed at improving efficiency and productivity for your business.

    rfxcel offers a full stack of track and trace software for pharmaceuticals, produce, food and beverage, and seafood, with a team designated for your needs. It's easy to use, scalable and reliable.

    Shippabo is a cloud-based supply chain management platform built by a team of shippers and supported by supply chain logistics experts. Through Shippabo, businesses can oversee their supply chain from anywhere, at any time, and on their terms.

    Shippeo provides mobile tracking tool for road freight transport and enables logistics providers to track their shipments in real time.

    Solvoyo is an intelligent, powerful and flexible supply chain optimization platform that spans all four capabilities required for supply chain analytics on a single platform powered by highly automated smart engine that gets smarter over time with machine learning.

    LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru enables companies to analyze all the various product flow-path combinations to identify the optimal landed cost for each individual SKU

    Systematically monitor perishable goods and reduce stock losses due to expirations. Reduce safety stocks and cut costs, via a clear view of the stock in each warehouse. Set up and streamline direct dispatch channels. Improve user support. Outsource logistics more effectively.

    SupplyShift is a cloud-based supply chain data management platform for gathering and analyzing supplier data.

    Today’s complex supply chains rely on close coordination from end-to-end. TracLinx empowers sophisticated coordination by providing real-time visibility and predictive analytics across all modes of freight—from supplier to end-customer and all levels in-between. Today’s complex supply chains rely on close coordination from end-to-end. TracLinx empowers sophisticated coordination by providing real-time visibility and predictive analytics across all modes of freight—from supplier to end-customer a

    Turvo is a real-time, collaborative logistics powered by artificial intelligence.

    ubidata is a mobile logistics solution that helps assist customers in tracking, analysing and optimizing their fleet, goods, shipments and cargo management.

    Vekia SaaS solutions provide predictive analytics for retailers to increase profit margins by placing the right product in the right place.

    WHIZTEC Supply Chain Management is a Supply chain management (SCM) that involves the flow of material, information and finance in a network of customers, suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers and distributors. WHIZTEC Supply Management Solutions provide advanced tools and intelligence to drastically reduce supply management costs.

    Winddle is a simple, flexible and powerful collaborative platform for all your creation, sourcing & procurement operations.

    The World's first Complete Product Lifecycle (CPL) Solution!

    Zetes end-to-end supply chain solutions give you the end-to-end visibility and traceability you need to maximise the performance of your connected supply chain, protect your brand and maximise your bottom line.

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