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Supply chain planning software and suites help businesses during the supply chain planning phase with demand planning and setting up a supply chain from end to end, including inventory planning, replenishment planning, order planning, and production planning.

To qualify for inclusion in the Supply Chain Planning category, a product must:

  • Help plan, source, and organize the different parts of a supply chain
  • Manage vendors
  • Provide tools for demand planning, inventory planning, replenishment planning, order planning, and production planning
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    Oracle SCM Cloud offers a full suite of applications for companies to manage their supply chain, distribution, manufacturing, inventory management, and fleet.

    AIMMS is a forward thinking software platform provider democratizing the use of prescriptive analytics so everyone is self-enabled to make better decisions. Whether you seek to improve your strategy, planning, operations or transform your entire supply chain, AIMMS software is the ideal combination of being tailored to your unique situation paired with speed to value (ROI). That's why teams at Shell, Johnson & Johnson, GE and Heineken and many more fire up AIMMS every day. Powerful and Intu

    Respond to new market expectations with real-time supply chain planning capabilities and fulfill future demand profitably supply chain management. Powered by in-memory computing technology within SAP HANA, this cloud-based solution combines capabilities for sales and operations; demand, response, and supply planning; and inventory optimization. - Cloud deployment - Real-time scenarios and simulation - Social collaboration - Powerful predictive Analytics KEY BENEFITS: Achieve a rapid deploym

    Oracle's Demantra is a best-in-class provider of demand management, sales & operations planning, and trade promotions management solutions.

    Dynamically link customer service goals with inventory investments across your multistage supply chain,with our inventory management and service-level optimization software. Balance inventory levels, analyze crucial inputs and signals, and model the impact of decisions on global stock.

    CargoWise One is a single-platform software solution designed to increase your productivity and improve integration, automation, and communication with the supply chain.

    The Arkieva Demand Planner is about bringing together people in a business that don't usually work side by side. This empowers them to be able to understand the totality of their business, from forecasting to inventory and sales.

    FuturMaster Demand Management enables you to enhance your demand forecast from launch to the end of product lifecycle; using an integrated process and sharing a common set of data with stakeholders, improves the forecast reliability

    JDA Inventory Optimization provides companies with end-to-end capabilities for managing inventory strategy, planning and execution, enabling them to gain market share and reduce costs.

    With more than 1,300 customers worldwide, Logility is a leading provider of collaborative supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions that help small, medium, large, and Fortune 500 companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time. Logility Voyager Solutions™ is a complete supply chain management and retail optimization solution that features advanced analytics and provides supply chain visibility; demand, inventory and replenishment planning; Sales and Opera

    Manhattan Active Inventory allows you to finally achieve a single, holistic view of all aspects of your inventory strategy. From annual financial planning to daily replenishment reordering to periodic enterprise alignment of the plan, Manhattan Active Inventory provides the tools you need to ensure your inventory investment strategies are generating the maximum value and returns, to Push PossibleTM for your enterprise.

    Reduce the complexity of your planning process with multiple sources of information to improve business strategies and results throughout the organization, based on demand-driven sales and operations planning.

    SAS Demand-Driven Forecasting drives the development of the consensus forecast in conjunction with the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process.

    LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru enables companies to analyze all the various product flow-path combinations to identify the optimal landed cost for each individual SKU

    When orders come in, you should be able to reliably promise availability and meet aggressive commitments all in real-time. In conjunction with your Order Entry system, Adexa's IBP, Precision ATP solution, provides real-time Capable to Promise (CTP) and Available to Promise (ATP) information while you place the order; even if only part of the order will be ready using current materials and capacity information.

    Collaborative Demand Planning is a combination of rigorous forecasting algorithms to predict future demand as well as collaboration amongst the internal and external stakeholders. In the absence of the right environment and accurate forecasts, the likelihood of lost sales, because of too little inventory or excess inventory, increases drastically.

    Adexa IBP offers network optimization as an integral part of its solutions to aggregate, synchronizes and optimize multi-site, multi enterprise procurement, production and distribution plans. It ensures financial targets are met on a local and enterprise scale. It dynamically identifies and corrects the inefficiencies in the operations plan to eliminate the symptoms of poor planning. It delivers a critical, intelligent link between financially driven Operations planning and Demand planning withi

    Adexa Supply Chain Planning solutions, an integral part of Adexa IBP solution, supports constraint-based planning with a comprehensive, inter and intra-enterprise-wide model to synchronize supply with demand across the entire resources of your multi-site, multi-tier supply chain.

    AEB Supply Chain Collaboration works together with all your supply chain partners. The functionalities include continuous bi-directional status exchanges at every level transport, order, consignment, or the individual item. Processes such as order assignment, notifications, shipment tracking, proactive alerts of unplanned events, and delivery confirmations are largely automated.

    AIM Vision Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions facilitate better management of the supply chain community by streamlining the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, and logistics management.

    Anaplan for Supply Chain takes a holistic approach to supply chain management enabling real-time visibility across the network, creating the ability to sense and drive demand, and facilitating a dynamic, collaborative S&OP process. Forecasts improve. Information walls are broken down. Connections are built. And achieving business goals becomes the rule instead of the exception.

    anyLogistix™ (ALX™) by The AnyLogic Company is supply chain analytics software for designing, optimizing and analyzing your company supply chain. ALX combines powerful analytical optimization approaches together with innovative dynamic simulation technologies to offer you a comprehensive set of tools for end-to-end supply chain analytics. By leveraging both simulation and optimization you have the best set of tools for tackling supply chain challenges, enabling you to gain deep insights into you

    The Arkieva Finite Scheduler is designed from the ground up to support the needs of the modern supply chain. Scheduling and distribution functions are integrated in the production-planning software, making the entire production-distribution chain visible to the end user; from shop floor to shipment schedule.

    The Arkieva Inventory Planner supports sustained inventory reductions by providing a comprehensive view of how stocks are serving customer demand. Many Arkieva users report inventory reductions of up to 15%, and simultaneously experience an enhanced ability to satisfy orders with their reduced stock.

    Arkieva has designed its Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) module as a comprehensive tool to calculate these safety stock targets. It takes into account demand and lead time variability at each echelon and node and uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the targets in a multi-echelon way. It also enables scenarios and allows comparison of these scenarios with each other. This module combines advanced MEI capabilities with the data management, analytics, and reporting engine within

    The Arkieva replenishment planner provides a fast and accurate solution to multi-echelon supply chain planning; ensuring that the right quantity and mix of product is shipped to the right location at the right time. Integrated exception planning capability allows S&OP planners to react to potential problems quickly and effectively.

    Supply Chain Planning Software Designed to Meet Your Changing Market Demands

    John Galts Atlas Planning Suite is an end-to-end that streamline S&OP process to take advantage of a comprehensive supply chain planning solution it provides visibility, statistical forecasting, enhanced collaboration across the organization, inventory management, capacity planning and finite scheduling.

    Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning is a cloud-native supply chain planning designed to help retailers & distributors boost cash flow & improve margins.

    Allows shippers to instantly generate transportation freight quotes, schedule and track shipments, manage carrier contracts and consistently reduce costs by increasing efficiency.

    CargoNet is a complete ERP for Freight Forwarding and CHA Community which is a single centralized framework to integrate and automate all Operational and Financial processes for a Logistics Firm , with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and improving the accessibility and flow of information across all departments and Branches.

    CommunicatorBase helps business manage their supply chain

    Create engaging, memorable, and personal customer experiences

    DemandCaster is a supply chain planning software, where you can advance the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process with accurate supply plans that keep your financial and service objectives in harmony.

    Shortens the window of firm orders in factory and supplier schedules, and dramatically reduce MRP-driven order instability. And this frees up planners from expediting and order administration to focus on real planning issues.

    Position the right stock at the right time at the right place, reducing inventory levels by an average of 40% while improving service levels.

    Reduce cost and increase profit with our affordable supply and demand planning tools.

    Achieve consistently profitable, execution-ready plans that balance demand, supply and financial goals to facilitate consensus across internal and external stakeholders.

    Manage direct sourcing and procurement for all supply tiers with unparalleled visibility, control and collaboration. E2open automates information exchange between partners to develop trust and confidence, leverage economies of scale and create more agile, responsive and efficient supply networks.

    Exabler is innovative all-in-one software for importers and exporters.

    FuturMaster Advanced Promotion Management improves the efficiency of promotional campaigns by increasing the reliability and visibility of information, whilst closely monitoring promotional performance.

    FuturMaster Distribution Planning manages every level of the distribution chain, developing realistic scenarios (considering distribution network, supply constraints, shutdowns, etc.) and optimising your existing operations (quality of service, stock availability, waste, logistics-related costs).

    FuturMaster Procurement manages the procurement of both end products and components in line with supplier constraints, availability targets and quality of service requirements.

    FuturMaster Production Planning manages every stage of your production process (finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials and components), develops realistic plans (considering capacity and flow synchronisation) and optimises your operations (quality of service, use of resource, stock availability).

    FuturMaster Sales & Operations Planning consolidates data relating to demand forecasting, business planning, production and supply in a single tool to anticipate and report on risks (reduced operations, risk of breakage or over-stocking, site capacity limitations) and to ensure aligned and collaborative decision making.

    FuturMaster Scheduling optimises the sequence of orders on the production line and improves use of equipment, taking into account any downtime and resource availability.

    GAINSystems is a pioneer in technology for optimizing supply chains, and our team has seen just about everything. That why we developed a comprehensive approach that considers error and variability across supply, demand & operations. You can rest assured that our supply chain experts will work side-by-side with yours and together weÕll think of everything -- ultimately producing stellar results.

    Our LMS is designed for optimum Logistics Management performance, covering Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transport Management System (TMS), Freight Management System (FMS) and Order Management System (OMS) solutions.

    ICRON bPort (Web-Based Business Analytics and Reporting) compiles all of your current and historical operational data and converts this information into insights in the form of advanced analytics and reporting.

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