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Check out our list of free HR Analytics Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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intelliHR is a People Management and Analytics platform that empowers HR to work strategically, not just administratively. We’ve built all the tools you need to manage your HR into a single easy-to-use platform so that you can centralise performance management, employee engagement, core Human Resources processes and HR analytics all in the one place. * Engage and look after your employees with a suite of listening tools including eNPS, happiness and wellbeing surveys that make gathering feedba

Sam D.
Proactive, intelligent and efficient support Read review
The software and the support of the IntelliHR staff have been very good. The overall experience has been great. The IntelliHR staff really make a... Read review
(14)4.3 out of 5

Humantelligence is the leading cloud-based Culture Analytics and recruiting platform that solves todays top workforce challenges with the most advanced patented technology leveraging behavioral science and Artificial Intelligence to improve key talent management areas like recruiting, hiring, culture alignment, employee engagement and employee turnover.

HI can do better process than AI in places of quality analyzing, removing errors and making process lighter and easier. Read review
Very organized and easy to use, I can find my notes quickly and efficiently. Read review
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League is enabling workforce health through our cloud-based Health Operating System. Our Health OS is a hub for health solutions that work together to engage employees and make them better healthcare consumers. Better engagement leads to better decisions, outcomes, productivity and healthcare savings.

Farhanaz K.
There are so many things I like about League. I was surprised with the ease of claiming anything and the faster processing of reimbursements. I... Read review
Love the free recipes, guides, and programs. Top-notch customer care! Read review
(15)4.8 out of 5

Sift is the fastest way to discover and connect to colleagues. Our powerfully simple people search, dynamic org charts, and rich employee profiles enable collaboration and problem solving across your entire organization. Sift integrates with existing HR data systems, collects additional information from team members and LinkedIn, and works as a stand-alone solution or embeds seamlessly into your intranet. Leverage the power of your workforce by making anyone and anything searchable.

Tobias P.
I moved to Georgia recently, and I found Sift very useful in my transition. I was under the impression that I was the only person in my company,... Read review
The pronunciation tool.When I get new team members I tell people to go on Sift, fill out their profile, and make sure to record their name. Even... Read review
(4)4.3 out of 5

Structural allows organizations to connect people to opportunity through a dynamic and data-rich people directory and an internal opportunity marketplace. With Structural, the talented people inside organizations can connect to each other and to opportunity with more velocity than ever before.

Matt R.
I love having so much information about my co-workers and company leaders at my fingertips. The app house all contact information for everyone in... Read review
I like that it's modern looking and easy to use. You can push company wide updates and announcements simultaneously and it provides a quick way to... Read review
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HEARTCOUNT enables business professionals to effortlessly discover the non-obvious and useful answers from data on What, Why, and How questions. HeartCount solution will enable you to outsmart your own biases through data-driven decisions.

I liked the click and go interface where with just few clicks I was able to do advanced reporting and analytics. Driver analysis with amazing... Read review
This tool has the best graphical representation of data sets, which helps business folks with minimal technical knowledge to understand and analyze... Read review
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Compport enables companies to spend their millions of $s compensation budgets on right resources in the right proportion, hence bringing substantial cost efficiencies, productivity, & engagement. Compport can achieve 90% efficiency, 10% impact on employee turnover & an estimated 40 times ROI for our clients. Using Compport compensation software, organizations can manage salary review, bonus, sales incentive and long term incentive plans wisely, efficiently, & they can track people

I used the 'Employee Survey' module of Compport, which was so easy and efficient to kick off and execute the whole survey process. I had access to... Read review
Compport is fully configurable and they did all the customizations that we needed. The speed of launch/ integration was amazing and we saved a lot... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

We help you understand and optimize how work gets done in your company. You will get a more productive workforce, engaged employees, and clients receive the service they deserve. We provide a comprehensive view of your organisation's information flow and relationships so you can build a more productive team. Our core competencies are: 1. Employee engagement analytics 2. Internal and external collaboration analytics 3. Information flow and thought-leader analytics

Seeing how much action is happening amongst my team, and being able to have actionable insights. Read review
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Infor Talent Science is a patented, cloud-based Predictive Talent Analytics and pre-employment testing solution. The solution leverages large quantities of behavioral and performance data to help organizations build diverse teams and personalized career pathing strategies.

Sophia T.
I like the easy to understand overall scoring and the careful breakdown of why the candidate was scored in that way/ Read review
There is very little that I like about this product. Maybe that is seems to be relatively easy for our candidates to use? Read review
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Claro’s mission is to organize all the world’s workforce-related information, making it easily accessible so that organizations can make more strategic decisions about talent.

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Entry Level Price:$25 user/month

For companies looking for a simple way to schedule employees and optimize their scheduling processes, eSchedule was created and has been actively engaged in the scheduling market for over 10 years. Since it is a SaaS-based solution, managers can make schedule changes from any location using an Internet-enabled device. eSchedule’s free concierge service ensures an easy implementation by assisting users through the setup process. The system is priced per active user so that seasonal employees or

Top 10 Free HR Analytics Software in 2021

  • IntelliHR
  • Humantelligence
  • League
  • Sift
  • Structural

Learn More About HR Analytics Software

What is HR Analytics Software?

HR analytics is the science of collecting, organizing, analyzing, and managing HR data with the goal of improving employee performance and return on investment. HR analytics software helps companies manage the data that comes with all of their employees. These data sets might analyze recruitment, employee engagement, compensation, talent management, performance management, and retention to ensure data-backed decision-making. Otherwise known as people analytics software, HR analytics technology maintains all company employee data and provides actionable insights to inform recruiting strategies, improve employee engagement and performance, and understand how to provide the most applicable employee benefits, to name a few. These tools help companies, HR personnel, and managers understand their employees to make informed decisions that benefit everyone.

Key Benefits of HR Analytics Software

  • Analyze current workforce
  • Measure employee performance
  • Provide predictive insights to improve hiring decisions
  • Help management and HR departments budget accordingly

Why Use HR Analytics Software?

HR departments and personnel use HR analytics technology to glean critical data and insights about their workforce. This data can help HR personnel and management improve their hiring initiatives, understand employee motivation and productivity, as well as determine how company culture is impacting employee engagement and performance.

Improved hiring decisions — Companies can use HR analytics technology to better determine their organization’s hiring needs and improve the quality of hires.

HR metrics and analytics — HR personnel can analyze HR data to understand patterns of high-performing personnel as well as determine activities that have the most positive impact on employee engagement.

Data-supported HR initiatives — HR analytics software can provide HR departments with verifiable data that they can use to back their hiring, employee engagement, and retention initiatives, to name a few. This data provides HR departments with the support their initiatives might need to continue.

Who Uses HR Analytics Software?

Although all types of companies can benefit from data analysis, larger companies in particular use HR analytics functionality, as it provides HR employees with the analytical tools necessary to manage their employee data.

Kinds of HR Analytics Software

HR analytics software helps organizations and HR departments effectively measure all of their people operations. The following list covers areas in which HR analytics software provides companies and HR departments with insights to improve their HR initiatives.

Performance analytics — These HR analytics solutions help businesses, HR departments, and managers analyze people data to determine employee needs, including time tracking, attendance, and leave. This might include which employees need attention and help and which are thriving in the current workplace.

Recruiting analytics — This HR analytics technology helps companies understand their recruiting needs and provides recruiting data management to promote efficient hiring initiatives.

People analytics — This HR data provides companies with employee sentiment analysis to help HR departments keep a pulse on their employee engagement initiatives. People analytics tools might include compensation plan modeling, leave and absence reporting, succession planning, talent management, turnover tracking, and more.

HR business intelligence — Business intelligence solutions provide insight into operations performance data, workforce specifics and needs, workforce planning, and more.

Attrition risk management — HR data can help HR departments visualize the impact of retention initiatives on employee productivity and overall satisfaction.

Candidate and employee profiling — HR departments and personnel can glean information as to which candidates have the potential to be most successful based on data collected on the most successful employees currently employed and engaged in the company.

Fraud risk management — HR analytics data can help HR departments identify fraud if it occurs and assess the risk for fraud in the future. Employee fraud and theft includes asset misappropriation, vendor fraud, accounting fraud, payroll fraud, data theft, and so on.

HR Analytics Software Features

HR analytics software helps HR departments prove the impact of their various HR initiatives. The following are the various features of HR analytics technology.

Security — HR analytics software secures all people data so HR departments and personnel can guarantee data privacy and security.

Automation — HR analytics software can be programmed to send reports directly into the inboxes of HR personnel. These can be automated to be processed and sent on a regular interval for consistent insight.

Reporting — HR analytics technology provides lists, charts, heatmaps, and so on for HR personnel to visualize important HR data trends.

Potential Issues with HR Analytics Software

Data is meaningless without proper analysis. More and more HR leaders are improving their data analysis skills, and data analysts are focusing their attention on human resources solutions.

Skills and training — HR managers and personnel need to focus on data and analytics training to properly implement and use HR analytics technology. While there is some fear that machine intelligence will replace the human power in HR, the opposite is actually true. Data analytics technology needs the human touch to take the insights gleaned from data processing to improve processes and implement process and software updating.

Duplicate data — Most HR technology collects data based on the focus of the solution. Applicant tracking systems (ATS), training eLearning solutions, and performance management solutions all collect data based on their functioning. This data has the potential to provide important insights into various people issues, but these separate solutions might provide slivers of data that are difficult to integrate and align.

Data security — Data security and privacy are top concerns for HR professionals since they manage vast amounts of sensitive and confidential employee data. Maintaining security is essential when employing HR analytics software to ensure that all data collected, processed, and analyzed is kept safe and secure.