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    Handwritten notes software allows businesses to produce personalized letters for clients and other important contacts. These tools can be used to write and send mail on company announcements, customer introductions, thank-you’s, and special occasions at scale, with quality stationery and the appearance of authentic handwriting. In some cases, the vendor will provide a team to actually write each note by hand—in others, handwriting styles will be digitally replicated for optimal realism. Handwritten notes software is used primarily by sales and marketing teams with regular client communications, but they can also be leveraged by HR and office managers for mass communications as needed. Utilizing this software can help organizations improve customer relationships, increase retention and loyalty, and improve open rates on physical mail. It can also save time and resources that would normally be required on direct mail campaigns, while simultaneously reducing the risk of errors. A number of solutions in this category also provide mailing services, eliminating the hassle of compiling and shipping physical mail.

    Handwritten notes software typically integrates with CRM software, email software, and spreadsheets software to import contact lists and contact information. Products in this category may also integrate with marketing automation software, e-commerce platforms, and payment gateway software to continually update recipient lists and ensure letters are drafted for new customers and campaigns are accurately tracked. Handwritten notes software may be used in conjunction with rewards and incentives services to pair personalized letters with gift cards when so desired. In addition, these tools may integrate with or offer features of print fulfillment software to produce bulk quantities of personalized letters.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Handwritten Notes category, a product must:

    Offer templates and design tools for personalized letters
    Allow users to import contact information and insert as needed within letters and for mailing purposes
    Produce letters with actual or realistic handwriting
    Offer printing services or integrate with a user’s existing print solution

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    Handwrytten is a platform for communicating with clients, prospects, friends and family. It allows businesses of all sizes to automatically scale their personal outreach through automating handwritten notes. Used by Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses alike, Handwrytten writes your message on your stationery in the handwriting style of your choice. While Handwrytten has a large selection of cards to choose from, users can also design their own stationery online, or provide custom st

    IgnitePOST is a handwritten mail service that enables businesses to develop deeper relationships with customers and prospects. We do this by combining software and robotics to send real pen & ink letters with variable penmanship indistinguishable from human handwriting. The result is a far more effective marketing channel with true ROI accountability. In fact, you can think of IgnitePOST as “Mailchimp for personalized, robotic handwritten notes.” With more authentic communication, our clie

    (7)3.6 out of 5

    Postable is the easiest way to get people's mailing addresses. Very useful for wedding invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, or just because it's nice to have them.

    (5)4.3 out of 5

    The Felt app offers several tools to customize your personal message, including different pens and inks, and a handy eraser.

    (3)5.0 out of 5

    Send handwritten cards on customizable stationery with ease.

    (3)4.2 out of 5

    Note-r-rific lets you mail handwritten notes via the US Postal Service; just like sending an email. Just select a contact, type your message, and click send.

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    Create More Pipeline with Real Handwritten Letters…sent via our Web app, API, Zapier, email or CSV

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    Sent-well specializes in the personal touch of the handwritten note. Choose your cards conveniently online, and we will handwrite your personal message inside, stamp and send them for you.

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    Thankster was originally created to fulfill a very simple mission – to greatly ease the burden of writing thank you notes and greeting cards, such as holiday cards. These cards are often expected to be written in your own handwriting, and yet they tend to be very repetitive and very numerous – and as a result, very laborious to write. Thankster makes this process simpler by letting you type in the notes, starting with a core message that you can edit individually for each recipient, if desired

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    BlueSky ETO provides a custom brand management solutions, digital asset management tools and automated marketing campaigns for brand marketers and agencies supporting global brands, hospitality, non-profits, independent dealer networks and franchises that allow provide marketers, and their channels, with streamlined tools to communicate and enable them to efficiently order, customize and control marketing materials, while maintaining brand integrity

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    Patented technology, people can add a handwritten touch to their important messages be it virtual (tweets, email, text messages) or typed but printed (greeting cards, gifts, business correspondence, books, thank you notes).

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    Allowing businesses to create emotional connections with customers via personalised handwritten communication

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    Pensaki blends the cloud with #robotics to create authentic handwritten messages that surprise & delight humans globally

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    Find out how our robotic process can reach your customers, donors, stakeholders, or guests in your handwriting, with the ease of sending an email.

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    Punkpost is the app that lets you send handwritten cards in the amount of time it takes to write a text message.

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    Handwritten letters and notes have been the longest standing form of communication ever and there is still life in it yet! With the rise of direct mail over the recent years, the biggest challenge for marketers is to get their mailings to stand out in the pile of mail on subscribers doormats. RoboQuill is a UK based handwritten letter service offering an outstanding mix of authenticity and tech to bring to businesses a handwriting service offering robotically handwritten notes and letters at a s

    0 ratings

    Scribeless is the easiest mail marketing platform for sending personalised, handwritten letters

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    Simply Noted Handwritten Notes Platform helps top Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and agencies alike by automating and scaling real pen written communication with/for their clients. Simply Noted writes your message on your stationery (or select one of ours) in the handwriting style of your choice. Simply Noted can also add company inserts, fliers, business cards, and gift cards within the envelopes. Integrate through our robust RESTful API or Zapier integration.

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    ViaNote™ can be completely customized down to handwriting style and ink color. Messages are digitally prewritten and proofed, guaranteeing accuracy, speed, and compliance.