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API marketplaces aggregate APIs and provide a place for application developers to upload, distribute, and monetize their APIs while also providing a space for consumers to discover and implement APIs for their own products. APIs enable developers to build components of an application that easily interact and interface with other applications. Likewise, they allow consumers to easily incorporate components from outside applications into their own application. For example, someone creating a travel booking app could consume the Google Maps API and incorporate it into their application. API marketplaces provide a venue for developers and consumers alike to share APIs. API marketplaces can be useful for businesses from both the consumer and developer side. For consumers, marketplaces make it easier to find and incorporate APIs into their application. By doing this, they are able to create a more powerful and user-friendly application. API developers, also called providers, use API marketplaces as a tool to increase the accessibility and universality of their application. By putting their API on a marketplace more people will be able to access it, thereby creating more visibility for their application. In addition, developers can monetize their API by selling its usage on the marketplace rather than giving it away for free. API marketplaces are used by development teams no matter whether they are API consumers or providers. Consumers will use API marketplaces to find APIs to use in the development of their own apps. Providers will use API marketplaces to offer their service in more flexible ways than their current infrastructure allows. API marketplaces make integrations between applications more convenient and efficient. They are used in conjunction with application development software like mobile development and rapid application development.

To qualify for inclusion in the API Marketplace category, a product must:

  • Be an open marketplace that allows consumers and developers to use APIs for any application
  • Provide monetization opportunities for developers
  • Provide tracking and analytics to measure usage
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    Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online services (services like Salesforce, Basecamp, and Gmail). Connect hundreds of best-in-breed SaaS apps.

    MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
    (63)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ is a leading solution for API-led connectivity that creates an application network of apps, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud. This hybrid integration platform includes iPaaS, ESB, and a unified solution for API management, design and publishing.

    IFTTT is the world’s leading connectivity platform. We help over 700 global enterprises accelerate the digital transformation of their products into integrated services, dramatically reducing their development costs while extending compatibility and lifetime value. IFTTT is the connectivity standard and low-code alternative to building your own integrations in-house. Our products have attracted 17 million consumers across 140 countries and served over 100 million activated connections. Enterpri

    Datadog is the essential monitoring service for hybrid cloud environments. The platform assists organizations in improving agility, increasing efficiency and providing end-to-end visibility across dynamic or high-scale infrastructures. By collecting metrics and events from over 200 out of the box services and technologies, Datadog enables Dev and Ops teams to ensure application uptime and accelerate go-to-market efforts. Start monitoring with Datadog effortlessly in minutes. With 200+ turn-key

    The marketplace for snippets and scripts!

    Integromat is a no-code workflow automation platform that connects apps into powerful integrations to automate any online task, from start to finish.

    Access Google Cloud Platform products from your code. Cloud APIs provide similar functionality to Cloud SDK and Cloud Console, and allow you to automate your workflows by using your favorite language. Use these Cloud APIs with REST calls or client libraries in popular programming languages.

    IBM API Connect
    (10)3.8 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    IBM API Connect allows you to create, manage, secure and socialize your APIs across hybrid cloud environments to innovate and monetize business services Quickly create APIs Discover existing APIs and back-end data sources and create new APIs faster using model-driven tools. Customize APIs Allow API owners to customize their developer portal with branding to advertise, market, socialize and sell their APIs. Manage and monitor Extract API usage and analytics data to quickly react to new opportu

    Cloud Elements
    (58)4.2 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Cloud Elements is the fastest growing API Integration Platform purpose-built for SaaS companies and enterprises. With our platform, you can connect to the ecosystem of applications that your customers and partners rely on every day. Our 100% API-based service can be embedded seamlessly into your app so your customers will never know we’re there! We turn integration into your greatest advantage. We offer a catalog of 200+ pre-built integrations, all available as RESTful APIs. Our integrations ar

    Quickly build and consume APIs in the cloud using the language of your choice with Azure App Service

    (4)4.3 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Algorithmia is DevOps for machine learning. We power the largest algorithm marketplace as well as mission-critical workloads for enterprise customers. Our technology is trusted by close to 100,000 developers as well as many financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and private companies leveraging AI/ML at scale. Productionizing ML requires a different set of IT infrastructure and workflows than traditional programming. Algorithmia solves this challenge with the AI Layer, an abstraction l

    Envato is the world's leading marketplace for creative assets & creative people.

    Pusher offers a platform of highly-scalable APIs designed to allow developers to write less code and ship their apps faster.

    Aspose.Total is an application development software that is an agenda to manipulate Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Outlook using APIs for .NET, Java, Android, and C++.

    PubNub is a Pub/Sub service for sending data between devices in real-time. It is ideal for developers building chat applications, IoT device signaling, real-time GPS location tracking, multiplayer online games, and more. Messages generally make it from publisher to subscriber in 80–100ms, regardless of their locations. It is superior to websockets and MQTT because it infinitely scales to any user volume, automatically. It also comes out-of-the-box with supplementation to Pub/Sub: like online us

    The API Catalog Cloud Service is a collection of machine-readable Open API (formerly Swagger), representing some of Oracle's most popular SaaS and PaaS applications. Use these descriptions to generate code stubs and facilitate integration between your applications and others in the Oracle Public Cloud.

    Discover, buy, and sell bitcoin-payable APIs at The 21 Marketplace

    Blockspring connects your apps to your data. Automate exports, refreshes, and warehousing.

    Mashape powers API driven Software with products such as Kong, Gelato, Galileo and API marketplace.

    RapidAPI is the world's first open source API marketplace. It allows developers to discover and connect to the world's top APIs more easily and manage multiple API connections in one place.

    With hundreds of certified, ready-to-deploy applications and integrations, the ServiceNow Store provides IT, app development, and service domains across the enterprise with a buy vs build option to get to value faster.

    Alkanyx is a software marketplace where you can find a large range of digital goodies including ready to go web apps, mobile and desktop apps, PHP scripts, Javascript Apps, Android and iOS app templates and more.

    apilayer is a technology company focused on building productivity boosting APIs and startup-friendly SaaS products.

    Automatic data extraction from articles, products, discussions and more.

    CA API Developer Portal simplifies API discovery for developers and provides them with access to enterprise data so they can get to building apps fast. Relationships with developers, partners and third parties are easily managed and analytics provide valuable operational data for optimizing your business

    Your favorite app on a secure and high-performance platform.

    Providing all the tools required to .Run your Micro-service or API Based Business.

    eBridge Connections delivers powerful, cloud-based ERP and accounting integration solutions that automate vital business processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

    Flinks is a data-driven technology partner that provides a gateway to the leading Canadian Financial Institutions – covering over 98% of all Canadian accounts. Integrating Flinks to your Business processes, you get: • Account Verification (institution, transit and account number) • ID Verification (full name, civic address, email and phone number) • Balance Verification (making sure payments clear the user’s account) • Account History Aggregation (up to 365 days of transaction) • Monthly Securi

    macgyver is an API marketplace for developers by developers.

    Macromeasures is a machine learning framework that takes raw social data and turns it into profiles on who people are and what they're interested in.

    Mashape is an API marketplace, powering thousands of APIs and applications.

    SweetHawk offers apps for Zendesk to boost productivity.

    Yappes is an online marketplace for companies to discover, compare and license Travel Technology APIs. Yappes provides a highly transparent and efficient API delivery & governance platform for both API Providers and API Consumers.

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