Best Win-Loss Analysis Services Providers

    Win-loss analysis services providers offer research services to help businesses refine ineffective sales tactics. Providers improve a sales team’s competitive win rate by researching the sales team’s approach and analyzing lost customer and prospect feedback through interviews or surveys.

    These providers help businesses that are struggling to win sales or are losing customers. Businesses benefit from win-loss analysis services providers when they don’t know what specific aspect of their sales methodology isn’t working. Providers typically help boost the effectiveness of existing sales tactics by improving demos, presentations, and customer support practices. They also help deliver key insights by obtaining feedback from lost customers and prospects regarding the sales team’s approach. Feedback questions generally involve topics about satisfaction and competitive intelligence.

    Businesses may also benefit from hiring sales training services providers alongside, or in place of win-loss analysis services providers, for a more general sales consultation. Sales training providers center on a team’s overall sales methodology, while win-loss analysis services providers focus on fixing ineffective sales practices that lead to losing customers and prospects.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Win-Loss Analysis Services Providers category, a provider must:

    Perform and deliver feedback analysis involving lost customers or prospects
    Provide sales teams with win-loss insight reports or in-person win-loss analysis
    Help sales teams craft a new sales approach or adjust existing sales tactics based on the results of the analysis

    Top 4 Win-Loss Analysis Services Providers

    • Clozd
    • DoubleCheck Research
    • Primary Intelligence
    • Anova Consulting Group

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    Clozd provides world-class services and technology for win-loss analysis. We help our clients uncover the real reasons why they win and lose, so they can start winning more. Our talented consultants design comprehensive win-loss programs based on the unique needs of each client. Clozd works with clients in a variety of B2B industries including enterprise software, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, and more.

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    DoubleCheck is an established leader in win/loss and churn research and analysis. Our team of experienced analysts design and deliver research programs for a wide range of business-to-business (B2B) technology companies. Using a structured, scalable process, we enable our clients to improve their win rates by making more informed and impactful business decisions. We align well with organizations who consider win/loss a strategic imperative and are looking for a partner who goes beyond just cond

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    Primary Intelligence is the #1 sales and marketing optimization firm that helps B2B companies uncover why they win and lose, why no decisions happen, and why customers churn with our technology-enabled win loss analysis services. We are the win loss analysis experts with two decades of experience delivering more than 40,000 recorded, transcribed, and coded buyer interviews for clients in 35 different industries. Many of the world's best sales and marketing organizations trust Primary Intelligenc

    (16)4.6 out of 5

    Anova specializes in helping B2B organizations compete more effectively. Anova's consultants debrief with decision makers from prospect organizations to uncover the real reasons why our clients win and lose, and then interpret those findings to help our clients develop an action plan to win more business. With over 20 years of experience in the space, Anova’s leaders are pioneers in win / loss analysis. Companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to early-stage disruptors have trusted Anova to pr

    (4)4.9 out of 5

    Since 1997, PSP has conducted thousands of customer win-loss interviews. PSP finds out how and why your customers make their competitive decisions and shows you the specific actions that will help you win you more business in the future. All PSP interviews are conducted by executive-level industry professionals. We put customer executives at ease and get them to talk. PSP’s confidential interviewing gets you the most candid and unbiased customer feedback. Conventional win/loss stops with an an

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    Growth Velocity provides Win/Loss Analysis for B2B software executives who need to confidently and quickly make an impact. We debrief buyers to obtain data about six milestones during their buying journey, and then transform it into actionable insight our clients use to generate more new opportunities and increase win rate.

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    Ox provides tailored B2B Win / Loss Analysis tied to your to your revenue engine. We leverage 25 years of experience growing SaaS businesses as co-founders and marketing/customer success executives. Combining quantitative and qualitative discovery, we provide key findings and strategic recommendations that help your team understand exactly how to win more deals and grow your revenue.  Providing both one-time and ongoing Win/Loss programs, our engagements utilize Psychology-based research and “m

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    With custom market research and marketing services, Cascade Insights helps companies seize opportunities in the B2B technology sector. We work with everyone from enterprise tech stalwarts to up-and-comers in fields such as FinTech, MarTech, Health Tech, and more.

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    Egress helps companies define and create the innovative products your market wants. Every client is different, but our process allows us to start wherever you are and help your organization make rapid progress.

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    Fletcher/CSI helps global clients gain competitive advantage through primary research, win/loss analysis, trade show intelligence, and strategy workshops.

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    Graff Group provide insight to help you better understand customer audiences in a deep and intimate way. Our insight allows you to create strategic solutions to deepen, expand and solidify business relationships.

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    Porter Research works with growth-minded companies to develop and execute market research programs, then design effective business strategies using market intelligence uncovered.

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    SIS International Research is a full service Global Market Research and Strategy Consulting firm with over 35 years of industry experience. Headquartered in New York City and with on-the-ground offices worldwide, SIS is uniquely positioned to offer clients in-depth insight into the global marketplace.

    Voice of Customer Research (VOC Research) was founded in 2008 in Burlington, Vermont. We have been successfully helping our B2B customers win more business and retain more customers with our Win/Loss and Customer Satisfaction in-depth interviews and analysis designed to identify the root causes and provide recommendations for future success. We specialize in detailed, pre-scheduled conversations with your customers and/or lost prospects to help you increase your revenues and profit. We provide