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Business filing and licensing agencies provide solutions to help businesses comply with filing and licensing regulations. Procedures vary based on industry and location, but most businesses are required to obtain licences and file reports with governmental agencies. Common services offered by these agencies include incorporation, registered agent enrollment, and the filing of annual reports. These services are typically designed for new businesses or organizations that are expanding or making changes to their company. Certain filings and licences are only available directly from governmental agencies. In these cases, filing and licensing agencies will typically offer advice on where to access these services. Some businesses may choose to consult with legal services before making any filing or licensing decisions. In cases of encroachment where intellectual property (IP) conflicts arise, businesses may seek a resolution by working with intellectual property litigation services.

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    Legal help is here - Tools and resources for families, entrepreneurs, and small businesses

    Corpnet is a firm that prepare and file the paperwork needed to start a business, it monitors business and alerts user about upcoming business filing due dates.

    Corporate Creations is a firm that provide incorporation services, corporate document filing, retrieval services, independent director and manager services, registered agent services, compliance and litigation services to help legal professionals, accounting professionals and businesses worldwide.

    MyCorporation is a firm that provides online document filing services to help small business and real estate investors incorporate their businesses in a reliable and affordable manner.

    At Rocket Lawyer, they want to change things by making legal services affordable, simple and available to more people than ever before. is a firm that provides traditional corporation, S corporation, and LLC formation services to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors nationwide. offers the products and services that business owners need to form and manage a company.

    3H Corporate Services is a corporate service firm that focused on assisting entrepreneurs form businesses and providing corporate support services to existing businesses of all types specialize in the provision of corporate and insurance licensing services to the insurance community.

    Outsourcing this activity gives you financial space and more time that can be used for core competencies and strategic direction for your company

    Annual Registration Managment Service is a firm that provides Annual Report Service to help company for their Annual Report requirements, it obtain, prepare, submit, file, track, confirm, and manage Annual Reports and maintain a database of all Annual Report filing history to access through a secure web site.

    Company formation online in a matter of minutes

    Blumberg Excelsior is a firm that provide corporate kits, legal forms, law office supplies and will stationery to form LLCs, corporations and nonprofits are among the company's corporate services and it also offers apostille, registered agent and trademark services as well as public record and corporate document search, preparation and filing services.

    Why should you form your LLC with Inc Authority? Inc Authority is a one-stop, full-service corporate formation specialist. Inc Authority and its family of companies have formed more than 100,000 entities in the United States. Inc Authority has been helping entrepreneurs form LLCs around the country since 1989*. We offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof. We care about your business and your future. Our support staff is dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to run

    Engineered by business license professionals who understand the intricate nature of tax, legal, accounting, and compliance departments, BLMS increases a department’s productivity by enabling users to centralize an entire business license portfolio in one secure database, automate the tedious process of acquiring new licenses, simplify the complex workflow for renewing existing licenses, and research governmental license data on the federal, state, and local levels. Like it or not, you need to m

    Carizma is an Integrated Contract, Alliance, Royalty, IP Management Solution, easy to use, web based, cost effective.

    Author of the books Insider's Guide to Asset Protection and Build Your Financial Castle, on asset protection from lawsuits.

    Direct Incorporation is a firm that manages all forms and deadlines required to keep a small business legally active by providing services such as Incorporation, Logo Design, Websites, Domains, Email, Compliance, Trademark Research and Software.

    Business filings for legal and business professionals.

    Harbor Compliance is a firm that provides nationwide business and nonprofit compliance solutions including absorption of transfer fees, compliance calendar, form library, and online user account

    Strategic marketing agency working to make your business thrive. We specialize in marketing strategy development and achieve excellence in execution.

    An organization that specilizes in Incorporating your business online. document filing service firm that specializing in the information of business entities.

    IncFast is a firm that provide self service solution to assists companies with filing of corporate and LLC documents with the Secretary of State offices and it also offer corporate kits, expedited filings, federal tax id number applications, s-corp applications, and more.

    InCorp Services is a corporate services firm that provides registered agent, resident agent, corporate filing, governance tools, and related services to companies, smaller law firms, accounting firms, and businesses worldwide, it include accepting legal documents and notifications from a state office on behalf of a corporate entity.

    Form your LLC for FREE,.Quick and Easy Formation. LLCINC is a new and innovative entity formation services company.

    MaxFilings provides an online incorporation services that allows user to incorporate business right away or organize and save all information, it also offer business formation services for corporations and LLCs as well as supporting services that help make life easier for today's entrepreneurs. And to help in researching, we offer a wealth of information in our online incorporation knowledge center.

    MyCompanyWorks, Inc. provides incorporation, LLC formation and business entity managements services in all 50 states and DC to clients worldwide. is an online incorporation provider that help to start with forming new companies in every state and include many additional oferings, such as obtaining Federal Tax IDs, applying for Sales Tax Vendor IDs and S-Corporation status, and ordering company kit and seal.

    National Corporate Research is a registered agent firm that provide nationwide statutory representation, corporate and secured transaction services, legislative and government agency research services and offers a variety of library services for law librarians.

    Northwest Registered Agent LCC offers Registered Agent & Business Filing Services.

    Precision Corporate Services is a firm that specializing in nationwide due diligence, ucc, lien and litigation searching as well as corporate filings, ucc filings, document retrievals and much more, it provides personalized brand of service, attention to detail and professional demeanor.

    RASi is a professional registered agent service firm that provide quality solutions to business entities of all types and sizes throughout the world including corporate filings, document retrievals, national registered agent services (statutory representation), public record searches, advanced entity management, and efficient corporate compliance.

    Simple Filings is a firm that provide online document preparation and submission services including EIN, DBA, LLC, Corporation, Federal Tax ID.

    Swyft Filings is a business formation firm that specialize in the incorporation of small and medium sized businesses.

    United Corporate Services is a firm that provides UCC, corporate, and registered agent services to the legal and financial community, it offers UCC and related filing and searching services, such as document preparation, state and county level UCC searches and filings, federal and state tax liens, judgments, suits, and bankruptcy; and document retrieval, including good standing certificates, tax certificates, and certified and plain copies of charter documents.

    URS Agents Registered Agent firm that provide services to ensure any official communication and every service of process is handled correctly, professionally and tailored according to user specific instructions.

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