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Energy consulting providers offer energy management consulting services to assist businesses with reducing energy costs and managing risks associated with operational energy. Energy consultants analyze a business' average energy consumption and overall operational requirements in an effort to execute sustainable energy solutions within budget.

Energy consulting providers help businesses immediately lower energy costs and maintain low energy bills by recommending low-energy or no-energy solutions. Businesses that incorporate energy consultants also benefit from positive environmental impacts as well. Consultants focus on a strategic approach to reducing both energy consumption and the cost of energy consumption for a business. Consultants also typically offer long-term advice for energy management strategies.

Energy management software is often used by energy consultants to measure and monitor energy usage and costs in real time. Energy consultants might also rely on sustainability management software for strategizing long-term energy costs for a business, or may recommend the software to businesses as a long-term energy management strategy.

To qualify for inclusion in the Energy Consulting Providers Category, a services provider must:

  • Measure and monitor a business’ energy costs and strategize methods to reduce consumption and cost
  • Produce energy consumption reports or insights for the business
  • Provide immediate and long-term solutions for reducing energy cost and consumption

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    Helps public and private building owners, energy utilities and government agencies make the most of their energy resources.

    Antea Group specializes in energy management and supporting clients with identifying and implementing high-value solutions and zero-capital improvements that lower operating costs and create efficiencies. We believe that integrating a robust energy-optimization strategy into everyday operating practices minimizes risk and improves your bottom line.

    Arthur D. Little helps companies integrate sustainability into their business strategies. They offer a comprehensive approach to sustainability that delivers real business benefits in the short and long term our approach is rooted in strategy, technology and innovation.

    Making the right choices in sustainable energy management

    Energy Edge Consulting is committed to working with clients to bring value by developing and implementing comprehensive energy management strategies. Energy Edge also works with firms to assess business development opportunities in the energy industry. Energy Edge is uniquely positioned to provide in depth analysis on investments in energy technology and business development opportunities given the diverse backgrounds of the team.

    Energy Management Consulting Group (EMCG) provides building owners and facility managers with sustainable energy solutions that are cost effective and practical with tangible benefits. Our holistic approach consists of looking very closely at building envelope, lighting and HVACR systems, and other building services, and hence, provide sound recommendations that would help clients meet their energy challenges.

    Provides Building Systems Commissioning, Asset Management, and Facility Assessment services.

    Facility Engineering Associates (FEA) is an engineering and facility management consulting firm delivering quality services to our clients

    ISG Energy stands out from the competitive market because we are truly independent and unbiased advisors to our clients. The energy industry's consolidation of suppliers, consultants, and equipment manufacturers has only increased the value of having an independent third party that can come alongside their clients and help make decisions to maximize value for the end consumer.

    Designed to support and improve your existing processes and systems, providing greater transparency and control over your energy costs.

    NV5 is a provider of engineering and consulting services to public and private sector clients, delivering solutions through five business verticals: Construction Quality Assurance, Infrastructure, Energy, Program Management, and Environmental. With offices nationwide and abroad, NV5 helps clients plan, design, build, test, certify, and operate projects that improve the communities where we live and work.

    An international consulting and engineering company that serves clients globally across the energy, industry and infrastructure sectors.

    Sieben Energy Associates optimizes energy-consuming systems and practices to reduce operating costs while enhancing comfort and productivity.

    Tradition Energy helps clients reduce energy consumption and emissions as part of adopting more sustainable business practices. It provides an integrated set of business processes, tools and capabilities to reduce energy costs, improve supply alternatives and manage associated risks.

    Verde Solutions is a turn-key, full service energy consulting firm. They work with all entities from municipalities, large industrial and commercial companies to small businesses across the country.

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