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Catering companies have specific needs to manage food processing and distribution, which are addressed by catering software. This type of software primarily helps caterers with order management, production planning, delivery, and invoicing. Some solutions also provide features that support marketing and sales efforts. Catering software enables catering companies to plan food production according to customer demand and increase the accuracy of their deliveries. Catering software can also help with analyzing the efficiency and the quality of the services that they deliver.

Taking into account that catering can be a critical part of organizing events, this type of software needs to integrate with event management software. While payment processing functionality is usually included in catering software, some catering solutions integrate with payment processing software. Most catering software solutions also integrate with accounting software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Catering category, a product must:

  • Allow users to create and update menus, which can be shared with customers via web portals, social media, and more
  • Manage customer orders and schedule deliveries
  • Process orders to create the type of food purchased by customers
  • Include multiple payment options and payment processing functionality
  • Allocate and manage personnel during events
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    Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Catering is a full-featured customer- and event- management application that seamlessly integrates with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management System to maximize group sales and streamline execution of meetings and events.

    Total Party Planner is a catering and banquet management software that gives you the choice to access your data from anywhere along with security, customer service and features to help you with your business.

    Catering management software built by caterers for caterers. The TRAX Platform powers kitchens and streamlines customer ordering for managed hospitality providers supporting multiple lines of business. We leverage our learned best practices to implement scalable solutions that enable our partners to elevate their unique brand of hospitality.

    Spoonfed is designed to make your drop-off catering business work better, increasing profits while making your life easier. By automating processes and the transfer of information, you'll exceed customers' expectations and have more time to grow your business. With modules covering customer online ordering, back office order management, production lists, delivery planning, invoicing, menu creation, reporting and e-marketing, Spoonfed makes drop-off catering simple and efficient.

    MONKEY is an online catering platform with account, production, and delivery management that provides online ordering, mobile capabilities, phone orders and more to help manage your business.

    An end-to-end, proven sales and catering system for mid- and large-size organizations, the Amadeus Sales & Event Management’s Advanced module (encompassing our former solutions Delphi and Delphi.FDC) meets the needs of sales, marketing, catering, banquet, food & beverage and management teams. Available in on-premises or cloud versions, the module’s secure, scalable foundation continues to expand capabilities as it adds mobile, automation and collaboration functionality expected by the c

    Event professionals can finally curate the thousands of pieces that come with every event and be perfectly profitable. From the form on the website until picking up at strike, Curate helps the professional be in complete control. Everything from proposals that consider COGS, to rental management, to merge 12 supplier lists for a single week. It even has drag and drop from Pinterest! Finally a way that tasks can be delegated to team members with complete confidence that they'll get done.

    CaterPro for Windows is a catering management software that helps you make your banquet and event business with functions that help you from the order process through setup and invoicing.

    CaterXpert is a catering management solution that helps you run your business by managing efficiency, growth and events with features and practices to help manage workflow.

    Curate COGS helps event professionals increase their profitability and minimize waste.

    ReServe Cloud is a software solution that helps manage the process of prospecting, booking and managing catered events by automatically generating and updating documents and correspondence, coordinating menus, pricing and more.

    Better Cater is a catering software solution that helps you manage food costs and proposals, while tracking expenses and costs, and managing your customers and prospects in one place.

    CaterEdge is an integrated catering management software program that automates the management of your catering business with customized proposes, cost control, event management, a calendar interface, and more.

    Cater-Flex is a catering and event management system that produces contracts, invoices, and letters with features and functions to help manage productivity, efficiency, and more.

    CATERMAN provides an internet-based facility for creating and serving recipes for large-scale catering operations. Primary targets are school/educational meals services, hospital hotel services, large industrial staff restaurants/factory canteens, and any organisation providing catering services on a large scale.

    CaterWare is a catering software program that helps manage efficiency, profitability, and client responsiveness by providing account management, event management, list management and more

    Designed for the needs of off-premise and drop-off caterers: operations, sales & marketing. Unlimited users/events/orders. Create proposals with electronic signature contracts built in, events, BEOs, offer Online Ordering and more. Rapid Order Interface allows easy, single-page event and proposal creation. Drag-and-drop Kitchen Production Reports allows you to build reports that are actually used. Delivery Manager and Uber-like App allows you to quickly route deliveries & thrill clients.

    FoodStorm is a web-based software solution that provides features under one system to help you manage your business.

    If you are looking for a simple way to streamline your business, make bookings easy, manage your menus, roster your staff... and generally organise your events better, Function Tracker for Caterers (formerly Catering Tracker) software is the easiest way.

    ReServe Interactive designs dynamic and intuitive software for catering and event management, and dining reservations and table management. The software allows for the management of single unit and/or multi-unit restaurants, on- and off-premise catering operations and event facilities.

    ABC Event Manager allows you to pursue new business rather than waiting for it by including meeting coordination and planning, catering food and beverage services, client management tools and more.

    Aero-Chef is an web-based enterprise software solution designed for aviation catering industries that helps keep track of fleet informations, menu management, galley planning, inventory at site and off-site and creates detailed MIS reports.

    We digitize the trade of agricultural inputs.

    Area101 is a web ordering solution designed to provide an ordering process for pick up and deliver with the ability to sell online with functions to help you manage ordering, organization, security and more.

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