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Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile apps helping over 280,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the "whys" behind their users' actions. Eliminate the guesswork and discover real, actionable reasons. With a unique feature set, Smartlook finally gives you a way to understand user behavior at the micro level. Always-on visitor recordings show you what every last visitor does on your website or app, while automatic event tracking lets you know how (and

Roderic A.
I have used Hotjar for a while but i always found the interface confusing. I switched to Smartlook and it's much easier with less time consuming... Read review
Pedro F.
The feature we most use about Smartlook is the funnel recordings and the breakdowns by event properties. It makes it very easy for our marketing... Read review
(973)4.5 out of 5
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Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. With automatic and intelligent observability at scale, our all-in-one platform delivers precise answers about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure and the experience of all users to enable organizations to innovate faster, collaborate more efficiently, and deliver more value with dramatically less effort. That’s why many of the world’s largest enterprises trust D

Rebecca  D.
It has been an efficient platform for working in professional ways. It helps us in analyzing the previous production related issues. It has brought... Read review
Christian L.
Great toolkit, quick and solid provisioning. Helped a lot in diagnosis of a complex performance issue with multiple parties involved. Even with... Read review
(193)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:FREE

Hotjar's Behavior Analytics software makes it easy to go beyond traditional web analytics and understand what users are really doing on your site. - Better understand user behavior - Make the right changes - Improve UX & improve conversions

The best thing I like about Hotjar is how easy it is to see the click, move, scroll heatmaps. Really like how I can quickly see what and how many... Read review
Was able to heatmap and record for up to 3 key pages using the free version Read review
(115)4.7 out of 5

LogRocket records what users do on your site so that you can reproduce bugs and fix issues faster.

Full access to console and network debug information. Read review
Andrei S.
Visibility -- ability to dive into a session, see what the user was doing and discover any issues they might have had while using your app. Clean... Read review
(114)4.5 out of 5
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FullStory’s digital experience platform empowers businesses to continuously improve the digital customer experience across sites and apps. At the core of FullStory’s platform is a powerful analytics engine that connects digital interactions to the metrics that matter most to businesses. FullStory proactively surfaces top opportunities to optimize digital experience, enabling teams to understand issues, prioritize fixes, remediate bugs, and measure the impact of those changes. With FullStor

Shanu K.
To give a background. We are a startup and had been using Fullstory for almost 2 years. The product is good with features such as: - Checking live... Read review
Alex S.
We have been using the free version for a while and it's been of great value. We're now undergoing a trial of certain Enterprise features to try... Read review
(105)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 (free)

Mouseflow is a behavior analytics platform used by more than 165.000 digital marketing, UX, Product, Startups and Enterprise clients to optimize their website experiences. With Mouseflow, you can: • Find out what happens between your visitors' clicks through watching video recordings of their sessions. • Build 6 types of heatmaps for all your pages automatically to understand what is getting their attention. • Set up funnels to watch where and why your visitors drop. • Use form analytics to imp

Katinka D.
The many different options in the dashboard Read review
For the price they charge, the tools you get to view heatmaps, see mouse movement recordings, and other basic analytics, is one of the best deals I... Read review
(94)4.2 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$29 /month

Since 2005, Crazy Egg has helped hundreds of thousands of website owners pay attention to every website visitor, so they can get the most out of every website visit. With access to 5 different types of heatmaps, a visitor recordings/session replay tool, A/B testing, AND surveys, you have the complete package to transform your business by improving your user experience.

Crazy egg gives you in a glance what exactly your visitors are doing, where they are clicking, what areas are not visible to them, what is most... Read review
Crazy Egg provides valuable insight into the performance of our site. The A/B testing tool has helped us see which web page variants work best for... Read review
(21)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:0$ 2 000 pages

To achieve the maximum level of conversion, you need to analyze a whole bunch of important statistics. It’s necessary to know traffic sources, scroll depth, understand which website elements users click the most often, and monitor usability. Based on this information you can develop an action plan to increase conversion. Plerdy is designed to automatically collect all data that can show how to grow conversion. Users get access to a click heatmap and SEO alerts. With this tool, you can also creat

Helga Z.
It's a very simple tool with huge opportunities to popups creating. What do I like most of all? Frankly, low price and cool features. I set up a... Read review
Valerie T.
The tool is really easy to use and the design is great. You don't need to be a programming or design guru to add a pop-up to your resource. Plerdy... Read review
(22)4.6 out of 5
Entry Level Price: $42 monthly

LiveSession is a web analytics software with session replays. You can use it to solve your customers problems, find answers about how your product is used, and optimize overall experience in your web application.

A lot of options, very good recording (even ajax / SPA). Very friendly interface, many filters Read review
Paweł K.
LiveSession is a cost-effective and extensive tool to analyse your customers. Additionally, you can easily build funnels using advanced filtering... Read review
(18)4.3 out of 5

Do you know why your visitors don't convert? Lucky Orange will help you answer the question of why 99% of visitors that visit your site never turn into customers. It's one of those tools that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it. Visitor recordings, live chat, heat maps, form analytics, polls, and more.

Aimee L.
It has a very easy setup process and has an excellent services. I love the smooth integration with HubSpot and flexible reporting features. It is... Read review
Ease of use - fast to get results and friendly user interface Read review
(19)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:49€ website/month

The first ever UX Automation tool to quickly improve conversion, turn frustrated users into happy customers and build significant market advantage thanks to pre-analysing UX and finding the behavioural patterns. - Experience Metrics (user’s behaviour patterns) - Business goals tracking - Conversion waterfalls - Entire visits recording - Heatmaps - Smart alerts

It's a great little tool, especially given the price, but it doesn't allow enough flexibility to be your main on-site research tool. Read review
Le N.
It helps us to track and analyze most of the happened events on the customer journey. The real-time data +multi-tab recording made us choose them... Read review
(73)4.4 out of 5
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AB Tasty is a global leader in feature management, experimentation and personalization solutions, helping businesses launch better products faster and drive more conversions, engagement, and revenue on all their digital assets and channels. We provide marketing, product, and technical teams with a comprehensive brand and product experience optimization platform, allowing them to turn website, mobile or application visitors into customers, subscribers or leads, while delivering outstanding custom

Segmentation is great. You can slice and dice cohorts in simple ways to deliver an A/B test to any specific patient. It's also very easy to manage... Read review
I like how easily all my data is shown in one place to accurately by able to determine a test winner. It allows for reliable and accurate data to... Read review
(48)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 0 na MONTH

Custom monitoring, analytics and automation platform to boost UX, at a fraction of the time and cost, and our help included at no cost. Traditional APM/BPM/CEM/DEM/RUM/Automation are expensive, lack customization, and have poor issue detection, automation and alert relay. But our software platform, germainAPM, offers teams a fully customizable, cost-effective APM/BPM/DEM/RUM/Automation that is cloud-based or on-premise and performs an automatic root-cause analysis of issues as well as a recorde

Ali N.
1- I liked the whole functionality and session replay feature. 2- Integration was super easy in Drupal and instructions were clear and defined 3-... Read review
Volodymyr V.
The GermainAPM is an interesting solution for the monitoring of work of applications. It has huge functionality and able to monitor a lot of... Read review
(7)4.4 out of 5
Entry Level Price:From $69.99 per month

Reactflow highlights visual and logical reasons why your visitors are not turning into customers and ensure a seamless sales funnel to gain faster ROI. Reactflow playback your customer's activity recordings as a video, Compile Heatmaps, Funnel Analytics, Bugs, Console Logs and provide feedbacks which helps you to understand customer's pain points, solve them and produce outstanding flows.

It was very detailed, almost to a fault. There is a lot at your finger tips to get the most out of it. And a lot of data you didn’t realize your... Read review
Naveen Kumar B.
Easy implementation Simple ,Intuitive Dashboard Free Plan is good enough for many users. Read review
(4)4.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 per month Paid Annually

Browsee - Stop Guessing 🤦‍♀️, Start Acting 💪 ✔ AI Tags on sessions - With 5% of sessions, understand 100% of user issues ✔ Page Story - Get actionable insights to improve your landing pages ✔ User Board - Identify users to analyze engagement and understand their problems. Get direct session URLs in your chat tools! ✔ Add Your Own Graphs - Quick analytics for Clicks, Pages, Segments, and Referrals. ✔ Create Funnels and Segments on User Actions - No code required ✔ Limited Recordings for Safety an

Ashok T.
To my website, I don't want to add google analytics or anything which tracks users after leaving my site so looked for alternatives then I found... Read review
Subhajeet D.
Browsee helped us solve customer issues faster by getting realtime product analytics through recorded sessions, tagged circles helped in... Read review
(20)4.1 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$29 10,000 visitors/month

Zoho PageSense is a conversion optimization and personalization platform, designed to boost website conversions and revenue by tracking the visitor journey. The platform combines the power of web analytics, A/B testing, and personalization to help you make informed business decisions. See how many visitors come to your website, understand their behavior, and offer them a personalized website experience—all of this without having to juggle between multiple apps. With PageSense, you can Track k

Andrew C.
Our research group for SiD regularly communicates through pagesense and makes use of other zoho products. It has good metrics tools to track our... Read review
Optimization suggestions to your current webpage layout allows you to see how suggested layout changes would look without having to make any actual... Read review
(2)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$16/month

Howuku is an all-in-one experience optimization platform to help website visually understand incoming traffic and visitors behavior via heatmap and feedback.

Marco K.
Besides the attractive price, I love the fact I can now see the behavior (clicks and scroll on a heatmap) segmented by traffic. Now I can see if... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free 5,000 visitors/month

FigPii is a conversion optimization platform that allows you to identify problem areas on your site and test your solutions to ensure they increase conversions. The platform includes heatmaps, session replay videos, online polling, and AB testing.

Fernando Adrian O.
Very easy to use, the visualization of the recorded sessions are very easy to analyze, they make constant improvements. Read review
0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$0

With ConverTiger you can see video recordings of what users do on your website. Spot roadblocks for your users - Fix the money-leaking issues - Convert them into happy customers. You need 0 money and less than a minute to start.

(2)5.0 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:Free

CustomerLabs CDP is a no-code customer data platform that helps ecommerce, SaaS, B2B and Agency marketers to track, identify, segment, sync & analyze their customer data. The platform helps marketers orchestrate personalized campaigns across channels without depending on their developers. Track and combine the customer data you want from your website, app, CRM, email, service & offline channels. With identity resolution, you can map anonymous users and their activities across platforms

Bruce M.
Customerlabs gave us the ability to easily recreate our segmented CRM lists as audience in all our ad platforms and we were thus able to generate... Read review
0 ratings

"VisitorLAB helps you to improve user experience and increase conversion by providing insights through visualizing users' behavioral actions on your website." VisitorLAB helps you to improve user experience and increase conversion rates by providing insights through visualizing users' behavioral actions on your website. It's an empowerment tool to create the best customer experience. You can stop guessing and stop spending your web development budget blindly with the help of VisitorLAB's heatm

(1)5.0 out of 5

It’s not about Search— It’s about Discovery. At Wisdom’s core is the idea that relentlessly iterating and continuously improving the customer journey is the core workflow of modern SaaS- and that means querying app frictions and user frustrations must be as accessible and ubiquitous as SQL databases. With Session Replay, DevTools logging and a product-focused CRM all rolled into one, Wisdom combines all the best front-end user monitoring tools to help your entire product team proactively uncove

I like that we are able to trace order numbers and pros so easily Read review

Top 10 Free Session Replay Software in 2021

  • Smartlook
  • Dynatrace
  • Hotjar
  • LogRocket
  • FullStory

Learn More About Session Replay Software

What is Session Replay Software?

Session replay software allows businesses to capture and analyze a visitor’s interaction on a website. Session replay software captures aspects like mouse movements, typing, scrolling, swiping, and time spent on certain parts of a page. After session replay software gathers the data from a user interaction, the software then reproduces a video recording based on the user’s interaction with the website. This allows businesses to see exactly how a user interacted with their website. While other conversion rate optimization software such as heat maps indicate where a user is spending the majority of their time on a website, it doesn’t offer the answer to why they are spending so much time on a particular part of a website page. Session replay software mitigates this issue by focusing in on the why and formulating meaningful conclusions based on actual user experiences and data.

An important aspect to note about session replay is that although many session replay tools offer video replays of a user’s session on a website, these aren’t live screen recordings of a user’s time spent on the website. Rather these videos are simulated videos based on the events that occurred when the user was on the website. In this sense they are more of a recreation rather than an actual video recording.

Key Benefits of Session Replay Software

  • Improve the functionality and usability of the business’ website through analyzing visitor behavior
  • Identify bugs and other errors in computer code on the business’ website
  • Proactively help customers by identifying the most common pain points in the customer journey
  • Improve product marketing by identifying users’ likes and dislikes

Why Use Session Replay Software?

Session replay software is all about getting a better picture of the typical customer journey. This software aims to answer a multitude of questions such as where is traffic coming from, which design elements are attracting clicks, how do users interact with promotions and calls to action (CTAs), how far are visitors scrolling down the page, and why do customers leave a website. Having answers to these questions allow businesses to make informed decisions on how to improve the overall functionality and performance of their website.

Identify bugs — Consumers quickly leave a website if they notice it’s taking too long to load or if there are website bugs or other technical issues. IT teams use session replay software to identify at which point in the customer journey is a consumer leaving and whether or not this is due to a technical issue. After identifying the problem they work on potential solutions to improve the overall functionality of the site.

Boost conversion rates — Nothing is more useful to a business than understanding what users like and dislike about the website and brand. Through session replay software businesses are able to check the most common points at which users are abandoning the website. This provides actionable data points where something needs to be improved which in turn keeps customers on the website longer and boosts conversion rates.

Who Uses Session Replay Software?

Session replay software is truly a cross functional tool that is used by teams looking to identify trends on a website’s functionality and performance. For marketers it is about seeing how often a user clicks on a promotion, or for IT teams identifying areas where visitors are stalling and running into technical issues. Whatever the use case, session replay software is an invaluable tool in a businesses tech stack.

IT teams — Session replay software unveil a variety of bugs and other technical issues that may arise while a customer is navigating through a website. This helps IT and product development teams identify these issues and fix them to improve the usability of the website.

UX designers — User experience designers extrapolate heaps of data from session replay software that help them make more informed decisions on how to best improve the customer experience and the usability of their website. For example, UX designers see what elements consumers use to navigate from one page to another, how visitors interact with CTA buttons, how long it takes for customers to get to a checkout page, and more.

Session Replay Software Features

Traffic control — Traffic control settings allow users to decide the percentage of visitor sessions they would like to record. This allows users to only focus on a small sample rather than diving into countless user sessions which is quite time consuming.

Segmented recordings — Session replay software allows users to decide at which points in a customer journey they’d like to record. For example, if a business wants to know how customers are navigating their product listings, they may choose to start recording the customer only when they get to the product listing section. This saves time for businesses that only want to focus on one aspect of the customer journey.

Engagement score — Session replay software provides users an engagement score for each visitor session which measures the level of involvement from any given user. The engagement score is a good indicator of whether or not it’s worthwhile to analyze the session replay.

Filtered search — Alongside an engagement score, another feature that helps users identify the most relevant session replays is through filtered searches. Filtered searches allow users to look up session replays based on traffic source, customer location, type of devices, and other relevant parameters.

Notifications — Notification features allow users to set up email or notifications that alert users whenever a session replay has been completed.

Potential Issues with Session Replay Software

Missing context — Although session replay software is quite helpful with providing live looks into how customers are interacting with the website, there still may be some times where there is no explanation for why a user abandoned the website. This missing context for businesses that look into these session replays can be frustrating as it results in wasted time and incorrect hypotheses.

Privacy risks — Many regulators and industry leaders recognize the privacy issues with recording personal customer data without the visitor knowing. While recording a user’s clicks may not raise any red flags, it becomes more of an issue if a customer is inputting personal data such as financial, medical, and password data. Regulators definitely see the risks of session replay software and are actively looking at ways to enforce businesses into notifying customers before they reach a site that they may have their screens recorded. Regardless, businesses must recognize this as a potential breach of trust with customers if they choose to use session replay software for purposes outside of improving website functionality.