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Patient case management software improves quality of care and, ultimately, patient experience by optimizing the coordination of care across a hospital, practice, or ancillary care clinic. Patient case management software centralizes aspects of patient care such as scheduling, charting, treatment planning, and medical billing to accurately determine the health status of a patient. Case managers can utilize patient case management software to facilitate clinical communication and collaboration, as well as deliver better post-discharge care. Therefore, patients, too, benefit from effective patient case management software, which can offer them personalized services tools similar to an interactive patient care system (IPC) that they would have had access to during treatment.

To qualify for inclusion in the Patient Case Management category, a product must:

  • Provide doctors, physicians, and other health care professionals quick and efficient access to patients’ health data
  • Track and monitor patient data throughout the entire patient care delivery cycle
  • Assist in routine practice management tasks such as clinical documentation and medical staff scheduling
  • Facilitate and support clinical communication and collaboration across the health care org

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    Better care coordination that lets you focus on better care

    AccuCare allows clinicians in substance abuse treatment and behavioral health to quickly and easily enter client information and track outcomes. The web-based system allows the database to be accessed from any computer with internet access, giving clinicians a centralized and integrated workflow.

    ACUITYnxt's clinician-designed screens allow users to manage cases in a way that makes sense without unnecessary clicks, confusing screens, or endless searching for information.

    Altai Oncology Suite is a chemotherapy management suite with a built-in cancer registry system.

    Carefully designed in consultation with users and practitioners to be easily understood and mastered. Its logic and design are tailored to clinical practice; clinical practice need not be tailored to the system.

    A charting application that actually fits with your workflow.

    CaseTrakker products provide a comprehensive care management solution designed to ensure that your users always have the most up-to-date information and the tools to manage their members efficiently.

    Casewatch Millennium is a multi-user, interactive database management system designed to meet the needs of diverse organizations whose missions range from direct provision of healthcare to social services case management to monitoring providers of care.

    A unique, Cloud- and mobile-based population health management platform, with a focus on the patient engagement.

    Dermatology-specific EMR capable of automating repetitive snippets of information for standard diagnoses.

    Enterprise Master Provider Index helps to consolidate disparate provider data into a single source to streamline processes in credentialing, scheduling, and revenue cycle management across the enterprise.

    Halo is a case management system designed to support a wide range of client-centered services across the health and social care sectors.

    KEPRO Case Management improves the health of members while decreasing care costs associated with episodic health events.

    MedCompass is a fully integrated, outcome-driven solution that allows you to improve patient experience and quality of care and reduce costs to achieve the Triple Aim, while also enhancing the work life of healthcare providers.

    UHP is an integrated practice management, medical billing, electronic health recording and appointment scheduling solution. UHP are suitable for healthcare practices of all sizes and enable users to coordinate patient care while complying with health care reform demands.

    NeoData is a multi-user data system for Neonatology designed to assist in daily patient management from admission through discharge and to produce major NICU patient documentation.

    NextGate's Relation Registry enhances care coordination by providing a patient-centered view of data across systems. Providers can easily identify who else is on their patient's care team as well as who should receive patient summaries, lab reports and other important documentation.

    An online medical records software for clinics and hospitals across India for easy accessibility of patient information.

    It can support a small clinic or hospital in managing patient personal, medical, and billing records through an easy to use Swing user interface.

    This software can used by dentist to maintain daily records of their patient. It is simple to use and no installation is required System requirement is just MS Access should be installed.

    PiMS , Patient Information Management Solutions is a fully integrated software suite designed with physicians and clinics in mind. This user-friendly software is designed to save time, increase efficiency and speed up the flow of patients in a variety of healthcare settings.

    Electronic pen and paper technology for clinical research / CRO.

    Qunote is a patient case management software that was designed for occupational therapists, case managers, and vocational rehabilitation providers.

    Seneca combines case and practice management into a single, intuitively designed legal software solution that supports your exact needs. Seneca helps you to work more efficiently so that you can spend more time on your cases , from more accurate reporting to easier management of both your documents and financials.

    Sinq is an integrated cloud and mobile first platform empowering health plans and care providers to focus on delivering exceptional care.

    SmartID Platform (Enterprise Master Patient Index) includes real-time duplicate and overlay detection and robust enterprise-wide patient search based on an algorithm in matching patient records.

    SmartSimple CMS360 is a platform for designing and deploying solutions that help insurers, health care providers and independent medical examiners gather the right content, make more accurate decisions, and take action to advance business outcomes.

    Sumac is a leading case management and services delivery system designed for a broad range of human service organizations including: counselling, support groups, mental and behavioral health, hospices, disability support, international relief, human services, food banks, shelters, outreach, education, mediation, and residential services.

    Vynca is a comprehensive solution for advance care planning.

    Welkin is patient management software, which guides your team to better care. They configure your patient program into workflows that tell health workers when to do what, ensuring patients get care exactly when they need it.

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