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Mileage tracking software tracks and manages the distances traveled by employees for business purposes. This type of software is used to log miles for reimbursement and tax purposes. Mileage tracking tools are used by mobile employees such as salespeople, field service technicians, or project managers. Accountants also use mileage tracking solutions to calculate travel costs, while department managers utilize these products to review and approve expenses.

Mileage tracking software can be provided as a standalone product or as a part of travel and expense software. When delivered separately, mileage tracking software needs to integrate with expense management software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Mileage Tracking category, a product must:

  • Allow employees to log miles automatically
  • Use location-based technology to improve tracking
  • Differentiate between types of travel such as business or personal
  • Include workflows for managers to approve expenses
  • Provide standard and custom reimbursement programs
  • Track fixed and variable costs related to travel
  • Analyze costs and savings by employee, team, or company
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    MileIQ provides automatic mileage tracking for deductions and expenses. Whether you're a self-employed worker looking for a mileage deduction or a large company that wants to get a handle on mileage expenses reports, MileIQ is automatic, easy and accurate.

    Everlance is the highest rated milage tracker and expense log. The Everlance Teams product provides company administrators with central reporting, group billing, and geolocation insights into their field workers. Employees ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses use Everlance to manage their mileage and expense reimbursement process. Everlance is extremely easy to use and has been featured by both Apple and Google as one of their "Best New Apps". Everlance is a 100% automatic sol

    Fyle is the world’s most advanced expense management software. Fyle helps employers earn time and improve financial productivity by introducing expense management automation. For employees, expense reporting turns real-time, thanks to a wide range of handy tools. Fyle accommodates every employer’s modern needs with employee business trips, advances, custom policies, expense analytics and more. In addition to real-time visibility into business expenses, employers can create and enforce custom ex

    Motus is a vehicle management and reimbursement platform available for companies with mobile employees.

    SureMileage represents the last piece of the puzzle, providing companies with an accurate accounting of employee mileage. It is so much more than mileage tracking software.

    Meets your mileage tracking needs, so you can easily maximize your mileage deductions or simplify your reimbursement procedures.

    Hurdlr is a smart mobile app for independent workers, freelancers and solopreneurs to seamlessly manage their "business" finances in seconds. Not days, hours, or even minutes.

    Logbook Mileage Tracker is the simple, fast, and accurate way to keep tabs on your business travel mileage — or kilometers if you’re outside the U.S.

    Mileage Trakker is a product and service that helps you easily track the number of miles you drive for expense reimbursement or tax deductions. Mileage Trakker monitors vehicle trips, then asks (via text) whether a trip was business or personal. You fill in the purpose of the trip, and we do the rest.

    MileCatcher provide driving apps that saves users time and money. Easiest way to produce driving mileage reports for expense reimbursement and tax deductions

    StreetSmart offers turnkey, mobile workforce management solutions including Jobs, Forms, Timesheets, Mileage, and Track & Trace.

    Provides IRS approved FAVR (Fixed and variable Rate) programs, along with other reimbursement solutions for companies with 10 to over 7000 employees on the road

    Effortless mileage logging. Straightforward reporting. Painless management. Suitable for any driver and any business.

    CarData allows clients to simplify the administrative tasks associated with VRPs, gain improved employee satisfaction, and save money. Managed VRPs are delivered using enhanced technology, resulting in fewer manual processes. Second version cloud systems allow CarData to keep costs down and pass the savings along to the client.

    MileageWIZ is the only mileage log software in the world that allows you to create a 100+ page IRS conforming mileage log for the entire year in minutes or easily keep a log throughout the year.

    Simplify the way you submit, authorise, reimburse and audit employee business expenses. Online or with our next generation Expenses Mobile app, the expenses software enables your employees to scan their receipts and capture their mileage with GPS accuracy, right from their smartphones wherever they are. Designed to bring you proven savings with up to a 20% decrease in expense spend whilst significantly driving down process costs and improving compliance. You can enjoy maximum VAT reclamation an

    With timr you and your team easily track working time, project times as well as mileage. timr can be used via the web application and via our mobile apps which also include GPS tracking.

    Do you get reimbursed by your company for mileage, work a side job, or run your own business? The TripLog mileage app is the best tool for you to save time, maximize tax deductions, and submit mileage expenses.

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