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Market research services perform in-depth research and reporting into a variety of markets. These companies also analyze market activity to provide businesses with custom market insight and new perspectives into their own marketing campaigns. Insights are showcased via reports, infographics, and ad-hoc deliverables. Market research providers typically incentivize a consumer panel of market research participants to help gain market-related insights. Consumer participants provide insight into a marketplace by sharing what marketing efforts they’ve observed, their opinion on marketing efforts, and their personal information, such as demographics, location, and age. Technology companies can utilize technology research services for tech-related insights.

Business can utilize the expertise provided by market research companies to gain competitive knowledge, obtain relevant market research reports, and obtain a general understanding of their market.

To qualify for inclusion in the Market Research Services category, a services provider must:

  • Provide custom market research
  • Write and distribute market research reports
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    A range of research and insight services available on demand, online. Designed to help you grow your business.

    Global leader in providing data and insights for leading advertisers, brand owners and agencies.

    SurveyMonkey Audience is the fastest DIY market research solution. Built right into the SurveyMonkey platform, we’ve integrated with panels in over 100 countries to enable global consumer research anytime, anywhere, and for any budget. Target respondents by demographics, firmographics or custom screening questions, automatically launch projects on your schedule, and start seeing results in real-time. SurveyMonkey Audience gets you instant feedback for a variety of market research use cases: consumer behavior, market sizing, competitive intelligence, product development, ad testing, brand tracking, and more. Load Audience Credits for one-time financial approval and one-click checkout, or expedite fielding by choosing Express Delivery. SurveyMonkey Audience is built for speed, enabling results in minutes or hours, not weeks or months. Feeling nervous about running your own market research? Our experts are only an email away and are eager to help you with your next project.

    Passport is a global market research database providing insight on industries, economies and consumers worldwide, helping clients analyse market context and identify future trends impacting businesses globally. Clients in more than 106 countries rely on Passport for their strategies and annual planning to develop and expand business opportunities, answer critical tactical questions and influence strategic decision-making.

    CIENCE is human-driven and machine powered managed services for outbound sales. It offers solutions to deliver cost-efficient yet highly-trained research, sales assistance and sales development resources for growth organizations, worldwide.

    C+R Research delivers deep insights using a combination of traditional and innovative research methodologies

    Full-service customer survey and market research services

    Whether you’re new to Brandwatch or a long time customer, our specialist teams are here to help you squeeze every ounce out of our software. Read more about the teams below.

    BuzzBack delivers visual, global insights sometimes overnight through an engaging interactive experience. Major consumer, pharmaceutical and financial services companies innovate using our intuitive image-driven & language-rich approach. We help hundreds of brands worldwide to better connect with consumers, break through marketing challenges, and fast-track innovation.

    Competiscan gives our clients the ability to analyze direct marketing activity. Our comprehensive coverage is updated daily and will enable your organization ro react to your competitors quickly. Competiscan and its powerful web-based search utility will allow you to mine our dynamic direct media tracking database. With this user-friendly engine, our clients are better informed to make their marketing campaigns even more effective. This will allow marketers, product managers, and competitive intelligence professionals a direct view into the offers and product presented by competitors.

    OPERA is the only foodservice research panel that delivers unbiased feedback across a broad sample base. Other research companies have been known to solicit operator surveys via loyalty databases and publication mailing lists inherently biased sources that can lead to dangerously unrepresentative feedback.

    Demand Spring is an agency that helps drive marketing transformations for progressive companies. Our integrated strategy, content, and technology services to transform your organization into a revenue marketing powerhouse. We are a team of Revenue Marketing Strategy,

    Leveraging our global network of domain experts, Foresight gives decision makers clarity in opaque environments to aid in risk mitigation, competitive intelligence, and opportunity identification.

    We are sales pipeline strategy people at heart – math marketers and sales strategists who embrace revenue responsibility. We know that what really matters is sales pipeline, closing business and accelerating revenue. Period. Our proven methodology delivers real B2B results based on buyer insights, market-driven best practices, and rapid feedback loop to improve and sustain the results you see.

    infoAnalytica is a Marketing Consulting Firm with a focus on providing B2B Demand Generation support along with marketing and sales intelligence. infoAnalytica with the help of its proprietary technology coupled with human intelligence gives you the relevant insights and sales intelligence that drives new customer acquisitions and revenue streams. infoAnalytica's customer base includes the fastest-growing mid-sized companies and large enterprises like PayPal, TechTarget, QuinStreet, Yahoo, Jive, and more.

    Cutting edge insights by professionals to help your business grow. All the data expertise and analysis you will need.

    Leatherhead Food Research provides expertise and support to the global food and beverage sector. They provide practical solutions that cover all stages of a productlife cycle from consumer insight, ingredient innovation and sensory testing to food safety consultancy and global regulatory advice.

    Kreber provides an array of marketing services for B2B and B2C clients including: Branding and Campaign Creative, Strategic Planning, Video Production and Editing, Photography, CGI, Website development, Apps, Email, Lead Nuturing, Enterprise Portals, AR/VR, and Paid Search & Social Campaigns. Certified Google Partner.

    Use AI to help track trends and keep your business on the forefront of technology

    STATSIT offers market research services to serve the needs of modern marketers.

    Personalized sales & marketing solutions built from the ground up for Telecom.

    Westwin provides exclusive marketing strategies and solutions for helping your brand to get awareness and stand out of the crowd.. Westwin offers a wide range of services, including Market Research, Digital Strategies, SEM&SEO, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Website Localization, etc.

    Xurveykshan is one stop solution for survey and data analysis.

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