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Best Lab Inventory Management Software

    Lab inventory management solutions enable laboratories and scientific research institutions to streamline overall lab management; by efficiently handling lab inventory tasks, the entire lab benefits from reduced costs and increased productivity. With lab inventory management software, labs can more effectively monitor inventory, assess stock levels, forecast stock reordering, and eliminate inaccuracies when keeping track of resources. These solutions facilitate everything from simple labeling and documentation to maintaining auditable records and databases, as well as purchasing and scheduling.

    While industry-specific lab inventory management solutions do exist, some can be used across the board, by biotech, drug, testing, and freezer labs. Some lab inventory management products are built into more comprehensive laboratory information management systems, while some complement existing electronic lab notebooks; some, however, do work and are sold standalone.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Lab Inventory Management category, a product must:

    Monitor and track inventory, stock, equipment, and/or other types of laboratory resources
    Generate inventory records on a lab-determined basis
    Support data input or import from Excel or third-party data systems

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    (37)4.6 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:Free

    Quartzy is the world’s leading lab productivity solution for small- and medium-sized R&D organizations. Quartzy helps you manage the unique workflow of a laboratory - requesting lab supplies and reagents, approving purchasing and tracking the procurement process, and keeping an accurate inventory so that next experiment isn't delayed.

    (27)4.1 out of 5
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    LabWare is the global leader in laboratory information management systems (LIMS), with over 3,000 customers including NIH, USDA, GSK, Pfizer, Hershey, Caterpillar, and Chevron and 98% customer satisfaction. For 30+ years, our laboratory automation platform has been ensuring data integrity/compliance, accurate test results, and more efficient throughput. Laboratories can choose from the cost-optimized + fully validated LabWare SaaS LIMS or the industry-optimized + fully customizable LabWare LIMS/

    (9)3.7 out of 5

    Dataworks Development, Inc. (Freezerworks) has been providing configurable sample data management and biobanking software solutions since 1987. Freezerworks is a powerful Sample Management LIMS that tracks samples across multiple freezers and sites while managing workflow from testing, reporting, billing, and shipping. Safeguard data with its comprehensive security features, 21 CFR part 11 compliance, and cryogenic-safe bar code labeling. The Freezerworks 2017 upgrade features enhanced patie

    (6)4.0 out of 5

    Labguru is a secure, cloud-based electronic lab notebook (ELN) and informatics solution which records and manages laboratory data and inventory, helping labs to run more efficiently. With Labguru, scientists can design experiments and workflows, capture structured and unstructured data, manage projects, and share their work. Customisable experiment templates, integration of protocols, SOPs, and other cutting-edge features help to increase data quality, streamline workflows and reduce costs. Lab

    (7)4.2 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$75 /user/month

    CloudLIMS is an advanced web based sample management software, offered as SaaS. It is essential for any laboratory wanting to automate their informatics systems in a secure and reliable environment.

    (4)4.8 out of 5

    Genemod helps scientists maximize productivity in their research to drive the next generation of medicine. The problems we work on are around data sharing and data archiving for research labs. Genemod helps solve this by providing inventory, experiment management, applications, and data, all in one collaborative workspace.

    (3)5.0 out of 5

    Everything you need to manage your lab. A flexible, modern, and user-friendly Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) utilized by research and analytical/QC labs worldwide. Supports CLIA and ISO 17025. Lockbox’s multi-layered sample storage and location management functionality allows you to define your lab’s storage framework using a variety of location options: rooms, storage units, shelves, racks, boxes, and positions.

    (5)4.9 out of 5

    The Uncountable Web Platform accelerates R&D for materials and chemicals companies by storing and organizing experiment data in one place. Uncountable uses artificial intelligence to provide automated insights about experiments and decisions in the R&D process.

    (1)4.5 out of 5

    Learn about some of the key features in ChemInventory and how our software will help you organize your research group's chemicals.

    (1)2.5 out of 5

    Cryotrack offers a solution designed to help keep track of the chemical inventory.

    (1)5.0 out of 5

    ItemTracker is a complete laboratory sample management software solution which visually manages your samples, sample sources and storage area.

    (4)3.6 out of 5

    Delivering Innovative Laboratory Automation Since 1989 Today’s labs use innovation and technology to remain competitive. Since 1989, innovative labs have trusted Online LIMS’ modular solutions to integrate their equipment and database. Our flexible, modular approach integrates multiple applications and multiple teams from the lab, field, or office. Your production data is managed by software designed specifically for different users in different departments. We believe the most efficient wa

    (4)4.0 out of 5

    Progeny LIMS is perfect for managing multiple tiers of data, whether you are a DNA lab processing blood, a biobank integrating specimen records with patient data or a research lab that needs to integrate pedigrees, genotype and sample data together.

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    Centrally record all inventory items in this web-based application.

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    Atellica Inventory Manager provides automated, real-time control of reagents and consumables across multiple locations to reduce costs, save time, and improve lab quality.

    Lab Inventory System is a full-featured solution for research laboratories, designed to enable organizations to perform effective inventory monitoring, setting and assessing stock levels, up-to-date inventory management, and forecasting.

    0 ratings

    BioInfoRx mLIMS is simply the best mouse colony management program that we have ever used. It has a simple structure and intuitive interface that are in accordance with real environments in a research laboratory. It is also cloud based, and provides easy access and team collaboration.

    BSI is a powerful software system for biospecimen management that can be customized to meet your needs. BSI provides specimen, freezer, shipment, and workflow management in a validated secure software environment.

    0 ratings

    BIOVIA CISPro delivers all the necessary tools to accurately track and report chemicals and supplies while meeting safety and regulatory requirements, including barcode labeling, remote inventory control and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management.

    0 ratings

    BrightLab is a cloud-based research platform that connects people, projects and consumables to optimize workflow and accelerate discovery. An intuitive dashboard provides a lab-wide view of all your experiments, facilitates collaboration and action among your team, and ensures everyone's work is trackable and searchable from anywhere. With a seamless connection to information and inventory, your lab always has the resources and insights to keep moving forward. BrightLab is a MilliporeSigma in

    0 ratings

    BxInventory is an Online Inventory System specially designed for Research Laboratories

    0 ratings

    CC1 is a module for managing procurement at the origin for the agricultural industry. Users can track the commodity from producer to consumer.

    0 ratings

    Clover is a simple lab information management system (LIMS) designed for biology labs, especially for plant biology labs. The goal of Clover is to provide a simple way for documenting, managing and searching lab resources. Clover offers tracking and handling of material produced, lab jargons, catalogs, and order requests.

    0 ratings

    Ddots BIOSPEC (clinical trials management system) can be utilized as a stand-alone biorepository system or linked to CREDIT. It supports the entire process of specimen inventory management and tracking.

    0 ratings

    eLABInventory virtualizes and visualizes any storage location in the lab.

    0 ratings

    E-WorkBook Inventory is a simple-to-use web solution which enables you to seamlessly manage all your laboratory inventory needs from one place, helping you save time and boost productivity.

    0 ratings

    Inventory Management is a single, integrated inventory management solution that provides laboratories with all of the features and functions that are needed to effectively and efficiently manage any and all types of materials.

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    LabCloud’s State of the Art Lab Notebook provides scientists with tools in order to manage all of their information in one place.

    0 ratings

    LabSuit is an online lab management platform for Life Science researchers.

    0 ratings

    LIMS-plus v5 is a versatile software solution that not only leverages the power of the new technology with the many customizable features in the application.