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Fraud detection software is used to detect illegitimate and high-risk transactions made online. These tools continuously monitor user behaviors and calculate risk figures to identify potentially fraudulent purchases, transactions, or access. These tools are used by e-commerce businesses and digital banking companies IT and compliance departments to constantly monitor for potential fraudulent actions made by their users. Workers in the IT and Companies choose to adopt these tools to ensure transactions are legitimate while protecting sensitive information for both business and customers.

There is some overlap between fraud detection solutions and fraud protection software. But those tools are more geared toward enforcing regulations and analyzing purchasing behavior, rather than monitoring, detecting, and alerting incidents of fraud as they happen.

To qualify for inclusion in the Fraud Detection category, a product must:

  • Proactively monitor for possible fraudulent or high-risk activity
  • Calculate transactional risk scores to determine legitimacy
  • Detect illegitimate transactional behaviors online
  • Provide alerts and analysis tools for administrators
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy and security regulations
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    Signifyd uses big data and machine learning to take on liability for fraud so online merchants can provide their customers with friction-free buying experiences, free from false positives and orders delayed by fraud reviews.

    Riskified improves global eCommerce for the world’s largest brands. Inaccurate eCommerce fraud prevention costs businesses billions in chargebacks, overhead and unnecessarily declined orders. Riskified uses powerful machine-learning algorithms to instantly recognize good customers and weed out bad with a 100% chargeback guarantee. Merchants can safely approve more orders, expand internationally and eliminate the costs of fraud while providing a frictionless customer experience.

    Fraud prevention is just the beginning. Grow your business using Kount’s award-winning combination of advanced machine learning, flexible rules engine, and self-service analytics while protecting against financially malicious activity. Kount’s unique approach and patented technology creates a multitude of benefits for our clients; including reduced chargebacks, reduced or eliminated manually reviewed orders, reduced mobile fraud and increased sales. Kount also partners with the world’s largest

    (48)4.4 out of 5
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    iovation protects online businesses and their end users against fraud and abuse, and identifies trustworthy customers through a combination of advanced device identification, shared device reputation, device-based authentication and real-time risk evaluation. More than 5,000 fraud managers representing global retail, financial services, insurance, social network, gaming and other companies leverage iovation’s database of billions of Internet devices and the relationships between them to determin

    Stripe Radar enables real-time fraud detection through advanced machine learning technology, and allows businesses to effectively combat fraud while adapting to each customer's unique payments profile.

    Sift, formerly Sift Science, is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering companies of all sizes to unlock revenue without risk. Sift prevents online fraud and abuse with industry-leading technology and expertise, an unrivaled global data network, and a commitment to building long-term partnerships with our customers. Twitter, Airbnb, and Twilio rely on Sift to stay competitive and secure. The Sift Digital Trust and Safety Suite, powered by real-time machine learning, is designed to

    RSA Adaptive Authentication is a complete fraud detection platform that leverages risk-based, multifactor authentication to protect users accessing websites, online portals, mobile browsers and mobile apps.

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    FCase is an end-to-end Fraud Orchestrator. Taking fraud management systems from basic, standalone detection to an enterprise-focused approach. This holistic view of fraud data allows standardizing fraud case interaction, fraud management processes, governance models, performance and quality indicators. Our next generation technologies aggregate distinct data platforms, collecting information from multiple fraud detection sources to manage fraudulent activity in real-time at an enterprise level

    IBM Trusteer is an advanced endpoint protection solution designed to protect users from financial malware and phishing attacks. Using industry-leading technology, Trusteer Rapport is designed to defend against MitB attacks, remove malware from endpoint devices and protect customers by preventing them from entering phishing sites. Trusteer Rapport offers a broad security solution that can help your organization reduce costs, enhance your fraud detection and prevention, and help to provide a seaml

    Delivers real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention that supports a holistic, enterprise-wide fraud management program.

    LexisNexis InstantID delivers instant identity verification to drive smarter decisions and keep customer acquisition in focus.

    Business InstantID speeds the process, reduces customer friction and minimizes your risk. We’ve combined instant verification with critical intelligence that sheds light into the business and its reps.

    DataVisor provides big data security analytics to help protect consumer-facing websites and mobile apps from cyber criminals.

    Advanced Fraud Solutions address a wide range of needs that the financial institution has including check fraud, card fraud, & online fraud.

    Bolt is a better-than-Amazon checkout experience, with zero fraud built in. Bolt Checkout boosts sales for ecommerce sites with 10%-30% lift in checkout conversion. The Bolt platform comes with 100% fraud coverage baked-in, eliminating manual order review and fraudulent chargebacks while delivering industry-leading order approval rates. Drop-in extensions are available for all major shopping cart platforms, including Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

    Safeguard revenues by utilizing AI / machine learning to target fraudulent activity and streamline investigations

    CA Risk Analytics Network is the payment industry's only real-time card-issuer network that stops card-not-present fraud instantly for its network members.

    CA Strong Authentication for Payments is a mobile authentication solution that makes banks' and cardholders' lives easier and less frustrating by reducing friction when shopping online. It delivers two-factor authentication via a user-friendly mobile app, linking a card with a device and protecting that association with a credential.

    Chainalysis offers cryptocurrency investigation and compliance solutions to global law enforcement agencies, regulators, and businesses as they work together to fight illicit cryptocurrency activity. Backed by Benchmark and other leading names in venture capital, Chainalysis builds trust in blockchains. For more information, visit:

    Real-time, client-less, application-independent threat detection and protection based on innovative and patented technology.

    ClearSale is a global pioneer and proven leader in fraud protection solutions with over 16 years of experience in adapting to the most diverse countries and markets, offering experience, size and flexibility to scale any operation.

    Cloud based fraud detection solution for the retail industry with data extraction, transactions of interest detection, and more.

    en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard is a system that provides an added layer of security and compliance to the fight against financial crime.

    As the foundation of the FICO Falcon Platform, FICO Falcon Fraud Manager provides core analytic processing power from artificial intelligence to handle an organization's transactional fraud detection needs such as debt, credit, deposit, ePayments and mobile. It can be used to process events, develop strategies to detect fraud and create cases, and execute associated decisioning across an institution's products, channels and customers.

    IPQ's free proxy detection service can prevent frauders with spoofed IP addresses from accessing critical pages of your site and creating headaches such as credit card fraud & chargebacks, fraudulent accounts, advertising click fraud, evading country specific filters, scraping sensitive content, abusive comments and SPAM, affiliate marketing fraud, or performing other types of nefarious actions.

    Automated analytics that provide prioritized risk scores on all of your vendors, and advance reports can be generated daily/weekly/monthly to identify vendors with high risk characteristics, based on more than 20 proven industry routines.

    Scorto Fraud Barrier is a fraud detection software that implements fraud scoring models based on advanced data mining techniques to calculate proximity to "ideal customer" or to "fraudulent customer". The system integrates decision trees, self-organizing maps, distribution patterns, outliers detection and fraud scoring models based on artificial neural networks.

    FraudNet provides a comprehensive solution with fraud capture rates that exceed industry averages.

    IPQ's free proxy detection service can prevent frauders with spoofed IP addresses from accessing critical pages of your site and creating headaches such as credit card fraud & chargebacks, fraudulent accounts, advertising click fraud, evading country specific filters, scraping sensitive content, abusive comments and SPAM, affiliate marketing fraud, or performing other types of nefarious actions.

    Guardian Analytics is the pioneer of behavioral analytics solutions for fraud detection & AML for financial institutions and enterprise organizations.

    LexisNexis Homestead Exemption Fraud Detection Solution solves these problems. With access to over 10,000 sources, this solution leverages advanced data linking technology to help auditors, assessors, and appraisers to detect fraudulent claims and identify potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue in taxes and back taxes owed, as well as creating new revenue sources for years to come.

    We are specialists in building database check and identity confirmation products and our platforms are used by millions of users each month.

    Our on-premise authentication solution gives you the flexibility to secure access across your enterprise without compromising the user experience. With a wide range of capabilities, assurance levels, deployment options and mobile innovations, you can easily provision authentication methods tailored to your security needs. A single point of administration lets you manage identities for all users across your entire enterprise, including cloud and legacy applications, VPN access, desktop login and

    InAuth is the leading digital device intelligence company for a mobile-first world. InAuth delivers the most advanced device identification, risk detection, and analysis capabilities possible to help organizations limit risk, remove friction, and reduce fraud within their digital channels. With safer digital transactions, banks, payment networks, merchants, healthcare providers, governments, and other organizations are better positioned to capture new revenue opportunities and compete more effec

    Financial fraud detection software that can detect online scams, online credit card fraud, and fraud related to returned merchandise.

    Linkurious is a graph visualization and analysis platform used for fraud detection, anti-money laundering, intelligence or cybersecurity.

    NS8 Data Services intelligence and scoring API provides the ability to get real-time, accurate intel into your service. It uses a standard REST interface that returns a JSON object with the profile data. It can be integrated into any major platform.

    Pindrop Passport evaluates call center interactions in real-time to passively authenticate legitimate customers. Passport runs in the background of every call, combining patented Phoneprinting® technology with proprietary Deep Voice™ biometrics to determine if a caller has the right device, voice, and behavior to access an account.

    Pindrop Protect provides a risk score and call intelligence to the call center in as the call connects. The risk score — along with the analysis of the caller’s voice, device, and behavior — is provided to the call center’s fraud analyst team for further investigation.

    Precognitive's multidimensional fraud prevention technology combines device intelligence, advanced behavioral analytics, and a real-time decision engine to accurately detect and prevent fraud

    Radial, Inc., a bpost group company, is the leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations. Premier brands around the world confidently partner with Radial to deliver their brand promises, anticipate and respond to industry disruption, and compete in a rapidly evolving market. Radial’s innovative solutions connect retailers and customers through advanced omnichannel technologies, intelligent payments and fraud protection, efficient fulfillment, supply chain services, and insightful cus

    A fraud detection solution with machine learning, graph network visualization, access to a global fraud network, and more.

    RiskShield provides a reliable, fast and responsive anti-fraud solution to meet these requirements and protect your organization against financial crime and cyber attacks.

    SAS Detection and Investigation for Banking provides a single, end-to-end framework for better fraud detection and greater operational efficiency across multiple channels and products.

    Detect and track ad fraud from any advertising source.

    Secure Bank is a client-side fraud and attack prevention across sessions, platforms and devices.

    Minimize losses from fraud by reducing time-to-detection by using Software AG's solution for fraud detection. The solution allows you to adapt fraud monitoring in response to new fraud techniques and identify new, unusual behaviors through real-time analytics of transactional data, customer behavior and other historical data.

    Cyber threat and fraud detection solution based on deep behavioral profiling and machine learning.

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