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Distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection tools help secure websites and applications and prevent DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks bombard websites with traffic, which is traditionally delivered via “botnets" that are created by networked endpoints connected via malware. DDoS protection solutions prevent these kinds of attacks by monitoring web traffic and setting baselines for normal traffic loads. If an incoming traffic flow accelerates rapidly, web filters will identify abnormal events and redirect traffic to a controlled source.

Companies use DDoS protection tools to proactively maintain steady site functionality and prevent sudden site delivery failures caused by the rapid influx of traffic. Many content delivery networks come with additional DDoS protection features or modules. Since they often host websites and content, ensuring smooth delivery is one of the vendor’s main objectives.

To qualify for inclusion in the DDos Protection category, a product must:

  • Filter and monitor incoming web traffic
  • Limit traffic flow or set traffic baselines
  • Identify DDoS attacks and block incoming traffic
  • Provide a traffic management dashboard
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    Webroot DNS Protection
    (28)4.3 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Powered by the proprietary Webroot threat intelligence platform preferred by industry-leading network security providers, DNS Protection is a light-weight, easy-to-implement domain filtering service designed to improve security with more granular control over internet access. Webroot® SecureAnywhere DNS Protection secures critical DNS Internet connectivity, stops malware and controls web access for any device or guest on-network and any user off-network. Deployed in minutes, it adds zero late

    NGINX, Inc. is the company behind NGINX, the popular open source project trusted by more than 400 million sites. We offer a suite of technologies for developing and delivering modern applications. The NGINX Application Platform enables enterprises undergoing digital transformation to modernize legacy, monolithic applications as well as deliver new, microservices‑based applications. Companies like Netflix, Starbucks, and McDonalds rely on NGINX to reduce costs, improve resiliency, and speed innov

    Performance issues, unavailability of critical applications, security breaches. These can cause financial loss, reputation damage, employee dissatisfaction and churn of customers. The Flowmon solution provides IT operations with a deep understanding of network and application behavior to avoid these situations. Based on performance, scalability and ease-of-use, Flowmon is trusted by companies globally, delivering them monitoring, diagnostics and analytics for optimizing performance of their infr

    Check Point DDoS-P (DDoS Protection) uses a hybrid of dedicated on-premises and cloud-based resources to defend against volumetric, application, reflective and resource-exhaustive DDoS attacks.

    Verisign DDoS Protection Service helps organizations reduce the risk of catastrophic DDoS attacks by detecting and filtering malicious traffic aimed at disrupting or disabling their internet based services.

    Voxility DDoS Mitigation is a DDoS Protection designed to work with almost any application.

    BitNinja is an easy-to-use server security tool, which can be installed on your server within a couple of minutes and requires virtually no maintenance. It is a mixture of an on-premise and cloudbased solution. It is an agent which sits on your infrastructure and sends the attack information to the central server which is in the cloud. We have a new technology called defence network, which means that every BitNinja protected server learns from each attack and shares the learned information with

    Corero Network Security is the leader in real-time, high-performance DDoS defense solutions.

    FortiDDoS protects from both known and zero day attacks with very low latency. It's easy to deploy and manage, and includes comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.

    A10 Thunder TPS DDoS defense solution detects and mitigates multi-vector DDoS attacks at the network edge and in centralized scrubbing centers. Thunder TPS scales to defend against the DDoS of Things and traditional zombie botnets, and detects DDoS attacks through high-resolution packets or flow record analysis from edge routers and switches

    Fully auto discovery of the application layer (SLA), Building dynamic whitelist, identifying the DDoS attacks.

    Andrisoft Wanguard is an award-winning enterprise-grade software which delivers to NOC, IT and Security teams the functionality needed for effective monitoring and protection of large WAN networks against volumetric attacks.

    Availability Protection System (APS) delivers on-premise DDoS protection from availability threats such as application-layer DDoS attacks before they impact your network and service availability.

    Fully Managed, Intelligently Automated DDoS Attack Protection A fully managed, global, DDoS Protection Service that provides availability protection for your business.

    Protect the Network and Keep your Business Flowing. Ensure service availability and performance by delivering automated DDoS attack mitigation.

    Anti DDoS Guardian is high performance DDoS protection software for Windows Servers.

    BitMitigate provides enterprise level DDoS and bot protection.

    BlockDoS provides a global DDoS mitigation service that protects internet operations from the debilitating service disruptions caused by DDoS attacks.

    Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) delivers comprehensive DDoS protection, eliminating attacks automatically and in real-time.

    F5 Herculon DDoS Hybrid Defender provides next-generation hybrid DDoS defense to ensure real-time coverage against ever-changing network attacks, sophisticated application attacks, volumetric DDoS threats, and those that hide behind SSL.

    FastNetMon is a very high-performance DDoS detector built on top of multiple packet capture engines: NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow and SPAN/port mirror.

    HaltDos is AI-based Web Application Firewall and DDoS mitigation solution which protects web applications and enterprise data centers against wide range of cyber attacks.

    Imperva DDoS protection mitigates the largest attacks immediately without incurring latency or interfering with legitimate users. Multiple DDoS protection options have been designed to meet your exact needs.

    Ensure security and high availability, also during peak times. Your website and IT infrastructure are protected efficiently, while remaining on their normal performance level. The global Myra network as well as the error detection protect you against denial-of-service attacks.

    Utilize deep insights of network traffic to ensure your digital network is secure across all touchpoints.

    NSFocus ADS is an Anti-DDoS solution that provides on-premises equipment, cloud-based detection and mitigation services, or a hybrid offering that combines the strengths of both approaches.

    Qrator continuously updated technology solution severely mitigates the risks associated with DDoS attacks of all kinds.

    Qrator Labs offers DDoS mitigation solutions.

    DefensePro provides advanced DDoS protection and IoT botnet attack mitigation. DefensePro provides automated protection from fast moving, high volume, encrypted or very short duration threats, including IoT-based attacks like Mirai, Pulse, Burst, DNS, TLS/SSL attacks and those attacks associated with Permanent Denial of Service (PDoS) and Ransom Denial-of-Service (RDoS) techniques.

    RioRey works with dedicated DDoS defense platforms in the industry for detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks.

    StackPath complete DDoS Protection will mitigate any attempt to overwhelm your applications with large-volume traffic, causing them to become overloaded and unavailable for legitimate users.

    DDoS Shield is a cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution thats built on our highly scalable infrastructure. It works across the enterprise, reducing the impact of high volume attacks, while protecting your IP address space regardless of internet provider.

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