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Totango is the leading customer success platform that enables organizations of all sizes to improve growth and retention by guiding strategic customer engagement for businesses. With a data-driven approach, Totango creates a comprehensive and shareable profile of the customer, turning customer information into actionable insights. TotangoSpark breaks down the customer lifecycle into simple, easy-to-manage stages that let companies prioritize their processes to hit the goals that drive growth for

We have gained missing insight into our customer base, and have found prioritization and workflow options for our CSM team that we were previously... Read review
Janus Conrad D.
Totango's intuitive design and the built in feature to send email campaigns. Read review
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Woopra is a Customer Journey Analytics solution that is redefining how companies understand, analyze, engage and retain their customers. The platform is designed to fuel optimization and growth throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Leveraging individual-level data to aggregate analytics reports for full lifecycle insights that bridge departmental gaps. Woopra’s proprietary tracking technology tracks usage across your website, product and mobile applications. In addition, the platform offer

Akshat K.
The best thing is that I can identify the user that came through my link using custom URL like For every person, I... Read review
Jon W.
Woopra can be the single source of truth to store and analyze everything a customer has done. Custom schemas make it possible to let the system... Read review
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Indicative is the leading Customer Analytics platform that enables product and marketing teams to make informed decisions by thoroughly understanding and exploring user behavior across every touchpoint. Only Indicative connects directly to your data and excels at answering complex customer analytics questions in real-time without having to rely on data teams or SQL. Indicative provides actionable insights in seconds that empower teams to optimize customer engagement, increase conversion, and im

- fair price compared to alternatives - ability to do multipath funnel analysis with great visualizations - S3 integration, much better than using... Read review
Simon T.
Price is very cheap for amount of events you can track and features you can use. Indicative is not as mature as other product analytics platforms... Read review
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Changing the way the world builds software, one organization at a time. The Pega Platform powers digital transformation by unifying leading artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, and customer engagement capabilities. Building an app, whether it’s simple or complex, shouldn’t be a struggle. Pega’s model-driven, unified approach delivers an enterprise-grade, agile application with a no-code authoring experience. Experience the simplicity and power of the Pega Platform today: https://

ability to adjust codes to changing business environment. Excellent academy for learning and upgrades of skills Read review
Pega offers various features like Customisable UI, powerful integration using open API, business user friendly with design once deploy anywhere,... Read review
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MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform for the customer-obsessed marketer. We help you delight your customers and retain them for longer. With MoEngage you can analyze customer behavior and engage them with personalized communication across the web, mobile, and email. MoEngage is a full-stack solution consisting of powerful customer analytics, AI-powered customer journey orchestration, and personalization - in one dashboard From Fortune 500 enterprises such as Deutsche Telekom

Very user-friendly interface 2. Much convenient (Basis my experience with previous engagement tool) 3. Can send engagement campaigns to multiple... Read review
Febriyana .
Love how easy Moengage do targeting and personalize our costumer. The dashboard also quite help marketers doing marketing automation seamlessly. We... Read review
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Easily connect to the best-in-breed SaaS apps you already use to scale and grow your business like never before. Designed for the everyday performance marketer, DataQ's features and algorithms provide the most relevant e-commerce insights, audience segment, and ongoing sync to your media campaigns. DataQ quickly and easily connects with your core technologies and apps, serving as an add-on tool to enhance your advertising campaigns. With one-click features and prescriptive recommendations ana

Ashleigh F.
Smart segments and their actionable dashboard is amazing for easy insights. As the CEO of a fast-growing company, I need to make sure we are not... Read review
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Entry Level Price:499

Data-driven marketing attribution which enables marketers to make revenue based decisions in real-time.

Djordje M.
The software saves my time spent on preparing and formatting data. It automates collecting all marketing data. Also, it optimizes my marketing... Read review
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CFN Insight™ is a groundbreaking new Journey Mapping software that effectively provides a company-wide Customer Experience management platform. With our robust SaaS-based CFN Insight™, you can identify every customer-based touchpoint, assign a business owner who actively manages the metrics and success of their touchpoints. Combined with multiple touchpoint visualizations, analytics, and robust reporting, your business will drive real action and financial results quickly. Higher Conversions

Because this SaaS solution is built for journey mapping, it perfectly fits all my needs for helping my clients create and maintain their touch... Read review
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Cleeng is the leading Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) platform. Accumulating a wealth of experience in the 9 years of existence, the company has since then developed a unique platform to overcome churn and predict retention using millions of data-points. Cleeng's SRM™ stack is deeply connected with the full subscriber journey, from the initial registration and transaction to creating exceptional identity management, recurring billing, security, and customer care experiences. Improvin

What I like best about Cleeng is the fact that its platform is simple to use and it is a place that I can place and sell my video content. I think... Read review
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Gluru offers AI-powered customer experience management (CEM) solutions through its multi-patented MIND technology which seamlessly integrate with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, to enable your business to proactively engage with its customers. By leveraging your new or existing knowledge, MIND uses award-winning AI technology to dialogue with your customers and guide them towards the knowledge they seek. In doing so, MIND reduces the friction between businesses an

ravi r.
The setup of the product was easy and look and feel was attractive. The integration with the third party application looked seemless. The customer... Read review
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Welcome to the world's first Customer Experience Employee Engagement tool. Create a culture where every employee in the company is engaged in producing consistent customer experiences. Design customer journeys, measure ROI and harness employee ideas to improve your customer experience with the power of the entire company behind you. 2 out of every 3 employees are not engaged in the customer experience of a company because... 1. They don't understand the mission and goals. 2. They have no way t

It's quick, easy and intuitive to get up. Just as easy to scale. Adding in team members to the experiences is such a cool feature also being able... Read review
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Unleash the power of Synthetic Monitoring with Splunk. Customer experience is now a key differentiator for top organisations, and automation gives brands more time to focus on high priority initiatives. 2 Steps is a groundbreaking synthetic monitoring capability that enables organisations to automate customer interaction with applications. 2 Steps delivers valuable insight into how product changes affect customer experience for development teams, product managers and IT operations.

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APSIS One is a marketing platform that creates a complete ecosystem for data-driven marketing. Use your insights to activate your audience with intuitive campaign tools for Email, Website, SMS and Marketing Automation. And further increase your reach and make your message even more personal with our Add-ons tools for Ecom, App, Display advertising and more.

If any customer interaction is tracked – we will identify it’s touchpoints, journeys and pain points Our AI auto-discovers real Customer Journeys and provides an Action-triggering radar of CX Performance Indicators by continuous Touchpoints Listening.

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Knoldus is the world’s largest Functional Programming (Scala, Rust, Java) and Fast Data (Spark, Flink) company. Our mission is to provide reactive and streaming fast data solutions that are message-driven, elastic, resilient, and responsive to build High-Performance Systems. We help organizations by developing and modernizing their system with custom IT solutions. We solve IT challenges such as: ~ High-Performance Systems ~ Intelligent driven decision - AI/ML ~ Data Strategy and Analytics ~ P

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Piwik PRO is the first privacy-oriented alternative to Google Analytics. Created in 2013, Piwik PRO Analytics Suite allows for tracking web, app, product and intranet behavior of users. The platform ensures compliance with strict EU, US, Chinese and Russian data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). With the great platform comes great customer care. From implementation and onboarding, through

Piwik is feature-rich, flexible, and a fantastic alternative to GA for those times when you must self-host all the data. Read review
Stephen H.
I am loathe to always use google analytics. My desire is to understand my website vistiors or customers not just hand over these statistics... Read review
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PragmaticAD is a Marketing Intelligence Platform which unifies all marketing analytics, activities and channels in one place. Main features: - Affiliate/Partners Management module with Marketplace - Website and all marketing activities analytics - dedicated reports and dashboards - Optimize and analyze any customer journey - Tracking every campaign and marketing activity - Connect any marketing tool and analyze data in one place Make smarter decisions and control every marketing activity

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Semeon is a text analytics platform specializing in VOC data. We tell you what your customers think and want in real-time, so you can improve their CX.

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Stampede captures data from people visiting premises to bring new users into your business and bring customers back. Hospitality, hotels, cafes, restaurants, bar, theatres and all sorts of other businesses are using the Stampede software to gather thousands of e-mail. Email marketing, review gathering, custom integrations and WiFi analytics all come together Its simple to use and nicely branded with your companies logo, and puts you back in control of your customers and your database

The system is easy for my customers to get online and use the Internet we provide within the Buildings. Read review

Top 10 Free Customer Journey Analytics Software in 2021

  • Totango
  • Woopra
  • Indicative
  • Pega Platform
  • MoEngage

Learn More About Customer Journey Analytics Software

What You Should Know About Customer Journey Analytics Software

Customer experience (CX) is a differentiating factor for businesses. Companies are heavily investing in understanding customer needs and their end-to-end buying journey with the intention to provide a better and personalized CX. A customer-centric approach helps organizations gain a competitive edge, high customer satisfaction score, better returns on marketing investment, and ultimately higher revenue.

A customer journey analytics tool connects all customer activity data together and places them under one roof, allowing users to have a clear picture of every customer touchpoint, irrespective of the channels. It empowers users to visualize a customer’s journey across multiple channels sequentially and conduct a cross-channel analysis. These tools help companies deliver a personalized, efficient, and engaging CX that drives new customer acquisition, brand loyalty, and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Customer journey analytics starts with a map or diagram that shows all the steps that customers will take when engaging with a business, which is referred to as customer journey mapping. Both customer journey mapping and customer journey analytics are designed to get closer to the customer with the goal to create a pleasant user experience and eventually, long-term customer loyalty.

Key Benefits of Customer Journey Analytics Software

  • Improve and optimize omnichannel experiences
  • Monitor, track, analyze, and optimize every customer touchpoint
  • Maximize customer lifetime value through personalized upsell and cross-sell offers
  • Improve customer engagement with personalized communication
  • Identify at-risk customers and reduce churn

Why Use Customer Journey Analytics Software?

Customer journey analytics software connects customer data from various channels into a single unified platform for real-time, cross-channel analysis and visualization, allowing marketers to optimize and provide better experiences. These tools provide a unified view of customers as they interact with brands across multiple touchpoints and helps in formulating an effective, engaging, and personalized CX strategy.

Improve customer experiences — Customer journey analytics is used to analyze end-to-end customer journeys across channels. They help companies untie complex customer journeys to discover and understand where a customer is losing interest and optimize it to bridge the CX gap and improve customer satisfaction.

Higher conversion rates — Reaching out to the right prospects at the right moment through the preferred channel with a customized offer results in higher conversion rates. Identifying cross-selling and upselling opportunities and triggering personalized communication results in increased revenue. It also helps identify tactical enhancements that can be made throughout the journey to reduce costs and grow sales.

Increase marketing and sales return on investment (ROI) — Customer journey analytics measure and improve cross-channel efforts. With these tools, marketers derive more value from their existing marketing technology stack, thus improving results and lifting the return on marketing investment (ROMI) and boosting new customer acquisition.

Remove data silos — Siloed, isolated data is inaccessible by the various departments within an organization. Issues with data silos include poor data availability, scalability, and reliability. A customer journey analytics solution knocks down the silos to provide a complete view of the customer against segmented departmental data.

Reduce customer churn — By understanding customer preferences and recognizing the best course of action in a particular scenario, marketers are able to reduce churn. Customer journey analytics software helps marketers identify and engage with at-risk customers before they switch to competitors. It also helps monitor bugs in real time and assists in proactively reaching out to improve the experience and reduce churn.

Maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) — Customer journey analytics uncovers the factors underlying CLV, such as acquisition channels, average purchase price, CX, and retention methods. Using this analysis, companies identify and activate the best paths to maximize CLV.

Who Uses Customer Journey Analytics Software?

Typically, industries like financial institutions, telecom providers, and retail companies use customer journey analytics software to boost new customer acquisition, improve CX, and quantify the ROI.

Customer experience (CX) professionals — CX teams have the ability to make data-driven decisions and use this type of software to gain a complete picture of a customer’s journey. It allows access to data science tools to unlock deeper insights and perform a more powerful analysis.

Marketing teams — Marketers analyze customer behavior, understand customer preferences, and recognize the best course of action for a given situation. This tool gives them the ability to reach the right customer at the right time with the most suitable offers, giving them a highly personalized touch. It gives the power to reduce churn by identifying and engaging with at-risk customers before they switch to competitors.

Customer Journey Analytics Software Features

Journey reporting — Customer journey analytics software uncovers and visualizes how users move through a website, marketing campaigns, and products to improve the experience, drive engagement, and increase retention. It enables users to navigate across multiple customer touchpoints and discover challenges and opportunities to improve CX.

Trends reporting — Reporting features give marketers the ability to measure product usage by feature, campaign performance by source, and other trending metrics. It helps users gauge product performance by feature usage and engagement analysis and revenue by product, package, location, etc.

Dynamic segmentation — Segmentation features create dynamic groups of users based on various criteria—from opening an email or signing up for a trial to using a hot new product feature, etc. These features help in segmenting users by behavior, attributes, and engagement.

Actionable insights — Actionable insights help marketers gain deeper insights into the collected customer data. These insights may include which campaigns or promotions deliver the most engaged customer types, which channels are more effective, and which type of customers are more loyal with regard to time.

Journey optimization — Customer journey analytics automates the testing and optimization of customer-facing messaging and campaigns. It also includes automation of routine tasks such as automatically pushing a survey to users who've been active within a certain period of time or sending follow-up emails.

Triggers — Built-in triggers are used to notify events like updating the status of engaged leads in CRM or a Slack notification to the customer success team when a user is ready to upgrade. They also engage users in real time when they perform a specific arrangement of activities.

Advanced data filtering — Customer journey analytics software provides advanced data filtering capabilities to help users drill down, sort, filter, aggregate, and group customer journey data.

Dashboards — This type of software provides dashboards to combine and visualize quantitative and qualitative customer journey data.