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Corporate volunteering platforms equip organizations with tools to organize, manage, and administer volunteer initiatives. Volunteering management solutions help companies increase employee engagement in mission-driven charities, programs, and events. These volunteer solutions help companies and HR departments boost employee participation and engage employees. Corporate volunteering solutions include internal dashboards to track progress, public-facing dashboards to communicate company impact, employee engagement and rewards management tools, and more.

To qualify for inclusion in the Corporate Volunteering Platform category, a product must:

Provide tools to design, administer, and manage corporate volunteer initiatives
Manage volunteer information such as contact details, availability, skills sets, interests, and participation
Include reporting tools that measure activity and program effectiveness
Track volunteer activity and efficiency

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(37)4.8 out of 5

The platform that empowers companies to build a purpose-driven culture and engage employees to make an impact, one act at a time. We enable experiences that bring out the human side of work, so that companies and their employees can do good and measure their actions every day. By volunteering, giving, or taking simple actions such as biking to work, saving energy, or committing to a healthier lifestyle, your employees are able to participate in your organisation’s efforts to reach sustainable go

(17)4.5 out of 5

Benevity is the global leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement software. Iconic brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Prudential, SAP, TELUS, Visa, and Workday, partner with Benevity to power their corporate "Goodness" programs that attract, retain and engage today’s diverse workforce. Benevity is on a mission to constructively disrupt the way businesses do good, helping companies infuse their cultures with more purpose and meaning, and to become the force

(4)3.9 out of 5

Simply put, YourCause is a technology company connecting corporations and their employees with the causes they care most about. Our SaaS-based CSRconnect Platform is a fully hosted and managed solution used to engage employees in volunteering, giving, and sustainability initiatives, along with helping grants administrators manage corporate and foundation philanthropic programs. We currently support over 4.2 million employees in 160+ countries at more than 140 Fortune 1000 companies. Since incept

(2)5.0 out of 5

Millie's workplace giving platform is designed to make charitable giving and volunteering fun, accessible, and impactful. As big believers that change comes from everyone, Millie is on a mission to empower businesses of all sizes to start and grow social impact programs. The platform offers a personalized experience that helps companies build a culture of giving back, amplifying the impact of their employees, customers, and bottom line.

(1)4.5 out of 5

Causecast in an employee donor CRM, providing giving and volunteering technology soltuions that help companies reach the hiigh leves of employee engagement and social impact

(1)4.0 out of 5

Deedmob offers strategic support and develops web solutions for company volunteering programmes. We work in partnership with social organisations, local governments, and multinational companies to create the optimal online environment for facilitating employee engagement in volunteering programmes. -------------------------------------- Did you know that 66% of people who hold a university degree volunteer (European Commission, 2015), and that 91% of millennials want to make social impact thro

(3)3.5 out of 5
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Oracle Work Life Solutions Cloud improves productivity and employee engagement by helping employees align their work and personal lives.

0 ratings

AngelPoints Volunteering is an empleyee volunteer program solution

0 ratings

Bright Funds provides a rewarding way for individuals and employees to contribute to non-profit causes.

0 ratings

Web-based, mobile-friendly software that will enable your corporation to grow and manage company volunteerism, achieve higher levels of community engagement, and track and share impact.

0 ratings

Do IT has been matching people with good causes for 20 years - proudly working with @DCMS to help us all #LookOutforEachOther during the Coronavirus crisis

0 ratings

Givful is a high-tech company that creates tools to facilitate giving and volunteering.

0 ratings

Goodera Volunteer delivers engaging & impactful volunteering to your employees and teams. Be it volunteering experiences inventory, registration & employee communication, or metrics & reports, we’ve built flexible tech to manage the entire giving ecosystem.

0 ratings

InvolveSoft makes company information accessible. Communicate with your entire workforce through an Instagram like interface. Collect AI-driven intelligence from sales & customer conversations.

0 ratings

Ignite employee engagement and a sense of community with real world social impact solutions covering 2M+ charities. Engage employees in a rewards program with purpose through charity challenges, points and sweepstakes. Using motivational science, positive psychology and the good in us all, we are excited to announce a brand new charity toolkit designed to connect daily activity on wellness platforms directly with amazing causes. Headquartered in Dallas, TX.

0 ratings

Pinkaloo is a modern giving platform to help organizations engage their employees and customers. Our platform enables you to easily launch workplace giving and crowd fundraising.

0 ratings

Project Helping organizes volunteer events specifically designed to make an impact — both on you and your community. Through volunteering, participants actively invest in their communities while also reaping the benefits of increased mental wellness.

0 ratings

Realized Worth is a global CSR consultancy that specializes in employee volunteer training, volunteer program design, and employee engagement.

0 ratings

Solidarity@Work is an all-in-one platform to boost your employee volunteering programs

0 ratings

Create powerful benefits for your people, your community and your business with Teer1s employee volunteering system.

0 ratings

We help companies discover & book hundreds of carefully curated social impact team experiences led by & benefiting local nonprofits and social ventures

0 ratings

Eliminate the redundancy, fragmentation, and cost of building and maintaining one-off solutions and control costs of volunteering programs, at scale. Our Open Network API and associated services make it easy to get started and convenient to grow your community presence.

(1)4.5 out of 5

WeSpire provides leading companies around the globe with a technology platform to design, run and measure the impact of their employee engagement initiatives. On WeSpire, employees are inspired to participate in sustainability, social impact and giving, wellbeing and positive workplace culture programs that improve business performance and build a better working world.

Learn More About Corporate Volunteering Platform

What are Corporate Volunteering Platforms?

Corporate volunteering platforms provide businesses with opportunities to build, expand, and manage their employee volunteering initiatives. Employee volunteering programs (EVP) are quickly becoming the norm, and many businesses competing for top talent are implementing volunteering programs. It’s important to note that corporate volunteering platforms manage employee volunteer initiatives via structured company policies; with corporate volunteering platforms, businesses can support personal volunteer efforts of employees, and also provide employees with support and time to volunteer during work hours. Businesses that implement corporate volunteering programs often provide their employees with annual paid time off to use at their charity of choice.

There are two main costs businesses accrue from implementing employee volunteering programs—the cost of organizing the efforts, and the cost of lost staff time while they are volunteering. Companies use corporate volunteering platforms to measure employee volunteer giving programs by tracking the number of hours volunteered, participation rates, types of volunteer services provided, employee satisfaction, and skill development. Overall, it’s been found that the benefits of a corporate volunteering program ultimately outweigh the costs.

Employees are increasingly searching for meaning in their workplace, and providing company-sponsored opportunities that empowers employees to give back to efforts they find meaningful helps attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Key Benefits of Corporate Volunteering Platforms

  • Increase rates of engagement, resulting in higher productivity and retention rates
  • Improve rates of recruitment due to positive company branding
  • Employees gain hard and soft skills including leadership, communication, collaboration, confidence, and empathy
  • Employees experience enhanced sense of purpose within the company and for their company’s mission

Why Use Corporate Volunteering Platforms?

The benefits business can reap by implementing a corporate volunteering platform are expansive. Some of the benefits are listed below.

Positive impact on revenue — Employees who participate in corporate volunteering programs are often more engaged in their workplace, resulting in higher productivity and a reduction in turnover. Companies with corporate volunteering programs expect to experience a positive impact on the bottom line. A study by SAP found a $40 million revenue fluctuation when employee engagement rose or fell by just 1%—a small gain in employee engagement can result in a large profit margin.

Improved team collaboration — Employee volunteer programs are a great way to increase collaboration amongst colleagues. Corporate volunteer programs create exciting opportunities for employees to associate and fraternize with their colleagues in a non-work setting through volunteering efforts.

Improved employee productivity — Employee volunteer programs are a great way to increase employees’ workplace satisfaction and to develop both hard and soft skills, resulting in greater productivity.

Increased self-awareness — When employees spend some of their allotted work hours helping others, they will have the opportunity for experiential learning that is not necessarily available on the job. They might learn more about conflict management, decision-making, and leadership that they would have in their current position.

Bettered reputation — Companies with corporate volunteering programs can improve their overall brand image and enhance both customer and employee attitude. The 2015 Gallup Millennial Report found that 77% of millennials would rather donate their skills than money to organizations and efforts that matter to them. This is the same generation that has been found to value opportunities for growth and development as well as meaningful work over a focus on salary.

Positive impact on health — Corporate volunteering programs have been found to positively impact the health and well-being of the employees who participate, according to a study by UnitedHealthcare and VolunteerMatch. They found that 75% of workers in the United States that volunteer feel physically healthier and experience a positive connection to their colleagues and employers.

Positive impact on recruitment and retention — Corporate volunteering programs have a positive impact on recruiting efforts and retention rates. A meaningful workplace will ultimately attract more applicants and retain them at higher rates.

Who Uses Corporate Volunteering Platforms?

All kinds of businesses employ corporate volunteering platforms to manage their corporate volunteering and giving programs, and increase employee engagement. Corporate volunteering platforms help companies of all sizes provide employees with opportunities to volunteer for causes they are passionate about. These solutions help companies manage their corporate volunteering initiatives by providing employees with the necessary tools to volunteer their time, record volunteer hours, sign up for volunteer events, donate money, and more.

Corporate Volunteering Platforms Features

Corporate volunteering platforms include functionality that helps organizations manage volunteers and events, provide social media management and communication tools, and integrate with CRM and employee recognition tools, to name a few.

Volunteering management — Volunteer management features let companies coordinate their company-wide and regional volunteer initiatives. These features may include volunteer recruitment, registration, time tracking, skill management, database management, liability waivers, e-signature documents, and more. Employees can use these tools to browse, search, and filter volunteer opportunities by keywords, skills, and causes. These tools also provide companies with scheduling, time off policies, and approval process features.

Volunteer engagement — Corporate volunteering platform features that engage volunteers might include volunteer profiles, badges, gamification, recognition, and rewards.These tools help keep employees engaged in their volunteering initiatives by further incentivizing their participation.

Volunteer communication — Communication features help keep volunteers updated on all communication via email, text messaging, automated notifications, social media integrations, and more.

Volunteer reporting — Corporate volunteer platforms manage volunteer hours and help create and export reports for companies to track their employee volunteer program’s impact. This can help companies understand their corporate volunteering initiatives’ ROI and communicate their impact to stakeholders.

Mobile — Mobile features provide employees with mobile access to all volunteer opportunities, they also conveniently record their service hours and easily communicate via text, group messaging, and so on. This feature can help engage more employees with their company’s corporate volunteer initiatives by making them extremely easy to access.

Security — Corporate volunteering platforms provide security solutions to help companies safely implement their corporate volunteering initiatives. Features may include vetting, payment verification, and affiliation. Vetting features help companies confirm the identity of organizations they are volunteering with or donating money to. Meanwhile, affiliation features allow organizations to vet nonprofits, schools, universities, city entities, foundations, and other partners.

Additional Corporate Volunteering Platform Features

Donation management — Some corporate volunteering platforms provide tools that allow companies to customize their employee donation matching program. Features might include company matching and automatic payroll processing so donations can be processed by employees or managed with a company’s existing payroll software or HR system.

Strategic donations — Some corporate volunteering platforms help employees identify strategic solutions for giving. For example, if they are interested in local fundraising efforts or conservation efforts, these solutions can help them target the best nonprofit for their interests. Some corporate volunteering platforms provide employees with relief and recovery support allowing them to donate directly to organizations responding to recent disasters.