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Retail execution software helps plan, manage, and monitor in-store activities in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. These solutions facilitate improved collaboration between CPG companies and retailers to optimize in-store sales and increase profits. Retail execution software is used by merchandisers and marketing professionals in the CPG industry. It can also be used by field sales employees to manage sales activities.

Retail execution software can be delivered as a single product or as a mix of multiple solutions. This type of software integrates with trade promotion management software and retail POS software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Retail Execution category, a product must:

  • Plan retail execution activities for sales and marketing
  • Manage territories and associated teams and activities
  • Ensure compliance with brand policies or pricing rules
  • Monitor the performance of field and in-store retail activities
  • Provide intelligence to support retail execution activities

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    Vincle Retail Execution & Monitoring for CPG and Life Sciences, manages different KPIs for every customer and visit, define the right route to follow, according to customer scoring, increase your sales team performance through push notifications, and audit your sales activities in-store are some of the most relevant functionalities included on VINCLE Retail Execution.

    AFS Technologies provides a state-of-the-art, purpose-built solution to resolve this problem. With AFS RE/DSD you can serve all your channels through a single point of execution and administration, sharing common master data and a single integration source with the ability to deploy differentiated guided selling/merchandising activities at your convenience, optimizing your execution in a way that works both in your regular territories and your delivery routes.

    EdgeCG is a powerful engine that enables managers to direct retail field efforts, drive productivity and track field activities. Integrated analytics and reporting tools enable managers to meet all their retail execution, direct store delivery and reporting needs with a single system.

    GoSpotCheck offers field team task management and reporting solutions for leading brands, including PepsiCo, Beam Suntory, Levi’s, Sav-A-Lot and Dairy Queen. Available via web browser, iOS and Android apps, GoSpotCheck’s platform enables brands to more effectively communicate with their field teams, gain ground-level visibility, and drive sales with actionable data. With industry specialties in wine, spirits, and beer companies, consumer goods, retail and restaurants, GoSpotCheck enables compani

    My Retail gives you mobile management and execution solutions for retail feild and task teams in real time.

    Pepperi provides consumer goods brands and wholesalers with a comprehensive commerce platform to consistently manage all aspects of their omnichannel B2B sales. To empower them to sell more, better and faster, our platform uniquely combines Sales Force Automation, retail execution, route accounting and B2B eCommerce into an integrated mobile solution that runs natively on all devices to maximize in-person and online B2B sales. Over 1000 customers, in more than 60 countries, across different ver

    Pitcher is a leading provider of sales enablement and content management for field sales and marketing teams. With an intuitive and feature-rich platform, Pitcher’s cloud-based software makes it easier for field sales and marketing professionals in industries such as life sciences, consumer packaged goods, financial services and manufacturing to plan for, execute and analyze their business meetings. The immersive, feature-rich software can be executed on various desktop and mobile devices to bet

    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Repsly’s retail execution solution helps field teams achieve peak performance and maximize their impact on sales. Repsly’s mobile app empowers teams to work smarter in the field and collect data about their execution at the point of sale. The manager’s dashboard equips territory managers with the data and tools they need to better identify opportunities at retail and deploy their teams to take the right action in the store. Centralizing brands’ sales, field activity, and in-store data, Repsly co

    Simplyfield helps you take back control of your team work on the field. Schedule and report with ease thanks to our cloud-based solution.

    VisitBasis Retail Execution is a cloud-based enterprise mobile data collection SaaS software for managing, scheduling, and monitoring field team activities in real-time. I

    XTEL is Kantar Retail Trade Optimisation's end-to-end suite of solutions.

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