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ParallelDots is a leading image recognition AI solution company. It provides the product ShelfWatch for FMCG/CPG companies and retailers globally, helping them optimize their in-store execution and maximize their sales ShelfWatch has a proven model to deliver higher ROI than other retail Image Recognition solutions owing to its superior technology that is fast to set up, is accurate and affordable to scale. ShelfWatch helps brands keep track of their store KPIs and measure their perfect store programme. Its easy to operate. Sales reps' capture the image of the SKUs on shelves with their mobiles and upload it to the ParallelDots cloud servers. The AI then provides them with real-time analysis of the store KPIs. This helps speed up the entire audit process by quickly generating actionable insights.

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ParallelDots ShelfWatch uses Image recognition techniques to analyze retail audit data and gives an overview of your in-store execution.

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