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Restaurant business intelligence & analytics software takes a restaurant’s data and then visualizes and analyzes that data. This provides restaurant owners with more insight into the performance of their business, helping them make informed decisions moving forward.

Restaurant business intelligence & analytics software helps restaurant owners gain a big-picture view of their restaurant’s performance while also providing in-depth snapshots or specific aspects of their business based on data. While a restaurant owner may use a business intelligence platform or self-service business intelligence software to achieve the same goal, restaurant business intelligence & analytics software is built for the restaurant industry with features catered specifically to the needs of restaurants. Restaurant owners and managers can adjust business strategies based on the reports and analytics provided by restaurant business intelligence & analytics software. By housing all this data in one place, information is easily organized and accessible for future reference.

Restaurant business intelligence & analytics software may be used in conjunction with restaurant management software, restaurant POS software, or restaurant delivery/takeout software, all of which collect data that may imported into the restaurant business intelligence & analytics platform. Users may also want to use small-business accounting software or accounting software to gain financial insights. Data from restaurant inventory management & purchasing software may also help provide a full view of the business.

To qualify for inclusion in the Restaurant Business Intelligence & Analytics category, a product must:

  • Use restaurant business data to create reports and analytics
  • Import data from a variety of sources in a variety of formats
  • Provide industry-specific features for restaurants such as menu analysis and recipe costing
  • Integrate with various restaurant software to provide better insights
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    Avero Slingshot is a cloud-based, SaaS analytics platform that turns mounds of data into clear, simple, actionable insights. Avero Slingshot takes the guesswork out of decision making and helps you with restaurant cost control and shows you ways to increase restaurant sales.

    Delaget provides restaurant business intelligence and management systems.

    Mirus is restaurant business intelligence software. It is redefining web-based, above-store reporting software for restaurant executives who want timely insight into sales, costs and execution.

    Combs your data to track common restaurant loss prevention issues like single item transactions (SITs), manager meal abuse, and cash transfers.

    View your restaurant operations from the perspective of your data.

    BarVision API platform will automatically update your beer, spirits & cocktail list on your website, social media, digital beer boards, etc!

    Black Box Intelligence is the leading source of private and public company data currently serving the restaurant industry with metrics covering revenue, traffic and consumer data.

    CalcuEasy is a nutrition security software that allows users to calculate the correct prices on dishes, menus, and buffets.

    ClickBACON is a Cloud Based software solution powerful enough for corporate restaurants, but simple enough for the independent user

    DinePlan is a complete restaurant software that adapts to the dynamic, and often complex, specifications of fine dining places, fast food restaurants, franchise operations, coffee shops, pizzerias, bakeries, food courts and cloud kitchen

    FobeSoft is a web-based restaurant management software solution.

    Piik aggregates data from multiple sources to uncover patterns and provide interactive analyses and trends, reliably predict sales, and recommend specific actions to grow sales and optimize costs.

    Plate IQ is accounts payable automation software designed for restaurants. It saves time, increases data accuracy, and provides insight into spend by extracting line item data from invoices and automatically coding purchases to GL accounts. Invoice data also powers: *Approvals - Create custom approval policies for invoices. *Bill Pay - Manage payments via ACH or paper check. *Statements - Reconcile vendor statements automatically. *Reporting - Gain up-to-date cost and vendor pricing insights. Pl

    ResyOS is a complete restaurant reservations and waitlist system.

    SmatLynx is a integrated back-office solution for the restaurant industry.

    An windows based system to handle information of various functions like sales, Purchases/issue, Ledger transactions of Restaurant business. Whether you're having a small restaurant, or a multi branch or a multi department, our technology and expertise can help you improve your restaurant operations and increase your profitability.

    Tenzo is designed to aggregate all of a restaurant or retailers data and uses AI to deliver actionable insights to help them streamline operations.

    TouchSuite Restaurant includes an integrated credit card reader, built-in receipt printer and is enhanced with a barcode scanner, kitchen receipt printer, cash drawer and keyboard.

    Venga Dine is an OpenTable and point-of-sale integration solution.

    Zip POS Dashboard provides all the information you need to be equipped with business insights that will help you grow your business. The pos reprting is automated for you so that you don't have to do all the work.

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