Best Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software manages the flow of information between software and industrial equipment. SCADA systems allow companies to monitor and control industrial processes across multiple locations. This type of software is used in manufacturing but can also be beneficial for utility companies, facility management, and any operations that rely on the use of sensors.

SCADA systems are provided as a mix of hardware and software, but many vendors prefer to focus exclusively on software. This type of software integrates with manufacturing execution systems to monitor the use of industrial equipment on the shop floor. Integration with ERP systems and quality management (QMS) software is also important to track the performance of the manufacturing operations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) category, a product must:

  • Be compatible with SCADA hardware and PLC (programmable logic controllers)
  • Deliver a human-machine interface (HMI) for users to monitor real-time data
  • Allow users to control multiple industrial processes locally or remotely
  • Provide alerts and notifications when errors and incidents occur

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    iFix is a HMI, SCADA and industrial automation system.

    SIMATIC WinCC Professional Siemens offers a SCADA system which is perfectly integrated in the TIA Portal and with which you are optimally prepared today for the requirements of the increasing digitalization of production processes.

    InduSoft Web Studio is a solution that allows you to automate your oil and gas production with field and smart equipment allowing you to meet production demands and manage "optimization and efficiency of your operations.

    Softpro is a software platform for iDEABOX series, with the advantages of variety of programming languages, modular programming structures and integration programming ways.

    The AdvancedHMI software is an open software used to create HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications that communicate with your PLC or device. The software is different than other off the shelf packages because you will be creating executable files and not just configurations that are interpreted by a run time engine. The result is an extremely fast and efficient application.

    ASTRA is Windows based Human Machine Interface Software for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). ASTRA is a full fledged, feature packed and user friendly SCADA package that helps industrial users to address their manufacturing process automation needs.

    atvise portal and the connected M1 controllers offer a lightweight concept, allowing a gradual extension according to the requirements. All this comes with the customary atvise technologies which guarantee maximum reuse and efficiency, hereby complementing the world of visualization.

    B-Scada provides software and hardware solutions for the monitoring and analysis of real time data in the SCADA, IoT and Smart City domains.

    CEView is the world's FIRST complete supervisory control, process monitoring and operator interface software available for the Microsoft Windows CE operating system platform. CEView operates in diskless handheld, pocket, mobile and embedded PCs, including industrial PDAs, making it ideal for end user or OEM applications.

    CIMPLICITY is an automation platform designed to provide true client-server based visualization and control from single machines to plant locations spanning the world, helping users manage theirs operations and improve decision making.

    The Claroty Platform is an integrated set of cyber security products that provides extreme visibility, unmatched cyber threat detection, secure remote access, and risk assessments for industrial control networks (ICS/OT).

    Developing a human machine interface (HMI) and a PLC application in one and the same IEC 61131-3 development system: Over the past ten years, the CODESYS Visualization has proven itself in thousands of industrial machine and plan applications around the world.

    DAQFactory is a HMI/SCADA software that includes scripting engine, function parser, PID control, data logging, and alarming functionality.

    DataHub WebView is a state-of-the-art HMI that is designed to connect directly to your real-time data feeds, eliminating latency associated with database reliant HMIs.

    With DataRecon distributed architectures can be implemented Intranet / Internet and use the telephone network to communicate with remote devices or sending text messages.

    EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert (formerly known as ClearSCADA) is an open, flexible and scalable software for telemetry and remote SCADA solutions

    EcoStruxure Machine SCADA Expert (formerly known as Vijeo XL) is a powerful software for developing HMI, SCADA, OEE and Dashboard projects dedicated to Line Management & Lite Supervision applications to run in Magelis Industrial PC and GTU Open Box. The bundle offer "Magelis Industrial PC and GTU Open Box " saves you time and resources on validation of hardware, software and OS.

    EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation (formerly known as StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert) provides fast data acquisition, control and monitoring software for electrical distribution networks

    The Embedded Control and Monitoring Software Suite is a collection of software and tools for industrial equipment or designing smart machines. The Embedded Control and Monitoring Software Suite features LabVIEW and recommended add-ons specifically for building embedded control and monitoring systems. This suite helps you quickly respond to the changing requirements of your system with a single, highly optimized toolchain for every phase of your design cycle, from modeling and simulation to proto

    GENESIS64 is an advanced 64-bit multi-core, multi-processor HMI/SCADA solution suite designed for Microsoft operating systems. ICONICS GENESIS64 suite is a native .NET application that delivers unparalleled performance with OPC, BACnet, Modbus, and open standard database connectivity. The GENESIS64 suite provides connectivity from plant floor and building facilities to corporate business systems.

    GP-Pro EX is the development software for all Pro-face GP4000, GP4100, GP4000M, LT4000M, LT3000, EZ Series, and the SP5000 Smart Portal series. Use it with the PS5000 IPC by implementing WinGP RunTime Software. GP-Pro EX is capable of handling the most demanding HMI applications.

    GT SoftGOT is an HMI software that allows GOT functions to operate on a personal computer or panel computer. This software connects with various types of equipment such as Mitsubishi PLCs and enables monitoring of the equipment just like the GOT2000 series and GOT1000 series.

    The HIGH-LEIT SCADA system from IDS is designed for application in energy and water supply systems, as well as wastewater, environmental and industrial applications.

    With ibaQPanel, process and quality data, conditions, events and video images in live mode can be displayed in a technology-related representation. It combines the functionality of an interactive measurement value display with elements from the area of HMI and can be integrated seamlessly in ibaPDA.

    Ignition SCADA by Inductive Automation combines an unlimited licensing model, with instant web-based deployment, and the industry-leading toolset for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) all on one open and scalable universal platform.

    InduSoft EmbeddedView was designed to give users the use of every feature available in InduSoft Web Studio, with the ability to scale applications effortlessly from the smallest capacity device to large scale monitoring and data acquisition projects. InduSoft EmbeddedView includes the full use of the 240+ drivers available from InduSoft, as well as the rich feature set in InduSoft Web Studio.

    Infilink is a “Hard Working”, “No Nonsense”, feature rich, Industrial Automation – HMI/SCADA software for todays “Open”, IIoT connected world. We connect with all programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to provide an easy to use, open, scalable, secure platform to optimize the value of your operation.

    InduSoft IoTView introduces a specially designed HMI platform custom-built to embrace new technology for connectivity. With the advent of Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0, Made in China 2025, and other standards, the number of embedded devices used for M2M data exchange increase and demand for machine functionality will rise sharply, as will demand for interoperability, the ability to exchange data with cloud-based systems, and user-friendly local configuration and maintenance capabilities.

    ISG-virtuos enables the simulation of automated systems in hard realtime (<1ms).

    iX empowers you with modern tools to communicate. The software combines top-class graphics and smarter functions that provide intuitive operation on the spot. Not to mention the almost limitless connectivity to your other equipment through the extensive list of drivers.

    The KeView framework is a module consisting of proven HMI components that have been tested many times over in industrial environments. With the intuitive HMI designer in KeStudio, the ready-made elements are simply arranged into finished visualization masks using drag & drop without needing to program a single line of code.

    Kollmorgen Automation Suite has proven to dramatically accelerate development time, increase machine throughput, reduce scrap and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

    MatrikonOPC offers the industrys most extensive portfolio of OPC connectivity products and applications. Its solutions integrate Honeywells products such as the HC900 Controller, MasterLogic PLC, single loop controllers, control systems, actuators and analyzers with third-party SCADA, historians and human machine interfaces (HMIs) to provide the ideal data connectivity. ​

    Simple, powerful solutions for those who need independent HMI projects as “proprietary” solutions.

    nuFace NUTECs off-the-shelf ,PC based RS274 (G-Code) end user application nuFace also available as user specified “custom” PC Graphical User Interface GUI, is our intuitive HMI software which allows users to quickly make their motion applications into easy to use production manufacturing equipment in hours or days instead of weeks and months without the difficulty and learning curve of programming languages or other software methods.

    OpenEnterprise v3 is a SCADA platform designed for remote oil and gas applications where data integrity and uptime are essential over complex communications networks, enabling you to improve productivity, enterprise integration, reliability, and profitability.

    PAC Control, part of the PAC Project Software Suite, is an intuitive, flowchart-based tool for programming industrial automation, process control, building automation, remote monitoring, data acquisition, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

    Powerful and user friendly Panel Studio editing software supports many PLC drivers. Good features include Fine components, Trends, Alarms, bar-graphs, Recipes, Multilingual. Scripts, Data logging, Remote Viewer Vector graphics, Symbol factory, Online/Offline Simulation for Rapid application development.

    PASvisu displays your automation projects in a way that's visually attractive thanks to the most diverse range of style sheets.

    PcVue is the result of over 35 years of activity in SCADA solutions. It enables our partners and end-users to develop new applications and to support migration from earlier systems, while realizing the highest productivity and best innovations.

    The machine software, called RC, is an Intuitive Operator Interface to the machine. Information is displayed pictorially giving faster access without confusion.

    ARCS is a ready-to-go software component for your Universal Robots, for alarm management and remote access via VNC.

    SPiiPlusSMC is a CNC HMI software platform for OEMs and system integrators of high precision machining and material processing equipment such as laser cutting / processing / micromachining, or precision grinding, additive manufacturing, and more.

    Status Machine Edition is an easy to use HMI/SCADA data monitoring system that allows you to design, connect and view your real time data in minutes.

    straton software is an integrated development tool based on IEC 61131-3 programming languages (ST, IL, FBD, SFC, LD) offering a wide range of features and communication protocols. straton Runtime is independent and can easily be used on any hardware device.

    Controls Advisor provides a proactive approach to quickly identify and respond to connectivity issues. Through a single application, it allows controls engineers to actively monitor the status of their machines through OPC servers, providing instant notification when connectivity is lost. Tools like trending, alarms, and diagnostics give you the full picture so you can easily and remotely troubleshoot the issue to get back up and running quickly. With Controls Advisor, youll know about connectiv

    Versatile Data Server (VDS) is Web-based HMI/data server software that adds advanced architecture to the conventional HMI/SCADA functionality.

    WebAccess/CNC is a core software solution for networking CNC machines. Leveraging the 100% web-based architecture of the WebAccess/SCADA platform, WebAccess/CNC provides not only crucial CNC networking.

    WebAccess/HMI Designer is powerful yet intuitive software to create total solutions for Human Machine Interface products. WebAccess/HMI Designer is proven in many application fields and is an easy integrated development tool.

    Wonderware InTouch is award-winning HMI visualisation software that empowers customers to achieve their quest for operational excellence.

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