Top Free Account Data Management Software

Check out our list of free Account Data Management Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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Groove is the leading sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce, specializing in ease-of-use, ease-of-administration, and cross-team collaboration. Built for the needs of full-cycle sellers, Groove automates non-sales activities so that pre- and post-sales reps can spend more time building relationships and generating revenue. On average, Groove gives revenue teams 20% of their time back to focus on higher-value activities. Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture can be customiz

Jon W.
Lots of flexibility and possibilities for integration with Salesforce and gmail. We are very impressed with the support and dependability they... Read review
Sarah M.
Working in Customer Success, I don't use Groove's full functionality, but the simplicity of setting up email templates, and meeting scheduler I can... Read review
(6,391)4.4 out of 5
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Entry Level Price:$0

HubSpot is a leading growth platform. Since 2006, we have been on a mission to make the world more inbound. Today, over 68,800 total customers in more than 100 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers. Comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to Grow Better. HubSpot Marketing Hub has everything you need to run successful in

Flexibility in design and reporting. Marketing hub makes it easy to execute beautiful marketing assets like email campaigns, landing pages, and... Read review
Joan L.
The biggest benefit of HubSpot by far is having all your marketing tools in one place, making it easier to manage your assets and contact... Read review
(4,246)4.4 out of 5
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ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg combines the world’s most comprehensive business database with best-in-class technology to fuel your go-to-market strategy from start to finish, and provide an accurate, 360-degree view of customers, prospects, and opportunities. With robust features and integrations seamlessly incorporated into your workflows, the company is on a mission to deliver MORE. More leads for sales and marketing teams. More closed deals for sales organizations. More efficiency for opera

I like that we can filter the contacts to what we are looking for specifically so we know we are going to be reaching the right people. We are... Read review
Michael R.
I like the access to the vast database of contacts that allows the opportunity to get more numbers, emails, and company information. Read review
(125)4.5 out of 5
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Infer’s predictive lead scoring platform leverages the power of predictive analytics and hands-on data science to help you determine who your ideal buyers are, understand their purchasing behavior and stop wasting time on leads that will never convert. Infer analyzes the data collected in your CRM, your marketing automation systems and Infer's massive database of company information to find the prospects who are most likely to buy and are the best fit for your company. It computes precise score

Geneva F.
Infer is an excellent marketing and CRM automation platform with a live API connection. Infer is a software that applies advanced machine learning... Read review
Zhu T.
I like the graphic panels that offer the interface is actually quite simple to use it is excellent for quality campaigns and price forecasting in... Read review
(160)4.4 out of 5

SALESmanago is the only no-code, AI driven CDXP (all in One Customer Data Platform & Customer Experience Platform) used by 2000+ midmarket and large Enterprises in 50 countries including Starbucks, Vodafone, Lacoste, New Balance, Victoria’s Secret and many other global brands. Financial Times ranks SALESmanago as the fastest growing marketing automation platform in Europe. SALESmanago is harnessing the full power of first- and zero-party data, combining advanced analytics and AI Hyperperson

Erika G.
It is very complete and while others charge for each functionality, at SALESmanago we have all the tools and functionalities available to enhance... Read review
This platform allows you to improve the entire process and development of email marketing through the creation of dynamic content for marketing on... Read review
(158)4.7 out of 5
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ConnectLeader provides multi-channel B2B sales engagement technologies for all types of sales roles to increase their top line revenue by increasing productivity up to 800%. Our Intelligent Sales Acceleration and multi-channel Sales Engagement platform gives sales, lead generation, and marketing teams powerful tools to identify the right prospects, obtain accurate contact data, and enable accelerated communication using our sales connectivity optimization and lead nurturing solutions. Beware; on

Avi A.
We have been using ConnectLeader for a while now, and have seen wonderful results. Our BDR teams are able to dial 10x the volume in a given day... Read review
The technology dials the lists that I prepare so I can have more conversations. It automates the messy part of who to call. It allows me to focus... Read review
(145)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:FREE

About RingLead RingLead is a SaaS cloud-based data orchestration platform that offers a complete end-to-end suite of solutions to discover, clean, protect, enhance, segment, score, and route your CRM and marketing automation data. Since 2003 RingLead has helped solve the data challenges of Fortune 500, and other large, medium, & small enterprises across the globe. RingLead automates the way organizations conduct their most important data processes: - Deduplication - Normalization - Enri

I love the ability to define so many different rules when merging records (ie: taking the highest engagement stage, combining dependent fields... Read review
Calls can be diverted to your phone. It does not cost to make calls abroad. I do not have to use my personal phone to make calls. Read review
(22)4.7 out of 5

CloudLead uses machine learning tools backed by human researchers to help B2B sales and marketing teams scale their outbound processes. With CloudLead businesses can identify new customer leads, update & improve existing lead database and setup managed outbound email processes.

Reliable turnaround and responsiveness to specific data formatting/queries are a big plus. Read review
The CloudLead team is great and and they respond quickly. We are able to get a targeted list of contacts (in terms of industry, company size,... Read review
(18)4.8 out of 5
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CaliberMind is a marketing analytics solution for B2B Marketers that spans engagement scoring, marketing attribution, and end-to-end buyer journey reporting. CaliberMind integrates with your entire go-to-market tech stack and even fixes your data for you. Too often, companies don’t have the bandwidth or skills to transform their digital marketing data into meaningful insights. Marketers need real-time marketing analytics to supercharge their impact on pipeline and revenue. It’s why we developed

Matt M.
The flexibility of CaliberMind is one I haven't found with any other attribution or measurement software. I've onboarded or vetted several other... Read review
(26)4.8 out of 5

xiQ is an End-to-End, B2B Sales and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform that leverages AI to: -Generate DISC personality insights to personalize client engagement at scale -Consistently generate highly engaging content to increase engagement by 10x -Extract first-hand intent data -Provide 360-degree account insights, sales triggers and alerts in one easy to use app xiQ is designed from the ground up to address B2B sales & marketing professionals with next-generation capabilities to exec

Andy W.
The clean, easy to use interface of SweetSpot that displays all relevant information in one place. Now I can do a quick refresher on prospects just... Read review
Drew N.
The instant profiles are incredibly accurate and useful in prepping you for any meeting you're having with someone you haven't met before. Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5 is a tool that works with Salesforce Campaigns, with the objetive to make campaings work better.

A simple, elegant solution for data-driven B2B marketers is purpose built for Salesforce. From our native Salesforce app to our... Read review

Top 10 Free Account Data Management Software in 2021

  • Groove
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • ZoomInfo
  • Infer
  • SALESmanago

Learn More About Account Data Management Software

What is Account Data Management Software?

Businesses use account data management software to maximize the success of account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. This type of software manages prospect data throughout the ABM process so both sales and marketing teams have continuous awareness of target accounts. Account data management software accomplishes this by organizing data across disparate systems to create a complete, unified view of accounts. This type of software can route leads to sales and marketing based only on account status. For this reason, many account data management tools integrate with CRM systems and marketing automation software so an account-based marketing strategy can work smoothly with other sales and marketing initiatives.

Key Benefits of Account Data Management Software

  • Unifies account and contact data in a single place to deliver a clear picture of targeted accounts
  • Manages target accounts to help execute account-based marketing campaigns
  • Creates custom account segmentations based on factors like personas and job levels
  • Assists companies in prioritizing target accounts based on engagement and intent signals

Why Use Account Data Management Software?

Businesses should use account data management software to ensure they are driving the maximum amount of success possible from their account-based marketing campaigns. Managing target accounts and creating custom account segmentations can assist companies in executing hyper-personalized account-based marketing campaigns. Account data management software can identify target accounts to trigger the delivery of relevant content across multiple channels. Finally, this type of software can help marketing and sales teams flag target accounts and contacts in their CRM and marketing automation software.

Prioritize and segment accounts — Companies can use this type of software to prioritize accounts and segment target lists, helping align sales and marketing throughout the account-based marketing process.

Deliver relevant campaigns — Account-data management software helps identify which targeted accounts could use additional engagement and aids marketers in sending relevant campaigns such as email or advertising campaigns.

Lead to account matching — This type of software helps match leads to target account records and helps resolve duplicate account records, missing contact information, and other important information.

Interaction management — It’s imperative for sales and marketing to see all interactions with targeted accounts so duplicated efforts aren’t taking place for complete visibility across teams. This type of software manages all interactions with targeted accounts, helping simplify this process.

Who Uses Account Data Management Software?

Marketing and sales teams — Account-based marketing was developed to bring together sales and marketing teams to target their most important accounts with account-level, personalized marketing campaigns. Both sale and marketing teams utilize account data management software to manage current accounts and target the best accounts for account-based marketing campaigns.

Account Data Management Software Features

Data enrichment — Fills in missing gaps in contact and account records to create a complete picture for targeted accounts. Examples of missing gaps could include an account’s industry or company size, for example.

Segmentation — Provides customer and prospect segmentation capabilities, which in turn assists marketing prioritization and effectiveness. Segmentation assists companies in personalizing marketing materials and messaging targeted contacts and accounts.

Account identification — Helps identify and distribute accounts internally, giving prioritization to those most likely to convert to sales.

Predictive scoring — Automatically scores prospects based on behavior and engagement levels. Predictive lead scoring analyzes data around successful leads that turned into "closed won" opportunities, or customers.

Account journey tracking — Tracks account journeys to trigger actions from sales and marketing campaigns and also attributes success to specific tactics.

Account-level insights — Helps determine the correlation between ad exposure and site visits, assets downloaded, content, and leads generated.

Prioritized accounts — Helps determine which accounts have the highest and the lowest opportunity to convert.