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Retail task management software empowers managers of retail stores and franchises to assign tasks to their workforce based off of store data and receive reports of completed tasks. This type of software simplifies communication between district and franchise managers and their employees by allowing them to create relevant tasks and send them to various store managers. Store managers can then adjust their inventory, shelving, or workforce accordingly and easily report when a task has been completed. By streamlining the communication process, managers can use store data to create actionable tasks and then see how the completion of those tasks affects future data. Retail task management software is similar to a task management tool, but built specifically to facilitate team collaboration among head offices and multiple retail locations. These tools may integrate with retail management systems and workforce management software tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the retail task management category, a product must:

  • Allow tasks to be assigned to various users with details and due dates
  • Facilitate communication between the head office, district managers, and store managers
  • Provide reporting on completed tasks
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    The best-in-class solution that ensures employees deliver the same great experience every time, at every location

    Retail is going through a period of radical change. However, change doesn’t need to be hard. Through Ziplining your store communication, you can move teams faster, be more productive and have greater visibility into your organization. It's a painless way to coordinate your online and in-store activities, align your teams and execute in real time

    (5)4.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Repsly’s retail execution solution helps field teams achieve peak performance and maximize their impact on sales. Repsly’s mobile app empowers teams to work smarter in the field and collect data about their execution at the point of sale. The manager’s dashboard equips territory managers with the data and tools they need to better identify opportunities at retail and deploy their teams to take the right action in the store. Centralizing brands’ sales, field activity, and in-store data, Repsly co

    StoreForce is a Sales Performance Platform, underpinned by a Specialty Retail workforce management system. It is called “wfm+”, where the “+” represents a focus on positive sales growth and consistent delivery of the brand in your brick and mortar stores. This approach is entirely unique to StoreForce, and it is why the “+” also represents a foundational shift from the way traditional wfms approach labor planning in Specialty Retail.

    (4)5.0 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Jolt helps companies improve day-to-day operations and increase store profitability. Typically, companies operate using paper and waste time repeating themselves to employees. Jolt lets you use a web portal and mobile apps instead. Our operations platform frees you and your managers from low priority tasks, so you can focus more time on increasing revenue. Think of Jolt as the most reliable assistant manager you have ever had. The platform helps in three ways: 1. We communicate your vision to

    Zenput is an easy to use mobile platform that allows your to create, assign and track tasks being completed by field employees.

    AccuStore is real-time retail: the ability to use field task management to react quickly to and even anticipate change. Its an easy-to-use, mobile solution that empowers your team to help with information gathering and sharing of essential data in real time.

    JDA Task Management makes sure all the boxes are checked, from stores to warehouses. Your managers can focus on higher priorities while JDA Task Management manages the daily workload.

    CheckPOS Performance assists companies with improving the point of sales strategic execution.

    Concrete Tasks overcomes the challenge of trying to coordinate activity, share content, and track tasks through email, or generic task management solutions

    HubWorks lets you run your business anytime, anywhere and from any platform. Compatible with desktops, laptops and all internet browsers. Designed for Apple, Android and Microsoft tablets. Free mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

    ThinkTime provides a clear, consistent and user-friendly platform for every task - from complex corporate initiatives to simple to-do items. Each assigned task appears in a personalized dashboard with a priority level so associates know exactly how to organize their time. Field and corporate leaders can balance the flow of work week-to-week so no store team is overloaded.

    Zaptic makes continuous improvement digital, social and mobile, turning every worker into a multi tasking problem solver capable of preventing, identifying and eliminating losses.

    ZetesAthena Retail Task Management software allows you to manage store tasks intelligently whilst providing real-time visibility. You will empower staff with a powerful retail application that removes manual work and automates tasks such as shelf-replenishment, inventory checking, returns processing etc. It will allow you to fully control your shop floor and back-of-store operations, and ensure tasks are completed at the right time, by the right person.

    Digitize your paper-based checklists, food safety logs and store walk forms

    Deploy efficient and secure communication channels between the stores and head office, assign tasks and track execution

    Bricks-and-mortar stores are not on their way out the door but rather being challenged to revolutionize the way they operate and deliver product and experiences to their customers. This challenge is complex and involves every member of the retail organization - from the C-Suite to the in-store part-time associate - which means the right tools must be in place to seamlessly organize, execute and evaluate at every level. OpsCenter, powered by Opterus, is a cloud based solution designed specificall

    Retail Workflow Management is a cloud-based software system for creating, distributing, tracking, analyzing, and reporting on tasks. Designed specifically with retail enterprises in mind, RWM provides streamlined operations, enhanced knowledge-sharing, and improved productivity. Because effective employees mean happy customers.

    Wiser Solutions helps retailers and brands turn omnichannel data into action that increases revenue, reduces costs, and improves marketing effectiveness. Wiser's services span brick-and-mortar retail and e-Commerce to include pricing intelligence, repricing, MAP monitoring, brick-and-mortar retail auditing, and more. Wiser gathers and analyzes billions of data points using a unique combination of data science and human validation, so Wiser data is high-quality, accurate, and near-real-time.

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